Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Senator McGrath

The good senator lives in Nambour, just a bus trip away from me.

Mr Brough my invisible MP replied on behalf of the good senator to an email I sent asking when did Mr Abbott renounce his British citizenship.

Mr Broughs reply is here:-
My response to Senator McGrath, a bit over the top, but they don't seem to be able to understand ordinary English.

For some reason Mr Brough replied to my email to you for you, and he has a problem with the English language.

My question related to When did Mr Abbott renounce his British citizenship,

Mr Brough replied The Prime Minister is an Australian citizen.

There is no doubting that and no doubt he is also a British citizen too.  There is no documentary proof he has renounced his British citizenship.
He was born in Britain to a British father giving him automatic British citizenship, he used that to come to Australia on an assisted passage trip from England and to matriculate to Oxford in 1981.

He then applied for Australian citizenship to comply with the Rhodes Trust rules and to get the Rhodes dollars.  The application for Australian citizenship did not expunge or remove or renounce his British citizenship, he became a dual national.

He entered parliament 8 times as a dual national signing a fraudulent false declaration for the AEC to get into parliament on each occasion.

As you can not provide a date Mr Abbott has renounced his British citizenship that goes to prove he is in parliament illegally.

As a Queenslander you would be aware your LNP colleague Mr Bleijie changed the state crimes act so that it is now a 7 year jail term for not reporting a crime or suspected crime to the police.  Are you willing to become a criminal to protect another criminal?  The crimes act is also non-jurisdictional and doesn't provide exemptions fro Federal MPs.

Is party politics so bad that the law means nothing?

Senator Ronaldson could solve the problem easily by allowing the AEC to examine a candidates citizenship compliance with the constitution, he refuses to.

Senator Brandis could change the rules to allow the AFP to query citizenship in this matter, According to Commissioner Colvins office they can not examine the case because the AEC can not query citizenship.  Senator Brandis refuses to allow this to happen.

All of you could send the matter to the JSCEM but there are no morals or legalities in politics any more.

Overseas media laugh at you lot for the blatant cover up of a crime, you are the laughing stock of the world and don't care because the blue tie is much more important.

You and your party colleagues are a disgrace to the term Australian, you are the ones who should lose your citizenship.

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