Thursday, 28 December 2017

Submissions to the JSCEM

Two submissions, one accepted and published on the Parliament House web pages :-

The other waiting to be accepted.  It will end up in this link and click on the submissions on the RHS when it comes up.

The implications of recent decisions by the Court of Disputed Returns concerning section 44 of the Constitution on questions referred by the Parliament under section 376 of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918, with particular reference to:

(a) the decisions in connection with the disqualification of former Senators Bob Day and Rodney Culleton;
(b) a regime for disclosing information relating to aspects other than section 44(i), for which the Parliament has already provided;
(c) the form such a process might take and how it could be implemented; and
(d) any related matters.

Submission from Tony Magrathea

As a voter my biggest concerns are the former members of parliament not having to repay their salaries and expenses and avoiding any investigation into signing false declarations to nominate for election.

(a) Both former Senators Day and Culleton were aware of the problems highlighted in their High Court cases before signing the nomination form to be elected. Both signed false declarations but any option to have that investigated by the Australian Federal Police has been covered up.

The AFP were asked via their report a Commonwealth crime page on their web site to investigate. The AFP advised it was not their job to investigate that the AEC was responsible. The AEC advised they have no authority to investigate or prosecute false declaration on a nomination form that the Attorney General must action that/. The Attorney General advised he has no authority to direct the AFP to investigate crimes, they are an independent authority. Copies of the documentation are available on

(b) The various parliamentary committees which call for public submission must investigate all problems highlighted in those submissions. In the JSCEM inquiry into the 2016 election I pointed out several problems regarding S44, Senator Roberts citizenship, Mr Turnbull buying the rights and privileges of Caymans Island citizen with his Caymans Island accounts and the continuing problems with Mr Abbott where it now transpires the UK Home Office refuse to confirm the details in his renunciation letter shown to parliament match data held in the Home Office.
(c) The best way to handle S44 problems would be to have an independent public service office examine all reports and allegations of problems mentioned in the media. In parliament or by voters writing to the office. The pubic service office would have the authority to demand proof from MPs and should the matter not be resolved to refer the MP to the High Court. The Office should be independent and not have any political association at all. As a voter I am very concerned that both the Liberal and Labour parties seem to have an unwritten code to not refer the others members to the High Court. To have a situation where criminality can only be investigated because a party has the numbers in the house or the senate is ridiculous. An MP either signed a false declaration to nominate or later situations changed to put them in breach of S44 or they are innocent.

(d) Should the public service office mentioned above be instituted then a complete audit of every MP must be undertaken. Then the AEC must be allowed to demand citizenship proof at nomination time. At the 2016 election a senate candidate in Tasmania was a dual citizen and a candidate in the seat of Warringah, other than Mr Abbott, was a dual citizen or not in fact an Australian citizen, he wasn't sure according to his blog.

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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Whistle blower blocked by AFP

 A link to a petition to find out who is responsible for prosecuting people who sign false declarations to nominate for election  EN0615

This citizenship fiasco has entered the absurd.

I am sort of a whistle blower, I ask questions about illegal MPs being in parliament and the questioning seems to have caught on.  A lot are asking and a lot are being caught.

I have been told by the South East Queensland version of the Australian Federal Police that they will ignore any report I lodge about a Commonwealth Crime. A person singing a false declaration to nominate for election to parliament is committing a Commonwealth crime.

Now I find the Australian Federal Police have blocked me on Twitter.  What the fuck for?

I have written to Sue Bird and Andrew Colvin deputy and commissioner of the AFP asking what are they up to.

The AFP have now written to me saying it is not their job to investigate Commonwealth crimes. A copy of that at the end of the blog.  Why not report a crime for them? They seem to want to ignore me.

These are the Commonwealth Crimes I have reported so far.

I believe others are reporting Commonwealth crimes of a similar vein and if yo read this can you please add your information or links to the comments below.  Some others I have found are:-

Another one 9/11/2017, Rebekha Sharkie.

The email from AFP saying not their job to investigate.



Reference is made to your multiple emails to the Australian Federal Police dated between 28 October and 9 November 2017.

