Friday, 17 July 2015

apologies to some liberal MPs

I lose my rag and sometimes write stuff too quickly, those I have offended, except for those I intended to offend, I am sorry.

Senator McGrath's office got back to me and they did write to Mr Abbott asking when he renounced his British citizenship and were advised " Mr Abbott is only an Australian citizen"

Not the question Peta Credlin.

Mr Abbott used his British citizenship for his own personal benefit after he got his Australian citizenship.

In June 1981 Mr Abbott applied for and got Australian citizenship so that he could comply with the Rhodes Trust, get their scholarship and their dollars.

In October 1981 Mr Abbott matriculated to Oxford as a British citizen.

When did you renounce your British citizenship?  You used it for your own benefit after gaining Australian thereby confirming your dual nationality.  A date.  That is all that is needed.

The file cover showing when Australian citizenship was applied for.

The file went secret as I was viewing it in the National Archives so cant show the inside bits.

The Oxford letter showing Mr Abbott had British nationality when matriculating into Oxford.

For those unsure of big words, matriculate means to enrol or register at a college or university.

This is a very British birth certificate where his very British father gives him automatic British citizenship.

The renunciation papers don't exist and proof  is here and if you dont trust me find it for yourself at the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet FOI log,change the year to 2014/15 and choose FOI 2015/048. Without the renunciation papers Mr Abbott is in breach of section 44 of the constitution, makes him in parliament illegally and anything he does,votes for signs or authorises a dubious transaction.

And there endeth the rant, here cometh the donation button.

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