Tuesday, 29 September 2015

was it somethign I said?

I can never know the machinations of the political mind.

Was I at least partly responsible for Abbott being arseholed out of the Prime Ministership?  I will never know, but would like to think I did my bit.

In the weeks leading up to Mr Abbott being turfed Mr Turnbull or his office sent quite a few emails querying Mr Abbott's legality and how Mr Abbott's staff say he was only every Australian.  I sent the proof I have that Mr Abbott used his British citizenship to get into Oxford and that was 4 months after getting his Australian citizenship. 

A lot of emails went to and from Mr Brough and he really doesn't like me, again querying the information I had collected about Mr Abbott.

Mr Robb received quite a few emails asking him to make sure the free trade agreement with China wasn't compromised by having an illegal PM sign it.

All seem to have noticed my twitter discussions with unions about how to stop the FTA should Abbott sign it, that us ask the courts to determine if Mr Abbott was in parliament legally.

So where are we?

Tony Abbott is a dual citizen, he hasn't renounced his British citizenship.  He used the British citizenship as a minor to get the assisted passage and then as an adult to enter Oxford University four months after being granted Australian citizenship.

The constitution isn't Commonwealth law so can't be acted upon by the Australian Electoral Commission and the AFP can't prosecute because the AEC can't ask.  So far.  One last email is in with the AEC asking them to look at certain laws to see if they allow them to monitor and prosecute S44 breaches.

Section 44 of the constitution, at the moment, can only be prosecuted by 2 voters from an MPs electorate asking the High Court to determine eligibility within 40 days of an election being determined.  Mr Brough as Special Minister of State has been asked to direct the AEC to monitor and prosecute breaches of S44.  He has the authority as minister to allow them to do that.  Perhaps Mr Brough demanded SMOS as a defence card, to stop Brandis from prosecuting him over the Ashbygate affair? Again, political machinations/

Mr Abbott may not even be Australian, from memory his mother signed his application for Australian citizenship by descent, and that is a breach of Immigration Department rules. The department has been asked to investigate, but because Dutton is in charge I am not holding my breath and because my memory may be tainted I have asked for FOI's to be produced so I can determine the facts fully.  When I saw Mr Abbotts citizenship application form in the National Archives it went secret as I had it opened and I could only get a copy of the file folder.

And of course Mum Abbott may be an illegal boat person because she never got British citizenship before claiming immigration assistance.  The department has been asked to look at that but they refuse to say if they will prosecute or not.

All of this information is in my blog.

So there you have it, where things stand at the moment.

Am I to blame for Abbott being turfed? Who knows.

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Sunday, 20 September 2015

Mal Brough SMOS

Dear Mr Brough
Congratulations on becoming our new Special Minister of State.
Some unfinished business from the time of Senator Ronaldson really does need fixed up urgently.
The Australian electoral Commission is your remit and they don't consider the Australian Constitution is a law.  The AEC operate under the  Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918  says amongst other things, Section 7 says amongst other things they must (g)  to perform such other functions as are conferred on it by or under any law of the Commonwealth.

This blog contains a reply form their chief legal officer stating they do not consider the Constitution an Australian law and therefore they can ignore section 44 of the constitution.
Will you direct the AEC to consider the Australian Constitution as being a law? Every other part of society has to operate under the belief that the constitution is actually law.
 Would you also consider directing the AEC to monitor and prosecute breaches of section 44 of the constitution, no other government department or police force has that responsibility.  When asked who monitors and prosecutes S44 of the constitution Senator Brandis as Attorney General advised the AEC does not monitor S44 of the constitution.  He did not answer my question on who does monitor and prosecute.
Mr Quadvlieg as second in charge of Commissioner Colvins office advised that the Australian Federal Police can not monitor or prosecute under S44 of the constitution because the AEC can not query compliance with s44 of the constitution.
We currently have a law that is not monitored, not policed and can only operate if 2 voters from an electorate where an illegal MP wins election put up $500 to have the High Court determine if the illegal MP complies, and this is only valid within 40 days of an election.  A pretty stupid situation.
First day on the job and I am at you, apologies but if you MPs would reply to emails or even tell me where to go I wouldn't have to keep on about it.
Will you please direct the AEC to consider the constitution as being actual law, will you please direct the AEC to monitor and prosecute breaches of S44 of the constitution.
Cheers and thanks

PS How's your two Brisbane pub owning mates? We had a great talk on election day at Currimundi Primary, I was the bloke in the Get Up tee shirt you shook the hand of.