The AFP is the primary law enforcement agency responsible for investigating crimes against the Commonwealth of Australia. Information about what the AFP may investigate and the processes involved can be found at:

Under the Australian Government Investigations Standards, Commonwealth entities have their own anti-fraud or investigative components, and have the primary responsibility for investigating fraud committed against their agencies.  Where a matter is sufficiently serious or complex, Commonwealth agencies will forward the matter to the AFP for consideration.

Matters that pertain to the alleged false or misleading statement made in an application to the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) is not the role of the AFP and are best referred to the AEC.

The AEC has primary responsibility for investigating alleged offences against their Agency and those that are relevant to the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918.

Should the AEC identify that a criminal offence has been committed they may refer the matter to the AFP for further investigation if required.

Your correspondence has been recorded by the AFP however no further action will be taken.

Client Liaison Team
AFP Operations Coordination Centre

Email from Paul Pirani chief legal office at the AEC


Dear Mr Magrathea

As you have previously been advised, the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) does not administer section 44 of the Constitution and has no power to investigate claims that persons may have incorrectly claimed that they were not disqualified by the operation of that section of the Constitution.

Let me clearly state that the AEC has no power or function that would enable it to conduct any investigations into the issue of incorrect information being included on the candidate nomination forms.

As you will no doubt be aware, the actions of the Court in these proceedings are not the first time that a person who has sat in the Parliament has been found to have been disqualified.  Previous cases include In re Wood [1988} HCA 22, Sykes v Cleary [1992] HCA 60, Free v Kelly [1996] HCA 42, Sue v Hill [1999] HCA 30; Re Culleton (No. 2) [2017] HCA 4 and Re Day (No. 2) [2017] HCA 14.  The AEC administers the conduct of federal elections according to the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 (Electoral Act). The Electoral Act does not provide the AEC with the authority to conduct eligibility checks on potential candidates.  This is particularly the case given the complexities of overseas citizenship- laws and the short timeframe between the close of nominations and the commencement of early voting.

The eligibility of candidates is addressed in section 44 of the Constitution. The Attorney General's Department administers the Constitution and the AEC cannot disqualify a candidate relying on the operation of section 44 of the Constitution. The AEC is subject to the requirements of the Electoral Act.  Section 172 of the Electoral Act sets out the only grounds upon which the AEC is able to reject a nomination of a candidate.  Those grounds do not include disqualifying a candidate under the Constitution.  Any disqualification of a candidate due to the operation of section 44 of the Constitution can only be determined by the High Court sitting as the Court of Disputed Returns after an election.

In relation to the issue of potential fraud in relation to the completion of the candidate nomination form, this does not fall within the jurisdiction of the AEC as the relevant fraud provisions are contained in the Criminal Code Act 1995 which is administered by the Attorney-General's Department.  The investigation of possible fraud offences is a matter for the Australian Federal Police (AFP).  Accordingly, questions relating to the interpretation of the Criminal Code Act 1995 and any possible action for fraud would need to be directed to that Department and the AFP.  However, as far as the AEC is aware no prosecutorial action was taken in any of the previous cases.  Given the complexities of the overseas citizenship laws that were addressed by the Court in this matter, it would appear that such action was not taken is due to the difficulties in proving all of the elements of such an offence.

Yours sincerely

Mr. Paul Pirani | Chief Legal Officer

A letter from the Attorney General saying they don't tell th AFP what to investigate. The AFP is an independent authority and it is up to them to investigate crimes or reports of crimes.  So who is telling porkies?

Decided to write to my local MP Andrew Wallace who was a barrister before becoming an MP.  He might know who is rsponsible for upholding the law in our country.

