Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Still a birther

If you want to keep me out of poverty, please send a penny or two.  I am one of those pov-liners who can't afford to drive a car and for who a cup of coffee or a glass of beer is out of the question.

It is rather Monty Pythonesque to still be called a birther.  I am starting to understand how scientists feel when someone pulls out the denier routine. Its still snowing so how is the climate warming?

I thought I had made the facts as simple as possible in the report a crime bit I sent off to the AFP.  I deliberately wrote it at the Daily Telegraph readership level, one syllable maybe one and a half at a push.

This is what has happened.  Tony Abbott was born in England to a pommie dad, he got automatic pommie nationality.  When he was about 23 he got a Rhodes Scholarship and had to apply for Aussie citizenship to get the Rhodes dollars.

For two decades he had believed the family fairy story that he got Australian citizenship by descent from his Aussie mother.  It doesn't quite work like that.  Forms needed filled in and fees paid which is what he did in 1981.  Strange, when I was first looking into this the once public file of his Australian citizenship application which was available in the National Archives of Australia, it became secret while I was reading it.

Right until the file went secret he was proclaiming he was Aussie by descent.  He did apply for citizenship because his mum was born here and he got citizenship.  I think the fact his mum had to renounce her Aussie citizenship to get the ten pound pom boat trip, the assisted migrant passage clouded the application a bit.  Is she still a pom? I haven't found an application in the NAA to restore her Aussie citizenship so she probably is still a pom or the boat trip was an illegal boat trip.

And then we jump to March 1994 when he signed statutory declarations for the Australian Electoral Commission stating he complied with all their rules including S44 of our constitution which says though shalt have only one nationality.  Fine and dandy all goes well through the next 7 election phases until by a fluke Jan Olson gets an FOI application into the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.   My FOI application was refused before I even lodged it by Peta Credlin his infamous puppeteer.  I asked the Public Service Commission to check if she could actually do the work of a public servant and while that investigation was going on Jan put her FOI request in and it was processed by a real live public servant.  Her FOI request says that the documentation, the renunciation paperwork, does not exist. Three pretty simple English words, their meaning isn't really open to interpretation. There are two options to the FOI clerk, say the document is in the agency or minister possession and it can not be found, or it does not exist.

It doesn't exist. It is not there.  It is a none document. It isn't on this mortal plain.  Told you I would get Pythonesque. 

So there we have it.  Mr Abbott was born a pom, became a dual national in 1981 and hasn't bothered to get rid of his British citizenship.  Mr Abbott has Bachelor of Laws from University of Sydney.  From talking to people who have done similar degrees our constitution is discussed and taught pretty fully.  he knows the requirements and has no excuse for not getting rid of his British citizenship.  Even his inane family fairy stories of citizenship by descent don't hide the fact he is a dual national.  To get rid of British nationality you need to fill in a form called the Form RN and pay a fee to the Home Office in London.

Still a birther?  I call flat earth, I call climate denier, I call diving in the penalty box. You really have no idea about life and living.  Your closed mind is a hindrance to your intelligence.  The facts are there, factoids surround you and still you think birther?  Explain.  What the is there that is birther? Birther is a fantasy in the USA where President Obama was supposed to have been born in Kenya when he was in fact born in Hawaii.

I know where Abbot was born.  I know when he got Australian citizenship.  I know when he signed the 8 declarations for the AEC to get entry to parliament.  I have seen the FOI so I know his renunciation papers do not exist. 

Not a birther, Abbott is a criminal.

Monday, 24 November 2014

not reporting alleged crimes

If you want to keep me out of poverty, please send a penny or two.  I am one of those pov-liners who can't afford to drive a car and for who a cup of coffee or a glass of beer is out of the question.

I have been forwarding detail of Tony Abbott being a dual national and signing 8 false declarations for the AEC to many politicians across the country.  The allegations of the crimes,because they are only allegations until a court proves them, must be forwarded to the state police under many of the various state Crimes Acts.  If a politician refuses to forward the allegations he or she may become guilty of breaking sections of their state Crimes Act.

I will pull out the details of Queensland because that's where I live, and senator George Brandis and my MP Mal Brough.

The Queensland Crimes Act says .  Thanks austlii


132 Conspiring to defeat justice (1) Any person who conspires with another to obstruct, prevent, pervert, or defeat, the course of justice is guilty of a crime, and is liable to imprisonment for 7 years.
(2) The offender can not be arrested without warrant.
(3) A prosecution for an offence defined in this section shall not be instituted without the consent of the Attorney-General.