Tony Magrathea

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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Prime Minister Turnbull, a criminal in the ranks

Hon Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister
CC Andrew Colvin Commissioner AFP

Dear Mr Turnbull

I am writing to both you and Commissioner Colvin because in the past you preferred to take the word of a telephonist in Parliament House over that of an Assistant Secretary of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, Mr McMahon, in an FOI response and the self evident truths of various official documents.

This Blog contains 3 documents and a link to the FOI from PM&C.

The FOI from P&C says Mr Abbott's paper work for renouncing his British citizenship does not exist.

The File cover from the Department of Immigration indicates Mr Abbott got his Australian citizenship in June 1981, I can't show the rest of the file because it went secret as I was viewing it in the National Archives.  He got Australian citizenship to comply with the Rhodes Trust so he could claim his scholarship.

The FOI from Oxford University shows Mr Abbott entered the university in October 1981 as a British citizen, 4 months after getting his Australian citizenship.  This is proof he had and used both Australian and British citizenship for his own advantage.

The British birth certificate shows his father who is a UK citizen and this under UK law conveys automatic British citizenship.  The interesting thing about this document is that it does not show the citizenship has been renounced.  I believe that under the UK citizenship laws the birth certificate must have an annotation if citizenship has been renounced.

So there you have it, rather than rely on a telephonist, who I am sure was doing what their boss Ms Credlin had told them to say, you have proof Mr Abbott had both British and Australian citizenship and has not renounced his British citizenship.

A superintendent in Mr Colvins Office said there was no necessity to denounce dual citizenship, there isn't, the constitution, S44, says basically a member of parliament can not hold dual citizenships.  The only way to renounce British citizenship is to fill in a form and pay a fee, which hasn't been done.

Mr Turnbull signed the same declaration for the Australian Electoral Commission as Mr Abbott,a declaration that they comply with amongst other things the Australian constitution.

Now that he is not Prime Minister and not living with the AFP will yo please prosecute him for not complying with S44 of the constitution and examine the crime of fraud.  8  false declarations over 21 years, he has the same law degree as you Mr Turnbull, from the same Law School so ignorance of the law is not an excuse.

Now will you act to have parliament comprise only legal MPs?
As a further point you might have your Special Minister of State allow the AEC to examine and prosecute breaches of S44 and convince the AEC that the constitution is in fact law.  They have written to me, a copy in my blog, stating the constitution is not law.
yours sincerely

Tony Magrathea

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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Mr Hawke, Chair JSCEM

Honourable Mr Hawke, Chair of the JSCEM

As chair of the JSCEM you can investigate improprieties in electoral matters.

I believe under standing orders you have the authority to call any MP to JSCEM who might be in contravention of our constitution and electoral laws.

Mr Abbott was born in the UK to a British father giving him automatic British citizenship.  He got Australian citizenship in June 1981 to comply with the rules of the Rhodes Trust.  In October 1981 he entered Oxford University as a British national, that's 4 months after getting Australian citizenship by right if his Australian mother.  It is obvious from this that Mr Abbott knew he was a dual national.

His Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet has declared in an FOI that the renunciation papers for his British citizenship do not exist, thats in FOI 2014/158 which is not searchable because no documents were found.  But in FOI 2015/048 the original FOI is sought and found and can be seen by all to show the renunciation papers do not exist.

All documents are here http://tonymagrathea.blogspot.com.au/2015/07/apologies-to-some-liberal-mps.html but only the file cover of the Australian citizenship papers are shown because while researching the matter at the National Archives the file was made secret by Mr Abbott's office.

