Tuesday, 14 July 2015

let me count the ways

Bogan whinged “what have we ever done to you, let me count the ways:-

8yo coming to our house crying mum has started using the needle again, she promised she wouldn’t she’s going back to jail

8yo screaming she was going to stab mummy for using the needle again

Mad frantic screaming from mummy when she found a man in daughter’s bedroom “you know I don’t trust you with her” WTF? Didn’t call the police and you call me a pedo dog

The attack with organophosphates because I dared complain about your noise

The incessant swearing and yelling, neither of you know how to actually talk, all it ever 
is, is yelling and screaming and swearing

The death threat, showed your class with that one, yes I did call the police about that and no none of the others have been me

The threat to come over and bash me, again the police were advised so that they can keep control of the situation

Why can neither of you complete a sentence without screaming and yelling and swearing? 

You hit the jackpot, out of jail and straight into a house 200m from the beach.  You will fuck it up all by yourselves, all I do is watch and laugh.

Yesterdays farce, you told me I wasn't allowed out in my own yard with my dogs.  You simpleton fuckwit have taught your dogs to attack whenever I go into my yard or when my dogs go into my yard. Your dogs injure themselves by head butting the fence and you tell me not to go into my own yard?

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