Dear Mr Wallace
quite a few members of parliament have been removed for being in breach of S44 of the constitution. None have been prosecuted for signing a false declaration to nominate for parliament at the last election or at previous elections.
Several knew they were in breach of the constitution or should have if they had read the nomination form and the candidates handbook. The form 60 you all sign has a tick box about compliance with S44 and a section stating  I am qualified under the constitution and laws of the Commonwealth to be elected.  The nomination form and handbook detail what is in S44 of the constitution. Mr Day knew his business holdings, Mr Culleton knew his court problems, Mr Ludlam and Mr Joyce both knew of the New Zealand heritage, Ms Nash knew of her British heritage even Ms Waters knew of the problems with her Canadian citizenship because I asked her to make sure she was legitimate in 2014.  I had asked all foreign born MPs in the 44th parliament and none bothered replying to me except Ms Waters who advised there was no problem with her citizenship.
I have asked the Australian Electoral Commission why the did not prosecute people for signing false declarations.  Mr Pirani their Chief Legal Officer advised " the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) does not administer section 44 of the Constitution and has no power to investigate claims that persons may have incorrectly claimed that they were not disqualified by the operation of that section of the Constitution. "
I wrote to Mr Colvin and Ms Bird the Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police asking why they had not prosecuted anyone for signing a false declaration on their nomination for election forms.  The Client Liaison Team at the AFP Operations Coordination Centre advised " The AFP is the primary law enforcement agency responsible for investigating crimes against the Commonwealth of Australia.  The AEC has primary responsibility for investigating alleged offences against their Agency and those that are relevant to the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918. "
I asked the same of the Attorney General, I believe Senator Brandis was AG at the time.  He advised "the Australian government cannot and should not direct the AFP on specific operational matters.  The decision to prosecute an allegation is a matter for the AFP.  It would not be proper for the Attorney General to intervene in such decisions."
The AEC can't prosecute,the AFP say it is the AEC responsibility and the AG says it is up to the AFP to decide to prosecute.
No one wants to prosecute people who committed fraud to become members of parliament.  Who's responsibility is it to prosecute the people who signed false declaration to nominate for election?  I know of about a dozen reports of Commonwealth crimes given to the AFP which they have refused to even consider looking at.  I know Mr Colvin is very friendly with the Liberal party from discussion with him in the past.
Would you please try to find out who is responsible for prosecuting those people who sign false declarations to nominate for election? The wording of the act says the knowingly sign a false declaration, the examples I gave earlier mention business dealings, court processes, family ties all of which would indicate the person signing the false declaration knew what they were doing.The High Court justices said s much in their decisions to expel them from parliament.
I do hope that you, with such a good legal mind, can clarify who is responsible for upholding the law in this country.
thanks for your time

Mr Taylor is the minister for law enforcement so he got an email asking why the law isn't being enforced.

Been writing to Mr Dutton the minister responsible for the AFP to find out what the fuck is going on.

Wrote in December and no reply.  Tried again in February and no reply so I lodged a complaint with the Home Affairs feedback people.  They say the AFP have nothing to do with Home Affairs.

Thing is the AFO web site sdays they are part of the Home Affairs department and Dutton is their minister.  This cover up is going beyond a joke.  I don't think it can just be called incompetence anymore.  There is a very active cover up to protect MPs from being charged with a crime.

A link to a petition to find out who is responsible for prosecuting people who sign false declarations to nominate for election  EN0615

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Monday, 25 September 2017

Osteo arthritis and me

8 October 2018


I am now a bionic man.  I had a total hip joint replacement about a month ago. Walking without crutches for about a week, around the house.  Need a crutch for peace of mind when I go out.

What a shemmozzle the hospital was. Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital, supposedly a teaching hospital.  Plenty of nurses, chefs, physiotherapists but very very few doctors.  I saw the operating doctor about 12 hours after the operation and that was it.  I tried to see an ordinary doctor because the blood thinning injections I had to take was meaning minor injuries weren't healing. They healed 3 weeks later when I stopped the injections.

When it came time to leave 5 days after the surgery, a Sunday, a real cockup.  I was told 8amish on the Sunday morning I was leaving at about 10am.  No time to arrange any sort of lifts so I had to get the hospital to call a taxi.  I needed one of those large taxis that would let me get in without too much bending, because I couldn't bend.  First one was a Hyundai car.  The hospital tried calling twice more and the taxi company just didn't bother.  Defintiely need to fix things up there people.

So I walked to a bus stop with one of those wheely old people walker thingies, a pair of crutches and a backpack.  Got home eventually but why not have things in place to help you patients?

