Saturday, 28 November 2015

cops called around last night

I twitter a bit.
Yesterday I mentioned that the Director General of the Queensland government department planning on extinguishing native title to allow the Adani Carmichael coal mine to go ahead was easily found.

Online in about 30 seconds you could find his address and phone number and get a look at his front door on google maps.

The police turned up at my place about 10pm.  No warrant because no crime had been committed.

They were concerned that my telling twitter that something that is in every house in Brisbane could be used to find the address of the Director General.  I can't make Sensis of it.

One journalist come editor I know labelled this fascism.

I have written to the Queensland Premier,the Attorney General,the minister responsible for the Director General and the minister responsible for the police to find out what in hells name is going on.

About 10pm last night (Saturday 29/1/15) two police officers saying they were from Parliament Security came to my house in Dicky Beach.  They had driven from Brisbane.

They did not have a warrant and freely admitted I had committed no crime.

The reason for spending so much money in getting two cops on overtime to drive 200km round trip was that I had dared mention on twitter that the man who was planning on removing native title to allow Adani to mine was in the white pages phone book.

I occasionally write for independent news organisations so I would appreciate you commenting on this.

Who authorised the police harassment?
Was it the Attorney General, Doc Lynham or Adani calling in favours?
What is the problem with mentioning someone with the name Schaumberg is easy to find in white pages?

Another point I would like to write about is why your government feels it is necessary to even consider this.


Considering the federal laws governing the Adani mine are invalid why do you do nothing to have the Federal government validate the laws?  Mr Abbott is in parliament illegally, his office freely admits he has not renounced his British citizenship,l he seems to think that Australian citizenship by descent starts at birth, but it doesnt. It starts when the minister for Immigration approves the application.  details are in a letter I sent to the Prime Minister, perhaps you can have your legal people go over it and see that all hope for an Adani mine has gone because of Tony Abbott.  and

I do look forward to finding out the reasons for what has been labelled as fascism by one of the editors I write for.  I also look forward to you demanding the federal government fix the Abbott problem.  even the carbon tax is still current because the changes made were invalid.  George Brandis is A Queenslander who may be able to help, though I would consider the advice from Ms D'Ath much closer to the truth.

And of course the begging bit at the end of all my blogs because my hobby of overthrowing the federal government with my keyboard really does cost a few pennies every now and then.

Thursday, 26 November 2015

letter to Mr Abbott senator Brandis and Commissioner Colvin

Dear Mr Abbott,
There can be no honorific written when addressing you.
A petition was put to parliament on Monday 23/11/15 asking you show you have renounced your British citizenship by producing the renunciation paperwork.  Your staff advise you have never renounced your British citizenship.
You got Australian citizenship by descent in June 1981, your Australian citizenship began when the minister approved your application, not before and most definitely not from birth.
For 24 years you lived as a British citizen gaining advantages such as the ten pound pom boat trip and after you were granted Australian citizenship you entered Oxford as a British citizen and later claimed British students allowances while at Oxford.  Those allowances are only available to British citizens who are registered as entering university in the UK as a British citizen.
Your staff say you claim you have only ever been Australian and that you have never renounced your British citizenship.
The Constitution says quite clearly and plainly, plain enough for someone with a Law degree from Sydney to understand that dual nationals are not allowed to stand for parliament.  You have signed 8 false declarations for the Australian Electoral Commission to defraud parliament, defraud the country and gain tens of millions of dollars in payments, bike rides, superannuation and office expenses all illegally.
Will you own up to your crimes and resign from parliament for breaching Section 44 of the constitution?
A copy of this email has been forwarded to the Attorney General and the Commissioner for the Australian Federal Police, please provide them with whatever response you provide to me.  I trust they will take whatever action is necessary to get you out of parliament and right the wrongs you have committed.
All laws enacted by you and voted on by you are invalid, the country is at risk of a catastrophe because of your arrogance and incompetence.  The parliament needs to quickly pass legislation approving laws you enacted illegally so that our country is protected from your failings.
You are a disgrace to this country you call home.

Yours sincerely

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

email to Turnbull Pyne Smith and Butler

A petition was put to the house on Monday 23/11/15

This petition of a concerned citizen of Australia draws the attention of the house to concerns of many thousands of social media users with regard to Mr Abbott’s right to sit in parliament.  Mr Abbott was born in the UK to a British father and got automatic British citizenship under UK laws of that time.  In June 1981 Mr Abbott applied for and got Australian citizenship by descent from his Australian mother.  On October 17th 1981 he entered Oxford University as a British citizen.  Documentary proof in this web link

There is no record in Australia or the UK of Mr Abbott having renounced his British citizenship.  Under section 44 of the Australian Constitution a member of parliament must not be under any acknowledgment of allegiance, obedience, or adherence to a foreign power, or is a subject or a citizen or entitled to the rights or privileges of a subject or a citizen of a foreign power. Mr Abbott must have renounced his British citizenship by filling in a UK Home Office form RN and paying a fee. 

I ask the House to instruct Mr Abbott to show he has renounced his British citizenship and complies with the constitution, failing that for the House to remove Mr Abbott from parliament.
The Citizenship act says that citizenship by descent starts the day the minister approves the person becoming an Australian citizen, not the day of birth.  For 24 years Mr Abbott was a British citizen and to get rid of that he needs to fill in a form RN and pay a fee to the UK Home Office.  His staff say he has never filled in a form to renounce his British citizenship.
Mr Abbott is still a British citizen and an Australian citizen and in parliament illegally after signing 8 false declarations for the AEC.  You must remove him and ask the Attorney General to press charges.
Mr Abbott has a law degree from one of the best law schools in the country so has no excuse for not knowing whats going on. You must act to preserve the sanctity of parliament and so you can legislate to legitimise all laws Abbott brought in, they are now invalid and allow any terrorists in prison to appeal and get out and be paid handsomely.
please respond

Ms Butler got this because she was the only Labour person to dare ask.