133 Compounding an indictable offence (1) Any person who asks for, receives, or obtains, or agrees or attempts to receive or obtain, any property or benefit of any kind for himself, herself or any other person, upon any agreement or understanding that the person will compound or conceal an indictable offence, or will abstain from, discontinue, or delay, a prosecution for an indictable offence, or will withhold any evidence thereof, is guilty of an indictable offence.
(2) If the indictable offence is such that a person convicted of it is liable to be sentenced to imprisonment for life, the offender is guilty of a crime, and is liable to imprisonment for 7 years.
(3) In any other case the offender is guilty of a misdemeanour, and is liable to imprisonment for 3 years.
(4) The offender can not be arrested without warrant.
(5) Subsection (1) does not apply to an act done for the purpose of the following—
(a) negotiations in accordance with established legal practice between a lawyer representing the alleged offender and the prosecution to achieve a just outcome in relation to the proceedings for the offence;
(b) mediation in good faith between the alleged offender and a victim of the offence or anyone acting in the interests of the victim in relation to an apology, compensation or restitution;
(c) dispute resolution relating to the alleged offence;
(d) discussions in good faith between the alleged offender and police officers calculated to ameliorate the conduct of the offender relevant to the alleged offence.

 132(1) would seem to apply. Yes I know, Bush Lawyer 101.  Conspiring to obstruct,prevent or pervert the course of justice
 133 (1) is a political alliance an attempt to receive a benefit of any kind? Brough and Brandis are in the same party, Brandis got the job of Attorney General because of Tony Abbott.  Brough got pre-selection because of Abbott.  Is withholding any evidence form the police enough to put this into the courts?  is Brough and Brandis refusing to pass on details of an alleged offence enough to bring this part of the Crimes Act into play?

The Act defines an offence as


2 Definition of offence An act or omission which renders the person doing the act or making the omission liable to punishment is called an offence.

So isnt limited to any jurisdiction.

I believe other states have similar crimes act provisions.  If you are legally knowledgeable and want to comment please do at the end of the blog.

I have advised many politicians about the alleged crimes done by Abbott. 

Senator Brandis as AG
Mr Brough as my local MP
Speaker Bishop as most important person in the House of Representatives
Mr Truss as Deputy Prime Minister
Mr Baird as friend, manly bloke and Premier of NSW the ICAC state
Senator Cameron, his office gave me the news that the ALP have changed their policy towards crimes and which brings every ALP member into the realms of what I am talking about. Criminal by refusing to pass on information about alleged crimes done by the Prime Minister.

All of the above have been referred to their state police to see if they are in breach of their various crimes acts.

If you tell any politician about the FOI or my blog or the report to the AFP please be sure to advise them that failure to advise their local police of the alleged crimes done by our Prime Minister Tony Abbott could put them in danger of prosecution under their own state Crimes Acts.

And if you do tell them that,don't just bullshit and threaten. Make sure you advise your local police of the information you gave to your local MP.

Crimestoppers is probably the best way, a receipt page is always produced and keep a screen cap of the reference number for later checking by you or investigative reporters or senate committees.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

A think on demcoracy

If you want to keep me out of poverty, please send a penny or two.  I am one of those pov-liners who can't afford to drive a car and for who a cup of coffee or a glass of beer is out of the question.

Democracy in Australia needs a rethink.
The problems or not problems evident in Tony Abbott’s missing form RN, the renunciation of his British citizenship, means the parliament must have an audit of citizenship.  If the Prime Minister can be doubted then why believe anyone else?
All politicians born overseas must provide proof they have renounced their foreign citizenships and anyone found not to have followed the rules and our constitution should be removed from parliament and banned from running for office ever again.  Then the cops should be brought in to prosecute for whatever crimes have been committed and all monies paid to that person be recovered and they lose all rights to superannuation.

After all that is done we must look at the actual system of democracy. In 2013 the senate threw up quite a few different senators and I like that. There is no way I agree with half of the new senators politics but that’s what the system is all about.  I would like to see peoples representatives put into the senate annually.  Just 20 a year and they serve for only one year.  Three from each state and one from each territory, all chosen by lot from the electoral roll.  The selection would happen on the last day of parliamentary sittings in the calendar year and they begin their job as a senator of and for the people on the first sitting day.