A regional nurse was supposed to come and see me for the dressing and wound.  Still waiting.

A physiotherapist was supposed to come visit the first week, they didn't. They were a fortnight late and seemed to be here for only 6 minutes.

Sleeping is a worry, I can't sleep on my hip operation side yet.  And when I turn over I wake myself.  Two hours sleep, an hour awake.

I can muddle my way around the house. Cooked tea last night, started doing the dishes. Putting the bins out.  Almost normal.

For a teaching hospital the Sunshine Coast University Hospital is bereft of any information for patients. I was surprised there is nothing online, no information, no video, nowt.  Thank goodness the USA teaching hospitals actually do their job properly.

So that's me.  No more on this blog - seeya and good luck with your lives.


17 May 2018


My GP suggested I stop using the pentosan nasal spray.  I have had problems with small cuts not healing properly.  She thinks that because the pentosan is a blood thinner it is causing problems. I stopped the spray and the healing returned immediately and after a few weeks the hip pain too.

I have osteo arthritis in most of my joints.  The only place to escape is a knee that was diagnosed as rheumatoid arthritic about 10 years ago.  When I had the full body scan 2 months ago that found all of the osteo joints the rheumatoid arthritis had disappeared. cured?

I found out about pentosan polysulphate sodium in an email some news company sent to me and heard about it on the BBC world service.  I looked and decided that's for me.  And then the fun started.  No chemist in my town had heard of the stuff and that's where it came out the chemical is great for horses.  None of the vets I knew wanted to sell it to me and then I found this link. bingo

I will be getting my first lot early next week so this blog will be a tour through the trip of human testing of a horse drug.  My doctor has agreed to monitor me, she has hundreds of patients loaded with osteo and one with the brains or idiocy to try to fix it himself.  I wont name my doctor until she wants to be named, I am unsure of the ethics of letting a patient self test on what was basically horse medicine until a chance discovery it helps with osteo arthritis.

For the politicians, I am a disabled pensioner and have had to give up buying food this week so I could afford the medicine.

For those reading the blog I can feed the pair of us from the garden for a month or three and there is about 4 months of food in the pantry and freezer.  But I planned to have bought a $150 worth of food to top up things.

The cost of the medicine is $210 delivered and that is 3 months of the nasal spray.  The idea is I use until the joint pain goes.  Because I am on a lot of pain killers for my almost ceased up hip, bung knee and vertebra from when I broke my back playing rugby I will go off the pain killers one day a week to see how the horse medicine is working.  I will try to log what's going on in this blog.

Any reporters  or media outlets who want to use what is in this blog please pay the going rate.  I know there are almost standard rates so it would be nice if you gifted them to me in the paypal bit below.  If it is The Guardian the rate is double until Lenore Taylor and Vanbadham unblock me and apologise for the birther rantings.

For anyone using this in their own blog, think about a gift for the poor old bastard undergoing a trial that may benefit a lot of you.

If you decide to try it yourself make sure you contact your doctor first.  You will need a script and then let Complementary Compounding Services know you heard about it from me.

This isn't a properly set up medical test, there is nothing that would match the magnificent work of researchers in our universities but its a start from a bloke who wants to try and help.

27 September 2017

Filled in the online form, the prescription button near the top Needed to scan my prescription to send with it, I used Cam Scanner and hey presto. Next to do is to post the original script to Complementary Compounding Services and wait for them to give me a ring for the credit card details.

3 October 2017

The sniffing has started,  the nasal spray arrived today.  Two sprays up each nostril once a day.  I will do the next report on the 10th.

5 October 2017

Just a reminder this isn't a scientific trial, there are no double blinds, no daily monitoring.  It is me.  Two days of sniffing and my ankles don't click when I rotate my foot.  With the sniffing, lean back to do it and don't be frightened to sniff in the fluid in your nose.  No idea if that is collected spray or nasal juices reacting to the spray coming into your nose. Suck it and see, keep it in the body it my be good for you and at worst can't harm you.  I had a walk to buy some fruit at the greengrocers in town. Recently a short walk like that would be extremely painful in the hip and back for two days afterwards. No problems.

