Monday, 2 September 2019

Peter Dutton, immoral or illegal?

A letter to Mr Dutton MP.

Dear Mr Dutton

in a recent video posted on social media you say you have never done anything criminal or immoral and would like to be told if you have.


Signing a false declaration to nominate for election.
In your qualifications check list for the 2019 election you did not mention that you have an indirect pecuniary interest in companies that receive millions in Commonwealth dollars. Your wife and children get Commonwealth funding for child care centres they benefit from.  You get an indirect pecuniary interest in those child care centres because your wife and children benefit. Indirect means they money doesn't have to go directly to you or companies you own, the indirect part is your family benefits greatly.

Your failure to mention this is in breach of Division 136 & 137 of the Criminal Code

I trust you will be asking Mr Colvin to examine the case and prosecute immediately.


You failed to put yourself to the High Court in last parliament when you were listed on the family trust and got a direct pecuniary interest in companies receiving Commonwealth dollars. Many of your parliamentary colleagues put themselves to the High Court for the court to determine if they were in parliament illegally, you didn't bother.   Mr Joyce used the same solicitors you did as did quite a few other MPs and all were found in breach of our constitution. You didn't bother which stinks of your immorality.

Immoral or illegal?
Several Commonwealth Crimes Reports have been lodged with the AFP and Mr Colvin has chosen to not even examine them.  One person who lodged a CCR was told he would be ignored.

Are Mr Colvin and the AFP refusing to examine Commonwealth Crimes Reports against members of parliament to protect you and other members of your party? It isn't just the LNP Liberals and Nationals being reported.

Or are Mr Colvin and the AFP acting under your orders to ignore the Commonwealth Crimes Reports?  Will you allow those Commonwealth Crimes Reports, last parliament and this, to be actioned by the AFP?

If you really are going to become a moral MP you should stand aside until the criminal action and the High Court actions are investigated by the courts.

I dare you to become moral and legal.


Tony Magrathea

PS this letter is in parliamentary archives for posterity to determine if you are moral and legal, it will also be on social media

The recent video post is on this Twitter post.  Twitter video