I do hope you can find the truth, Mr Abbot's office claims Mr Abbott is only ever an Australian citizen, but as can be seen form his British citizenship and the use of his British nationality 4 months after getting his Australian citizenship he knows he was a dual national and has refused to renounce his British citizenship.

For the sake of Australia, for the Chinese Free Trade Agreement, for the people in Syria about to be bombed on the orders of someone who shouldn't be in parliament please fix this.

yours sincerely

Tony Magrathea

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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Warren Entsch,Queensland MP

A letter to Mr Entsch

Mr Entsch
you are confounded by the nutters on the right of your party led by the PM in your attempt to bring marriage equality to everyone in Australia.  I'm all for what you want to do because I think it is only right some of my friends and family should be able to get married if they want to.

This might help?

Either talk to him about this and explain what will happen when this gets actioned or use it to get rid of him.  A bribe is as good as a brown paper bag to anyone.  Yes a very very cynical voter sick of the likes of the slush funds and helicopter rides. I dare you to ask where his renunciation papers are, try Diana in his office, very special response guaranteed.

Mr Abbott was born in England to a British father which gave him automatic British citizenship, he became one of us to get the Rhodes Scholarship in June 1981. Then the first of the strange things happened.  He matriculated,ie entered,signed up,went to Oxford University in October 1981 as a British citizen.  This blog has copies of the citizenship file and the Oxford FOI http://tonymagrathea.blogspot.com.au/2015/07/apologies-to-some-liberal-mps.html

There is no record of him ever giving up his British citizenship, here or in the UK which means he is in parliament illegally and protected by his board members on the AEC, this one shows the AEC doesnt think the constitution is part of Australian law, your mate Tony has some very highly placed friends in some very handy places.  http://tonymagrathea.blogspot.com.au/2015/08/australian-electoral-commission-and.html

Then we come to the AFP, Commissioner Colvin is desperate for a knighthood and it seems Commissioner Quaedvleig made sure of it when he was 2IC in AFP by stopping any police investigation into criminal fraud, by claiming the AEC cant act so the AFP cant act  http://tonymagrathea.blogspot.com.au/2015/07/afp-yet-again.html

I am up to 4 1/2 death threats on the internet and one in real life because I have dared to ask that Mr Abbott obey the law and prove he has.  Mr Abbotts office refuse to consider he has ever been anything but Australian, some rather obnoxious public servants work there.  I used to be a rather obnoxious public servant in Taxation so I know how it is done.

Will you consider using this information?  I have contacted the Speaker of the House Mr Smith (my email account got hacked after contacting Ms Bishop and Mr Brandis last year, doubt they did it just coincidence)  http://tonymagrathea.blogspot.com.au/2015/08/speaker-of-house-tony-smith.html

There you have it.  fix the problem with the marriage equality and stop the catastrophe of the Chinese FTA, because if he is allowed to sign it and then the High Court determines he is a fraud at the Court of Disputed returns Australia looks shamefully bad.

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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Rhodes Trust and the Oxford pommie

A twitter discussion brought this about, wrote to Rhodes asking some questions.

A rather large discussion on twitter at the moment about one of your more infamous scholars.

I know the rules were changed after Tony Abbott got his scholarship but some dodgy things seem to have happened, are they within your rules and should you consider recanting the scholarship?

Mr Abbott applied for a Rhodes Scholarship when he was a British citizen living in Australia, he got his Australian citizenship in a rather mad panic in June 1981 to meet your qualification criteria.

In October 1981 he entered Oxford University as a British citizen rather than as an Australian. I know he had dual nationality but I thought the idea of the Trust was to give Oxford experience to colonials.

His entering as Briton rather than as an Australia would be an affront to you and may be in breach of your rules.

Students in Oxford at the time tell me there was a UK students allowance only available for British student so that might be why he entered Oxford as a Briton. Has he complied with your laws at the time?

If in breach of the laws can you rescind the scholarship and give it to a more needy beneficiary?

Do you monitor scholarship recipients to make sure they continue to live up to the ideals of the trust or is it all over when the leave university?

 Thanks again for your time

Tony Magrathea

The Oxford files are here:-

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