8 October 2017

Definitely feeling different, lighter? Or lighter headed? Strange feeling all over.  Not unpleasant, softer, smoother, lighter is the best way to try and describe it.
Waking up with very dry mouth. Don't know if it is the pentosan?

9 October 2017

No painkillers started this morning, will be interesting to see how that goes.  Last night was left hand side clicking night.  Joints from ankle to knee to hip to shoulder all got vocal which they haven't done for 12-18 months.  Does that mean the joints are freeing up,not as swollen? No idea,like I said this is not a scientific study just a record of what happens to me. I will google it and see what doctor google says about joints becoming vocal.

17:20pm  hip starting to ache.  I will sleep without pain killers and see how things are in the morning.

10 October 2017

Early AM and a bit of pain in hip and knee. Will go back on pain killers after breakfast.

11 October 2017

Some very loud joint cracking last night, mostly hip.  Audible to my wife so wasn't internalised.  Major pain in back this morning,more muscle than joint. Yesterday & this AM found hip moving where it hasn't been for a while and causing sharp pains.

Today is my shopping day.,the day where I try to be as normal as possible and put up with the bastard pain. It's the butcher, the baker, the green grocer and a newsagent that sells lotto tickets.  (so many local newsagents are not selling lotto because tatts has imposed a $30,000 fee on them) The pain is sharp and bad but I don't think it is as knockout bad as last fortnight.  I am holding a lot of hope in this horse pill nasal spray.

14 October 2017 Pain from walking eased up a lot quicker than "normal". Joints clicking and clacking, is that because the swelling is going down or the build up of arthritic material is lessening? Don't know, time will tell.

16 October 2017

Another day off the pain medication to see how things pan out. Some pain but can be handled. Doctor lowing pain medication by a third to see how that goes.  I will start it again in the morning.  Expensive medication for a pauper but if you do have osteo arthritis I would recommend you look at at least trying it.

Walked around town today, dog food, bakery, chemist for pain medication.  Got wet but could do it.  My joints seem to have freed up quite a lot.

19 October 2017

A warning for anyone who decides to use the horse pill nasal spray.  I am in what might be called extreme pain today.  I don't think the medicine has worn off or the reduction in my pain killers was too much.  I had three days of a little walking and muscles that haven't been used for a long time are telling me to ease up a bit.

24 October 2017

Twenty one today, twenty one today....The sniffing of the horse pills really does seem to be working.  It isn't a massively quick magic fix, but so many parts of my body are feeling that little bit easier.  My hip was always the worst case scenario and it does let me know that pain is a real thing.  But it is moving a bit easier, I can bend my leg up a lot further than I have been able to in recent years.  Maybe by christmas I can go back to wearing shoes with laces?  That would be nice.

The medical treatment for osteo arthritis is put up with the pain and watch your body stop working or use massive pain killers to help hide a lot of the pain (but not all) and watch your body stop working.  Pentosan polysulphate sodium in the nasal spray seems to be helping me.  I would recommend you try it for yourself.  Anything is better than sitting back mellow on pain killers while your hip or knee or wrist and fingers slowly cease up.  If it doeskin work at least you will have tried to do something about it.

One day medicine and investment companies and the uber rich who donate money might realise osteo arthritis is a bastard of a thing and something should be done about it.

30 October 2017

Another week flown by.  Nearly due for another bottle of the nasal spray. Don't know if it is the pain medication I am on or what, but pain had some big twinges this week but not where I remember having them.  Hip pain used to be above the ball joint this week was the front of the leg in the groin.  Like a muscle strain from rugby in the long long ago.

1 November 2017

For anyone who doesn't have osteo arthritis this will sound strange but I woke up this morning very early and could bend my legs they way they haven't bent for years and got the soles of my feet touching each other. Could not get back to sleep because of the huge grin on my face.

7 November 2017

Another week done.  Nasal spray has finished, it lasted a good time.  Now for the pennies to magically come together and order another one.  I will be paying for another one because the change so far has been quite excellent.

21 November 2017

Missed a week?  Sorry.  Politics in Australia got a bit too interesting and I tried to do my bit to bring the government to account.

