Wednesday, 15 July 2015

reply from Senator McGrath

Good afternoon Mr Magrathea

Thank you for your 2 emails to this office on the subject of  “constitution for all or just the voters?”.

As you are a constituent of the Hon Mal Brough MP and have already been in communication with Mr Brough’s office on this subject I would respectfully refer you back to that office for a response to your enquiry.

Kind regards


Carol Humphries

Electorate Officer

That was it, I had to laugh referring me to the invisible MP.

My response?  I had to cross out a lot of what I wrote and this is what was left.

you are kidding arent you? That incompetent idiot can not be bothered reading emails,he answers on behalf of Senator Mcgrath but not from me to him.
The ex Aarmy bloke is living up to the stereotypes, he cant even be bothered reading the emails he answers.  I worked at Defence Signals Authority and had to put up with so many Army Majors who were so full of self importance but no real intelligence, that's the stereotype I refer to.
Why is it so hard for LNP members to be able to understand English?  Tony Abbott has not renounced his British citizenship, Senator McGrath is covering up for a criminal fraud.  Tony Abbot got his Australian citizenship in June 1981  and used his British citizenship to enter Oxford University in October 1981, a copy of that letter from Oxford is attached.
Mr Abbotts own department says the renunciation papers do not exist, that FOI request is attached
Mr Abbott is a criminal fraud and Senator Mcgrath is helping protect him from the operations of the law and the constitution. The Australian electoral Commission receives signed declarations from all candidates stating they comply with S44 of the constitution, Senator McGrath would have signed the same form 60.  Because the AEC can not examine citizenship, that ability has been written out of their controlling act, the only way they can look at it is if Senator Ronaldson allows them to.  Until senator Ronaldsons allows the AEC to query citizenship the Australian Federal Police are barred from questioning about the fraud.  Unless Senator Brandis specifically allows the AFP to query about the case.
You are all tied up in a huge criminal cover up. Why protect a criminal?  you proclaim as a party that the constitution is for all, that the law is for all yet you cover up the crimes of a criminal fraud conducted over 21 years.
Listen to his own staff trying to cover up the crimes, it is a disgraceful way for a public servant to act, but fully condoned by the criminal himself.
Are you comfortable in breaching the Queensland Crimes Act, strengthened and improved by Mr Bleijie?  Section 133 of the Criminal code
 puts you as an employee of the Senator in the firing line for a conviction and 7 years imprisonment.  I doubt Senator McGrath wants to put you in that sort of situation, he himself because of party privilege and being chosen after Mr Abbott commenced his fraud is himself open for conviction under the same clause of the law.
Ask Mr Abbotts office as an anonymous caller and see what you get told.
He is a criminal protected by the party and this sort of heinous travesty must stop.  For your own sake, for your own protection from the law you must ensure Senator McGrath does all he can to expose the criminal for what he is.
One question needs answered  Mr Abbott, when did you renounce your British citizenship?

And the begging bit at the end of my blogs, I do try to avoid poverty but sometimes it just creeps up and bites me on the arse.

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