The would have all the rights and privileges of any other senator except the length of time they are required to serve.  This will give the senate a new look where it actually has people and not political parties as the centre of attention.  You might get rapists and robbers in the job but you will also get great thinking individuals who have never had the chance to shine.

Further thought should be given to proper proportional representation so that if a party gets 32% of the vote they get 32% of the seats.  This is awkward for individuals who are outside the party system and that’s where better knowledge than I have should be brought to play. 

In NSW the elephant murderer Robert Borsak has brought a bill into the NSW parliament allowing property owners and businesses two or more votes in the election of Sydney’s mayor.  To me that is disgraceful.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

The ALP policy towards criminal fraud

If you want to keep me out of poverty, please send a penny or two.  I am one of those pov-liners who can't afford to drive a car and for who a cup of coffee or a glass of beer is out of the question.

I just rang Senator Doug Camerons office to talk about why he and others refuse to ask Abbott about his dual citizenship.  I spoke to his assistant Tom and this is the gist of what was said.

The labour party is only interested in the policies put forward by the LNP and policies being put forward by the ALP with regard to the ALP winning the next election.

The party is not interested in the irrelevance of where someone was born. According to Tom the ALP  consider the matter the same as the Obama birther issue and do not want to get bogged down in where a person was born.

The words that stuck out for me were Irrelevance of crimes  & Irrelevance of fraud.

For the ALP crimes are an irrelevance. What hope has Australia got when the opposition considers the crimes of fraud an irrelevance.

The crimes may be considered an irrelevance by the labour party, but please check your various state crimes acts.  Some states consider it a very serious crime to refuse to pass on information given by voters with regard to a possible crime.

Bloody coppers think it is their job to determine what is and isn't a crime, not the politicians.  You as a politician do not run confessionals.  Please let the police do their job, if you get told of a crime or a possible crime,let them know.  There are more than enough of you parading through ICACs across the country without anymore of you joining the criminal ranks.  Surprisingly coppers are pretty well trained, know the law better than most and can decide for themselves what is irrelevant and what isn't. 

If I am a birther, or a nutter or a gonzo doodah band player, or god help Australia RIGHT,  a potential crime should still be reported to the police. It shouldn't be up to politicians to play judge and jury for anyone.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Its a good plan, honest

It seems as though the Murdoch media,fairfax and all of the TV channels have abandoned Abbott and joined labour.

Labours polls have skyrocketed.  Trust me but you will have to google if you want to see for yourself. I cant link to Murdoch press because I refuse to pay money to the company that hacked a dead school girls phone for profit and all of their stories are behind a paywall.

Labour has jumped well ahead to an almost unbeatable lead. I guess this is why Labour MPs refuse to mention the Abbott crimes, but it is strange that Rupert Murdoch has approved all of his papers backing a labour plan to keep Abbott in the top job.  Fairfax media are doing what they do so well, not rocking the boat, never daring to ask impertinent questions.

So there you have it.  Massive U turn by Rupert Murdoch to back labour and keep Abbott as Prime Minister and therebye ensuring Labour win the next election.

I don't like it, a criminal is still a criminal.  But I am not a politician or media mogul and it must make sense to someone to have a criminal as PM so that the labour party guarantee winning the next election.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

A copy of the report to the AFP 14/11/14

If you want to keep me out of poverty, please send a penny or two.  I am one of those pov-liners who can't afford to drive a car and for who a cup of coffee or a glass of beer is out of the question.

This report of crime complies with your requirements of proof being made available, and nothing to confuse officers about other events that are not considered Commonwealth crimes of fraud. This report is purely about the crime of fraud, nothing else.  I have been advised by friends in the AFP that previous communications have been blocked by people known to be members of the liberal party.  This is to make things simple and to keep the matter just about fraud and nothing else and to keep it away from party members trying to protect one of their own from an investigation.  I do not know who the party members are and I will not disclose my AFP source as I am writing the results of this investigation as part of a media piece for Independent Australia Media and my source wanted to remain anonymous.  

Anthony John Abbott was born in the UK to a British father,getting automatic British citizenship. In 1981 Mr Abbott matriculated to Oxford University as a British citizen, in 1981 Mr Abbott became a dual national by getting Australian citizenship.

In 2014 an FOI request to Mr Abbott Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet requesting a copy of the paperwork used to renounce his British citizenship was returned stating the documentation does not exist.  This FOI was signed by Mr McMahon, Assistant Secretary in the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.

