Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Election coming foreign born candidates?

The law is an arse.

Or some of it is.  AND SO AM I



The Australian Electoral Commission puts out a handbook advising candidates they must comply with the constitution, the candidates sign a form stating they comply with the constitution but no one can actually check before the election.  A person must stand for election, be elected and if there are any problems with the constitution they will be dragged before the High Court and the Court of Disputed Returns to prove they comply.

A total waste of time and a reason for glee in every pseudo anarchist in the land.

If you have a foreign born candidate why not ask the local paper and email the candidate to get them to show they have renounced their foreign citizenship and if they don't provide the documents take them to the high court, the court of disputed returns. 

You will need two registered voters who have voted, they need to be ticked off because the candidate will be well and truly ticked off and will have their lawyers check the minutiae.

You will need a $500 bond for the court, not sure if this is cash up front or a letter advising you have $500 in the mattress.  

Get legal help. 

If you are successful claim the $200 a day from  the Common Informers Act if they are re-elected candidates.  Wont work for newbees because they haven't sat yet.  If you are feeling good at this stage remember me in your will or click of the button below.

Be persistent,ask your local paper to demand they prove S44 eligibility.

The AEC can not ask about compliance with the constitution because the constitution isn't a commonwealth law. Yep and that's been proven in the High Court.

Think about it and if you do it have fun.

Check the facebook pages and twitter for your local area or ask your neighbours if they want in on it.

For the anarchist in me it would be great for all 45-50 foreign born MPs who will be elected at the election to have to face the High Court simply because Senator Robinson, Mr Brough and Senator Cormann as Special Ministers of State all refused to send a ministerial directive to the AEC to instruct them to check compliance with the constitution.

Some are legal, Senator Cormann because his Belgian citizenship is cancelled once he applies for Australian, I believe Senator Wong is the same for her Malaysian citizenship.

I have asked every sitting MP who was born overseas and only Senator Cormann replied.  It is a letter from their former country which is needed for them to sit in parliament,  It should be available when asked for.

Abbott is explained in many blogs in the list to the right.  He has a lot of people in his electorate waiting to go to the High Court, or so I am told.

The bit down the bottom that paid for the printing,the photocopying,the envelopes and stamps and phone calls.  The trips to Brisbane and caffeine top ups from 5am until home time. The trips to Brisbane are a 6 hour round trip public transport adventure.  AND the birth certificates, National Archives files, searches in the UK etc etc etc  Thanks to everyone who has clicked on this in the last year or so.  

For those of you who do go to the High court with your foreign born MP have fun, this is all about fun and the law.  I can't take names of people wanting to do this, maybe in the comments below or on the farcebook pages about your electorate or candidate.


Thursday, 14 April 2016

Mr Marles,Shadow Minisiter for Immigration

Shadow Minister for Immigration

Dear Mr Marles,

I need your help.

Last year I got a copy of the National Archives of Australia file for the citizenship papers of Anthony John Abbott and was shocked to find he had not signed any of the forms or paperwork in the file.  His mother had filled in the application for him.

Mr Abbott was 23 at the time and had just got a law degree so shoudl have know what was required of him.

I phoned Immigration and was told that it was extraordinary for a mother to fill in a form for her adult son and she thought it was precluded by legislation.   The rules say a mother can fill in the forms for her children but once the child reaches adulthood he must fill in the forms himself.

I emailed Mr Dutton via the APH online connect button I am using to get in touch with you. that was in about June 2015 and still no reply.

I rang back after a month and was told to try filling in a dob in an immigration cheat,seemed a bit much but I did that.  And no response.

In November or December I lodged an FOI to find out what had happened with my email and online form exercise.  I still haven't had a response and the Information Ombudsman is investigating why.

I have been told by staff at Immigration that the email and FOI was stopped from being processed by the ministers office.

So I lodged a petition in parliament, I admit to being a pain in the bum and when I get ignored I try to find out what is being hidden from me.

The petition is 1133-1639 and was lodged on 8 February 2016.  The cover up continued, Doc Jensen sent the petition to Senator Cormann and marked it not to be referred which I learnt was petition speak hide it, no response.

This is the wording of the petition:-

 This petition of a concerned citizen of Australia requests the House to determine if former Prime Minister Mr Abbott MP applied for Australian citizenship by descent properly and correctly with regards to all rules and laws governing the Immigration application procedures of the time.

Former Prime Minister Mr Abbott’s citizenship by descent application in the National Archives of Australia is signed by Fay Abbott, his mother.  Mrs Abbott got assisted passage, colloquially known as the ten pound pom boat trip in 1961 so there is a chance that she may have been British at the time of former Prime Minister Mr Abbott’s birth, her citizenship on returning to Australia is not clear, she may also have been a dual citizen.  Immigration rules of the time the citizenship by descent application was lodged say the mother may lodge an application for citizenship by descent for a child, but when that child reaches adulthood the child must fill in the form.  Former Prime Minister Mr Abbott was 23 at the time the form was filled in and did not sign anything in the National Archives file.

