Tuesday, 20 September 2016

I killed a cat and may I say, not in a gay way

Protected species

It seems to me that many politicians are or were protected species.  The men and women in koala suites who are untouchable by the law.

Tony Abbott is a criminal fraud allowed to stay in parliament because the other politicians decided a while back that section 44 of the constitution should be changed, but rather than actually change it they would just ignore it.

After the 44th parliament several who were in breach of S44 ran.  Gary Gray, Bernie Rippol, Bob Baldwin all decided not to take a chance of the court of disputed returns rearing its ugly head. Andrew Nikolic and Doc Jensen were both voted out so didn't get the chance of facing the CODR to explain their dual nationalities.  All of these politicians were asked privately and publicly by me to show they had renounced their birth citizenship, none bothered responding or even sending an automated reply.   Even Julia Gillard may have been a double but she left at the end of 43 and we may never know.  Recently Stephen Conroy did a runner, was that because of talk of a Joint Select Committee on Electoral Matters review of all dual nationals so the liberals can rid themselves of a pest called Abbott?  That seems to just leave Sam Dastyari, he is the rock and a hard place, in between.  He cant renounce his Iranian birth citizenship because the only way to do that is to go back to Tehran and do it there.  The moment he steps off the plane he would probably be arrested because his parents were dissenters and fled the regime.  He faces arrest and probably a firing squad to get rid of his Iranian citizenship.

Is Doug  Cameron a dual national?  I have asked and was told by his office that section 44 was an irrelevance.  Thanks haggis.

Three hundred thousand people are on farcebook detesting Abbott and wanting him out of parliament. Most pretty much agreed with what I was doing.
Change the System even put in a petition where thirty four thousand people put their names on a petition asking that Mr Abbott show his renunciation of British citizenship papers.  That petition was given to several MPs but because of their secret agreement to ignore the constitution, which is also our law, they didn't put the petition to the floor of parliament.

I lodged a couple of petitions into parliament using the parliament house system, two hundred and fifty word maximum, name and address of all petitioners signed on paper.  One asking for Abbott to show his renunciation papers and one asking for an audit of all foreign born MPs to ensure everyone complies with the laws of this land.  The Abbott one was fobbed off and the reply said that the forty days every three years for the court of disputed returns was more than enough to do things properly.  The other about an audit was hidden by Doc Jensen, instead of being sent to the Attorney General who it was addressed to, it was hidden with Senator Cormann and marked not to be reviewed.  I did mention Doc Jensen was a dual citizen and in parliament illegally didn't I?

The forty day period after the election saw three people ask me for details on how to get Abbott into the court of disputed returns.  One turned out to not be in the electorate and not able to do it.  Another decided that he was busy which people generally are.  A third got put into hospital under strange circumstances which I am still not fully clear about.

The rest of the electorate, imagine a middle finger being pointed at you.  You have given up your right to complain about Abbott.

The future

The United Kingdom National Archives keeps all citizenship documents including renunciation papers. There is a thirty year embargo on them.  As of March 1986 Mr. Abbott & Ms. Gillard had not renounced their British citizenships.

In 2024 I will ask again, that's the end of the thirty year embargo after Mr. Abbott first stood for parliament.  And if no renunciation papers show Mr. Abbott will be proven to be a criminal fraud.

What will that mean?  It should mean fraud charges for each electoral nomination form he signed when he was a dual citizen.  It should mean he repays all salary and pensions received by him and his pension stops.  The gold card travel will have to be repaid, any travel expenses while in parliament, any office expenses and staff expenses will need to be repaid.  His staff may lose their own pension entitlements, I am not sure how the law react to a pension gained while working for a criminal. And if the harsh immigration laws he brought into power remain, he might lose his Australian citizenship, if he actually had one after mum filled in the form for him.


Should any of the politicians accused of being criminal frauds would like to sue, that would entail you actually having to show you have renounced your birth citizenship.  You were asked several time by myself to say you were legal or to show the renunciation forms.  Ms Ley & Ms Walters did just that.  Several MPs get automatic renunciation when they apply for Australian citizenship, that's the way their birth country laws work.  Most have to fill in a form and pay a fee. Hope you have.

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