Because the renunciation papers do not exist, Mr Abbott remains a dual national

At elections in 1994,1996, 1998,2001,2004, 2007,2010 and 2013 Mr Abbott signed a statutory declaration for the Australian Electoral Commission stating he complied with amongst other things S 44 of the Australian Constitution which precludes dual nationals from standing for parliament.

The AEC can not ask candidates to prove their citizenship at the time of candidacy, they have to rely on them telling the truth and the police convicting when fraud occurs. The police can ask candidates to prove they have complied with the constitution as part of their investigations into fraud.  The evidence above, of Mr Abbott being born British, still being British in 1981 and getting Australian citizenship in 1981 together with the FOI proving he has not renounced his British citizenship takes the matter into one of fraud.

Public documents show all of the information you will need, a copy of the FOI -  Mr Abbotts British birth and citizenship is available in several places, books he has written and on his Australian citizenship papers which are now a secret document in the National Archives of Australia, but which are available for you for the asking. 

A blog created online detailing just the pictures and links is here

A blog with just the pictures for AFP investigations

Mr Abbotts Wiki detailing date of birth and British father.  Here

The file cover for the Australian citizenship application.  Here 

Assisted passage which shows his mother to be British now,no longer Australian.  Here  

The email from Oxford University showing he matriculated there in 1981 as a British citizen. Here

The FOI request showing renunciation papers do not exist. Here  

Without the renunciation papers Mr Abbott is still a British citizen and a dual national. British law requires a form RN be filled in and the relevant fee paid.  A copy of the UK paper work and information about renouncing citizenship is here.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Grass Roots