I beg the house to determine if the former Prime Minister Mr Abbott MP filled in his citizenship by descent forms correctly.

As can be seen it is obviously a request for information about filling in an Immigration controlled citizenship application form.  Doc Jensen as since said on twitter that it is a matter of  portfolio responsibility in giving it to Senator Cormann.

Would you please determine if Mr Abbott got his Australian citizenship in the proper way, if his mother filing in the form was legal and if there is any sort of illegality about the citizenship application and paperwork held at the NAA for those MPs and Ministers covering up the illegality to be referred to the AFP.

I have tried in the past to refer matters to Senator Brandis as the Attorney General but FOI investigations show my email advising of possible criminal activity has been kept in his office and never referred to the depart of the Attorney General.

Thank you for your help

Tony Magrathea

PS I did PMSL laughing when I first found out Mr Abbott had done a Warney a decade before Shane blamed his mum.
The blog has all of the papers links and NAA files

A little bit extra, ã message sent to Senator Cormann, he ended up with the petition.

Dear Senator

It seems your West Australian colleague isn't  quite sure of what you do in parliament.

It seems you are now responsible for Immigration citizenship applications.

Is this true?

If it isn't true will you forward petition 1133-1639 to Mr Dutton and ask him to respond to it please.

It is approaching criminal under S44 of the Crimes Act 1914  for you and 57-7 Doc Jensen to hide a legitimate query about a possible criminal matter in the tunnels of parliament secrecy.  Is the blog detailing the problems,  is the blog a copy of an email to Mr Marles asking him to determine if the citizenship application was handled correctly and if it wasn't, to determine if you and Doc Jensen and Mr Dutton have committed crimes in trying to cover up the query.

I said to you recently on twitter politics is fun, it is until someone tries to do something illegal.  It seems you are mixed up in the illegal cover up of a problem caused by an arrogant person getting his mum to fill in a form he should have filled in himself.

It is amazing that you and so many others would cover up for such an arrogant incompetent person who only months after getting a law degree couldn't figure out how to fill in a form so got mummy to do it for him.

Answer the petition or get Mr Dutton to answer the petition.

The bit down the bottom that paid for the printing,the photocopying,the envelopes and stamps and phone calls.  The trips to Brisbane and caffeine top ups from 5am until home time. The trips to Brisbane are a 6 hour round trip public transport adventure.  AND the birth certificates, National Archives files, searches in the UK etc etc etc  Thanks to everyone who has clicked on this in the last year or so.


Sunday, 10 April 2016

Offshore tax havens

I don't like offshore tax havens.

People,businesses,companies get the benefits of living working and earning money in a country and should pay their full share of the tax due.

Some of our politicians have gloated about having offshore tax havens as a natural part of being rich. Prime Minister Turnbull said in parliament he pays the full amount of tax due in Australia, but as is shown by so many of the liberal party donors, the tax system allows people to legally rig their money so that they pay no tax.

Offshore accounts with zero tax help get Australian money overseas when it should be in Australia working for our country.

Simplistic, but that's me.

Their is nothing illegal about using zero tax offshore accounts for most Australians, just as with dual nationality every Australian has the right to do just that.  Until you enter parliament.

The same few lines of our constitution that screw up Tony Abbott and probably half a dozen others for having dual nationalities also has problems for offshore account holders.

Mr Turnbull admits and gloats about having some, probably Mr Palmer has some too.

Section 44 of the constitution says an MP must be disqualified if they are entitled to the rights or privileges of a subject or a citizen of a foreign power.

Zero tax in the Caymans is a right and a privilege of citizens of the Caymans.  The rich buy that right to zero tax.

Are Mr Turnbull and Mr Palmer in parliament illegally?  It is hard to find out because Palmer was a massive donor to the liberals before becoming his own political party and Turnbull is protected by Brandis as Attorney General.

I have asked Mr Keenan as Justice Minister to look at this but the breath aint being held. It is pointless contacting Senator Brandis, it seems as though he has marked my email address as spam and I don' t have a fax so cant get in touch with him.

Sydney University School of Law and Professor Joellene Riley the dean of the school should probably look at the teaching regimen and see if the constitution is taught or just glossed over.  To have two recent Prime Ministers get their law degree from the School and then to appear to be in breach of the constitution doesn't look good for what is taught and how it was taught at such a venerable institution.  Add the dual citizenship and privileges and rights of a foreign power to Mr Abbott not filling our his own citizenship form a month or two after getting his law degree from Sydney University and things look at best dodgy for those who get a degree from the school.

The cruel amongst us would mention Kelloggs, but I wont.

Professor Riley perhaps you could enlighten the world and give your esteemed views on Mr Abbott's dual citizenship, him being granted Australian citizenship without signing a form and on Mr Turnbull's tax haven.  Are they in parliament legally?

The bit down the bottom that paid for the printing,the photocopying,the envelopes and stamps and phone calls.  The trips to Brisbane and caffeine top ups from 5am until home time. The trips to Brisbane are a 6 hour round trip public transport adventure.  Thanks to everyone who has clicked on this in the last year or so.