Monday, 13 July 2015

Tudge & Porter

Mr Tudge and Mr Porter are parliamentary secretaries to the Prime Minister, wrote to them again today, maybe this time they will answer?

As Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister I hope you and your staff will be more equitable to my queries.
I have emailed Mr Abbotts office on several occasions over the last 18 months with basically the same query and am yet to receive a response.  When I phone Mr Abbotts office and am not rudely fobbed off by Diana I am told that his office can not release that information.

The emails and my phone calls asked one simple thing, when did Mr Abbott renounce his British citizenship.  Why his staff cant release that information is beyond  a joke.

Will you please find out when Mr Abbott renounced his British citizenship.

he got Australian citizenship in June 1981 and entered Oxford university in October 1981 as a British citizen, the letter from Oxford is here

There is talk from university colleagues that he used his British citizenship to get student funding in the UK, I have no proof of that and discount that as scuttlebutt.

The citizenship is another matter,  because of the British half being a British thing, to get rid of it needs a form filled in and a fee paid.  His own Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet say the renunciation papers do not exist and the British Home Office say they can not comment because the information they give may be used in criminal proceedings.  The only way a criminal proceeding can happen is if there are no renunciation papers.

Will you please find out when Mr Abbott renounced his British citizenship.

And for the regulars to my blog, the bit where I plead poverty, which I do suffer from.

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