I post a lot on farcebook and one of the places I like posting and gossiping is Grass Roots .  They asked me to write a piece for the next magazine, this is what I wrote. Minus the pictures.  I will add them later.
Sandie and I fell in love about ten years ago and moved in together into a small house with a little bit of a garden.  The grass grew well and nothing else seemed to so after a little bit of research in Grass Roots and a little bit of Bill Mollison we decided to see if we could grow anything.
The first thing to do was improve the soil.  A sharp shovel and a heavy foot wasn’t enough to get below the level of the green stuff on top and a rotary hoe wouldn't fit down the tiny path beside our home.  So the sugar cane bales came in.  Two at first just rolled out thickly on top of the grass and let to sit until the waiting got too much for us.  The sugar cane was opened up a bit and some potting mix put in the hole and a seedling.  It didn’t matter what sort of seedling we put everything in to see what would grow and what was good for us.  We found out a lot of what is written in gardening book sis bull.  Rhubarb leaves aren’t poisonous to the grass hoppers we have up here, they munched through the lot of it.  I think chooks were brought in to sort out the grasshoppers and to dig over the sugar cane and poo everywhere.  This made a wonderful soil which went form being undiggable to a rich dark brown stuff you could dig with your hands.
The chooks got penned and fenced off and serious planting started.  Nectarine and lemon went in first and are wonderful providers. For 8 years they have been giving us fruit in exchange ofr a bit of chook poo and water.   Last year’s crop of lemons was enough lemons to make cordial for a full 12 months for us and the grandkids.  The nectarines gave us fresh fruit from July until October and a few good jars of jam to put in the cupboards.
We experiment with food plants and trees and have quite a few now in our garden.   There’s a list at the end of this of what we have growing.
Fruit fly is a big problem and netting the trees with soft fruit and the tomatoes is essential to get any sort of crop.  It gives our garden a ghostly feel on a moonlit night but well worth the effort for the fruit we get.  At the moment the winter crop of tomatoes are under cover to give them a good start.
The garden bed is a prize won by our daughter Krystale.  She didn’t think she would ever need it but is now kicking herself for giving it away.  The grandkids have been gardeners since they were in nappies, planting seeds of any fruit they eat, helping nana and pop with the seedlings and seeds we plant and of course picking stuff for tea or just for an afternoon snack.  It is amazing how easy it is to get kids to eat vegetables when they have helped grow them.  And more so when they can help out with making cordial or babaganoush or picking a plate of salad.
We don’t have many proper garden beds, there isn’t that much room with all of the trees so we grow a lot in pots and broccoli boxes wherever we can fit them.  Most are outside the kitchen door so it is simplicity itself to get something to add to tea or to give a meal a bit of extra zing.
This group of pots and boxes has spring onions, basil, a curry plant, lettuce, a bulb which is now out in the garden, geraniums, leeks, oregano, marjoram, thyme.  The basil gets picked by the bucket load to make a delicious addition to just about any sort of meal.  We chop the basil finely and add a few chopped tomatoes or a tin if there is none ripe, some sugar and some cider vinegar. Delicious with steak or chicken or fish or just on buttery toast.  The lettuce we pick a few leaves at a time which can end up looking a bit strange, three or four lettuces in a pot all half a metre tall.  Long canes with a few leaves on top but the best way to get the most out of a garden.
With choosing to plant the way we do the failures can be spectacular.  The two worst were lemon grass and cardamom.  The lemon grass ended up being a patch about 2 square metres and over 4 metres tall and worst of all Sandie ended up being allergic to it.  The cardamom was named cardamom in the pot and sold as such by the nursery but ended up being a poisonous type of ginger that took two years and an old cow rug to get rid of.  We couldn’t dig it out and even pouring boiling water on the roots wasn’t enough to get it to die.  So the calf rug was put over the top of it to kill off any shoots and roots.   It is so lucky the internet exists and we both know to check when things don’t look right.  The cardamom just didn’t have the right sort of flowers so the first alarm bells were rung.  If we had tried to cook with the seed pods I guess we would both be dead right about now.  By the time we found out the plant was poisonous the nursery had closed and we had no idea which wholesale nursery was trying to poison the people with dodgy cardamom.
Behind us there used to be 40 or 50 huge mature trees which was wonderful for us, for the possums, for the owls and the bush turkey and all of the pythons and lizards.  Once we had 2 houses and all of those trees behind us, now we have 5 houses, 3 swimming pools and no trees.  The possums now use the grandpas feeder in the chook pen as their own feed tray, the owls have gone, the turkey too and the pythons all left except for the one that ate three budgies and got stuck in the cage.  And the ants.  All of those trees had their own ecosystems of ants, aphids, scale insects and the predators that kept all under control.  All there is now is the ants and the aphids and scale insects which are a real problem when you try to grow food because what we eat the scale insects enjoy and the ants make sure the scale insects are getting more than their fair share.  I relented and tried chemicals as a last resort but they just don’t work. That highly advertised spray system by a popular fly spray brand is hopeless. The only thing that has worked is olive oil, dish washing liquid and water sprayed on the ants and nests whenever they are spotted.  Sandie hates me using extra virgin olive oil on ants, but it’s there and me being a man I use it.  Old logs used as good looking borders around the trees are slowly going because they are where the ants are nesting.  Two dozen ant nests gone in the last two weeks and more to go soon. The fight is on.
We have pumpkins growing more or less wild, there are Jap, Queensland blue and grammar pumpkin.  We grow loofa over a small arbour and chokos on the back fence.  There are passionfruit at the front gate, along the back fence and as a wonderful shade patch for the chooks.  One passionfruit doesn’t set fruit because of the amount of scale and the ants caring for the scale.  I can’t find that nest but when I do we might actually get passionfruit from that one too.
And this is what we have growing:-
We have 260 square metres of dirt in the garden. On that is a chook run, the pomello, monsteria, some avocado seedlings, lychee, loquat, longan, carambola, calamondin, jabacotiba, grumichama, native mangosteen, bananas (2 varieties), olive, jak fruit, mandarin, orange, blood orange, lemon, buddhas hand citrus, peanut butter fruit, fig, coffe, manogsteen, sour sop, yellow guava, mulberry, dwarf mulberry, malabar chestnut, kafir lime, nectarine, wampi and last and newest the theobroma cacao – trying that to see if I am a gardener or not far too tropical for dicky beach but worth a go not all are fruiting yet and some are proving very hard to convince to fruit – I can get the lychee flowering madly but she wont set fruit. Some I am learning about – the native mangosteen has fruit that has not ripened and has been on the tree 14 months. And the surprise? The jabicotaba – took ages to start fruiting and hasn’t stopped – 5 distinct flowering and fruitings since about September 2013.
Published in June July 2014 Grass Roots

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Am I disgusting or is it the country

Yesterday Aspen Medical from Canberra was announced as leading the way for Australians going to west Africa to help fight ebola.

Not long ago I would have yahooed, wahooed, and championed them for leading the way. Yesterday my first thought was how much did they pay in bribes to the liberal party.

Politics or me in the wrong? Am I a disgusting person for daring to think like that or have things got so bad in this country that every right minded person has to question how much was paid in bribes for X to happen.