Monday, 15 February 2016

2 petitions one reply

In November these petitions were lodged at parliament house:-

This reply was the only one given to the two petitions.

The reply refers to petition 1105-1603. Thats the petition asking who is responsible for monitoring and policing section 44 of the constitution.  No one is.

Petition 1108-1606 is the one asking for Abbott to show his renunciation papers.  The one that has been ignored.  Perhaps Mr Cormann thought I was thick as two bricks and wouldn't notice he hasn't answered that petition.

I wrote this to Mr Cormann as Special Minister of State

Dear senator

2 petitions were lodged in parliament on 23/11/15

You answered 1105/1603 and provided the same letter as an answer to 1108/1606

1108/1606 asked the parliament to demand Mr Abbott show he has renounced his British citizenship.  I take it from your lack of response to this petition that Mr Abbott has not renounced  His British.  As set out in that petition Mr Abbott was born British and became a dual citizen when he got Australian citizenship in june1981.
His refusal to provide the renunciatory papers will be used in court next month to prove he is in parliament illegally,.

It is simplicity itself to provide a copy of the renunciation papers when has renounced.  Mr Abbott didn't bother.

Will you refer the matter to the AFP  or will you wait for the court to do that?  As you know Mr Abbott has not renounced his British citizenship you may make yourself complicit in hiding his crime of fraud and become liable to prosecution under S44 of the Crimes Act, but that will be something for the AFP to determine.

Why do you conservatives do all you can to protect Abbott?  It even came down to someone hacking my gmail account in August 2014

Check the documentary proof, he entered Oxford university as a British citizen in October 1981, after getting Australian citizenship in June 1981.  A definite case of dual citizenship. 

Once Abbott has been found guilty how many conservatives will follow?  My intention was never to get someone into court, just to see the law obeyed.  Ms Credlin in her role as Chief of Staff wrote to me telling me if I ever lodged an FOI application to see the renunciation papers she would refuse the application.  The chief of staff of the prime minister becoming an FOI clerk to protect him. Thats the beginning of the search which has found he has been a criminal fraud for nearly 22 years and protected from prosecution by you.  You profited from the protection by your appointment as minister. this contains his British birth certificate, the Oxford FOI a link to his citizenship application submitted by his mother, not himself.

I take it not answering the petition was a deliberate attempt to hide his guilt? surely your staff  couldn't be that incompetent?   Or maybe just an honest mistake where the wrong letter was posted to the APH site?

Will you please send a copy of this to Mr Abbott, his APH contacts seem to have been turned off.

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Sunday, 14 February 2016

Mr Dreyfus please

Nice to see you ripping a new one for Stewie, getting the AFP to investigate is a start.

How about the one you all forgot? Abbott?
Petitions lodged in Parliament on 23/11/15 asked he show his renunciation of British citizenship papers.  

 To the Honourable the Speaker and the members of the House of Representatives.

This petition of a concerned citizen of Australia draws the attention of the house to concerns of many thousands of social media users with regard to Mr Abbott’s right to sit in parliament.  Mr Abbott was born in the UK to a British father and got automatic British citizenship under UK laws of that time.  In June 1981 Mr Abbott applied for and got Australian citizenship by descent from his Australian mother.  On October 17th 1981 he entered Oxford University as a British citizen.  Documentary proof in this web link

There is no record in Australia or the UK of Mr Abbott having renounced his British citizenship.  Under section 44 of the Australian Constitution a member of parliament must not be under any acknowledgment of allegiance, obedience, or adherence to a foreign power, or is a subject or a citizen or entitled to the rights or privileges of a subject or a citizen of a foreign power. Mr Abbott must have renounced his British citizenship by filling in a UK Home Office form RN and paying a fee.

I ask the House to instruct Mr Abbott to show he has renounced his British citizenship and complies with the constitution, failing that for the House to remove Mr Abbott from parliament.

Mr Brough, when he was Special Minister for State, had his staff ring me at home saying they would not be asking Mr Abbott to show his renunciation papers because that would incriminate Mr Abbott.

People are going to the courts next month to have Mr Abbott prove he is legitimate or a criminal because you politicians refuse to do so. Undoubtedly once Mr Abbott is shown to be a criminal fraud in court every other foreign born MP will be asked to prove it or lose it in the courts.   That would include the doubtful labour party senators Conroy and Cameron as well as former PM Gillard.

Please ask Mr Abbott in parliament to make sure the court action doesn't have to happen and every MP born overseas isn't taken to court where they would lose their Australian citizenship,be charged with fraud and lose all rights to pensions and probably have to repay all monies paid to them as MPs.

The proof of Mr Abbott is here:- The British National Archives say there is a 30 year embargo on releasing details of renunciations.  As of Feb 1986 Mr Abbott and Ms Gillard had not renounced their British citizenship.  In 6 years time,30 years after Mr Abbott entered parliament will will have archive proof he is in parliament illegally. 

All MPs who protect Mr Abbott form police investigations or fail to report his crime of fraud risk being charged under S44 of the Crimes Act. Ironic that Mr Abbott is guilty of breaching S44 of the constitution and this is the 44th parliament.  even more so when 44 people voted for him when he was turfed from the leadership last year.

The number is up and that number is 44.  Please do the right thing and demand he answer the petition or check the facts and ask the AFP to prosecute.

Mr Quaedvlieg emailed me in August 2014, just before my gmail account was hacked and advised the AFP would not prosecute Mr Abbott on the flimsy grounds the AEC can not ask about constitutional matters.  Mr Q got a nice promotion shortly afterward.  Obviously not linked, just coincidence.

We have laws for everyone, not just the paupers.  Even the elite have to pull their heads in and obey.

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Monday, 8 February 2016

The Pommie PMs,did any renounce?

Australia has had a few foreign born Prime Ministers

Sir George Houston Reid, GCN,GCMG, KC born 25/2/1845 at Johnsone in Scotland

William Morris Hughes, CH, QC, born 25/9/1862 at Pimlico,London

Andrew Fisher, born 29/8/1862 at Crosshouse,Scotland

Joseph Cook, GCMG, born 7/12/1860 at Silverdale, England

Anthony John Abbott, born 4/11/1957 at London, England

Julia Eileen Gillard, born 29/9/1961 at Barry Wales.

The British brought in their Nationality and Citizenship Act in 1948 act so the first four would have been Pommies and Aussies as Prime Minister.  Or not, the Australian citizenship laws may have stopped a few from becoming even Australians.

Ms Gillard and Mr Abbott had to have filled out their form RN and paid a fee to the British Home Office to renounce their British citizenship and become legally entitles to enter parliament.

The UK Records Office has written to me saying until 1986 there is no record of Ms Gillard and Mr Abbott ever renouncing their British citizenship.

I have asked Ms Gillard to show her renunciation papers but she doesn't reply to my emails.  Same modus operandi of Mr Abbott so at first glance I would say she too was Prime Minister illegally. And there you have the reason the most aptly named parliamentarian TWATTS, aka Timmy, came out so strongly protecting Mr Abbott in The Age.

A thirty year time frame on the UK National Records Office will come as a shock for these two when their pensions are cancelled in 8 years for Mr Abbott and 10 years for Ms Gillard.

We have laws for everyone, not just the paupers.  Even the elite have to pull their heads in and obey.

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