My doctor reduced my pain medication, now a third of what it was when I started the nasal spray.  Too much too early I think. Massively huge enormous bad pain and agony.  Trouble walking or standing because of my hip and back.  The back is mostly muscle pulled out of kilter by my hip and leg not working/walking properly.  My hip?  So many little clicks and pops that never used to happen,  Is this pentosan stuff working and the pain caused by the tissue repairing?  I don't know and wont know for a while.

27 November 2017

Another week and huge reduction in pain. Done nothing different, the pain from last week just stopped.  Tapping head because no wood available. Had some big twinges but nothing constant.  Walking this morning again might stir it up.  Will see.

4 December 2017

Less pain and much more clicking in the hip.  Is clicking a good thing?  My hip has been so stiff for a few years now that clicking just didn't happen.  Is it loosing up? Is it easing?  Don't know.

6 December 2017

Interim report.  One of the problems of having a hip that wont bend because of osteo arthritis is not being able to cut my own toenails.  Total embarrassments with that.  Today I was able to bend enough to cut the toes on the foot on the side of my bung hip.  Toenails cut but massive huge enormous gigantic pain.  I guess my hip and muscle structure had not been mobile for such a long time that I stretched things massively.

11 December 2017

The pain killers my doctor has me on aren't working.  It's a patch and seems to work 5 or 6 days a week, it is supposed to be a 7 day patch.  And even then there are days where it may as well not be on because of the pain.  No idea if the pentosan is still working or helping because of the pain I am in from my hip.

16 December 2017

I convinced my doctor to stop using the morphine patch and give me something else.  Most sorts of anaesthetics don't work properly on me and the morphine patch is yet another.  It seems to amplify the pain.  The patch stopped and so did the hip pain.  Broken back and the stuffed up muscles in the back are still there and still a reminder of what pain is but the hip?  Is the pentosan working?  I would have to say it is starting to work.

6 January 2018

Some queries and some people trying it.  The cost is $200 for a small bottle of the spray, not $200 for 3 months.  The script is for 3 bottles of the spray, about 3 months worth.

Personally I stopped the massive pain killers for my hip.  I get muscle pain in my back, but with a back broken 40 years ago I guess there will always be pain there.  There has been pain there for all of the 40 years I have lived with it.  The muscle spasms will sort themselves out with exercise and with the hip being so much better exercise is only an attitude problem now.

30 January 2018

Been a while.  Pentosan is still working on my, back spasms and muscle pains still a pain in the back.  ABC called and they may run a story about the costs of medicine.  My choice in the first weeks was food or $200 for the Pentosan.  Luckily we have a garden and a freezer and choosing to go without buying food wasn't as drastic as it is for some.  Now I am almost organised and know I have to spend $200 a time to get the hip improving.

9 February 2018

I have been asked by people if the nasal spray is still working.  It seems to be.  Had what I thought was my hip disjointing the other day. Very painful but very quick.  Seemed to slip out and then in or that's what it felt like to me.  OK now.  Still mostly the back pain but I am doing what I can to stretch and strengthen those muscles.

23 February 2018

Went to the hospital today to talk with an orthopaedic surgeon.  I am now on the waiting list to get a hip replacement.  I will continue with the pentosan and make the final decision when they xray me for the operation in ,6,12 months time.  If there is marked improvement on the xray I will decide for sure then.

28 February 2018

Might sound strange going to a specialist about an operation but I am just covering all bases.  And after the last two days when for some reason the pain has been extraordinary.  Haven't had pain for quite a while and haven't taken a pain killer for yonks.  Had to take one today and it doesn't seem to be helping at all. Did some gardening yesterday which seems to have caused the problem.

16 March 2018

The pain I mentioned a few weeks back is caused by popping in the joint.  That's the best way I can describe it, like when  a cartilage pops in your knee or a wrist clicks?  When it pops pain is big.  But not for long. Most of the time I have been pain free. After years of taking massive amounts of Tramadol this is a big change.

23 March 2018

Read the label, LOL.  It is a blood thinning agent and may cause problems with cuts etc.  It does.  Be careful and watch what you are doing.

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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Not my fault

Parliament is in chaos, thankfully Game of Thrones has told us chaos is a ladder, but not everyone can climb it.

I asked Abbott about his citizenship, for that I was ridiculed, called a birther, had death threats and the AFP parked up the street for 3 months watching my comings and goings from my own house.  I didn't just ask Aussie Tone, I asked every foreign born MP and so few bothered replying.

Others asked, 400,000 on Facebook became very vociferous with the key board asking about Tony Abbott.  Change dot org had a petition with 33,000 petitioners signing it.

I even discovered the wonders of petitions to parliament, I asked about Abbott and was told that we voters should trust MPs to tell the truth when they nominate.  I asked for an audit of citizenship for MPs and Senator Cormann couldn't be bothered answering the petition.  3 petitions in about 10 years have not been answered by ministers, the audit one, one asking about Abbott's mum signing his citizenship application and another that the petitions committee talk about but I cant find.

Senator Ryan as the new Special Minster of State ignored a submission to the inquiry into the 2016 election asking for amongst other things  an audit of citizenship compliance and for Senator Roberts to be checked for compliance.  Senator Ryan didn't bother so the chaos kicked in properly when Senator Ludlam & Waters who I had asked in 2014 both quit for being dual citizens.  And then the Village Idiot Roberts declared he would go to the High Court to determine if he was a dual citizen or not.

Senator Ryan is off sick, I believe it is stress after a recent medical procedure and may be compounded by incompetence and the chaos in parliament, but surely it sits with Senator Cormann who refused to answer a petition.  Just ignored it.  Who was he protecting? How many others will go?

The bastard birther has put another petition to parliament and this time the Attorney General must answer it.

And on telly while I am writing this Billy Bhoy Shorten the Abbott apologist has decided that there shouldn't be an audit because it is up to the individual. This wannabee next Prime Minister was the first person in the country to block me on social media for daring to ask him to ask about Abbott's citizenship.  It took Ludlam & Waters and a UK court case to finally determine Abbott has renounced his British citizenship, but he should have answered when asked back in 2013.

We need an audit of all MPs because the option is to trust MPs to tell the truth when they nominate.  And that hasn't worked at all so far.  The petition is there, the audit must happen and everyone must show they comply with the law.

It doesn't stop there. Legislation needs to be changed to allow the Australian Electoral Commission to demand proof of compliance at nomination instead of waiting for disasters in parliament.

Access to the Court of Disputed Returns must be made available to any voter in the country, not just limited to the voters in a particular electorate.  The time limit for CODR must also be changed so that the court can be accessed by voters at anytime instead of just withing 40 days of the election being called.

Thank you to those who have PayPal'd me, much appreciated.  Being PayPal I can't thank you personally because your personal details are kept private.  Very much appreciated to have the support, in gifts or words, from so many people over the past few years.

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Monday, 24 July 2017

Postscript to The End is Nigh

The one before this, The End is Nigh discusses a letter Mr Abbott posted on twitter purporting to be proof of his renouncing his British citizenship.

On the day he posted that letter on twitter I lodged an FOI request at the UK Home Office asking for a copy of the form RN and the receipt he paid to renounce his British citizenship.  This was to tidy up the saga and add them to everything I had on my searching for the truth.  The link to the request is here.

Ten days later I got a reply saying

Freedom of Information request (our reference: 44642) 
Thank you for your e-mail of 14 July 2017, in which you ask for information regarding
Anthony John Abbott.  Your request has been handled as a request for information under
the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and can be viewed in full in the accompanying
Annex A.

I can confirm that the Home Office does not hold this information.

All can be found in the link above or read the screen cap below.

Zebedee and the Magic Roundabout sort of fits in nicely with this whole fiasco of Tony Abbott's citizenship.  What is Senator Ryan doing? He is the Special Minister of State responsible for all things election.  An audit of S44 compliance must happen quickly and the Australian Electoral Commission must be allowed to demand proof at nomination time.


For a year or two there have been appeal processes going on in the UK because the UK Home Office refused to release information about Mr Abbott's compliance with the Australian constitution.  The matter went through an internal appeal, an Information Commissioner appeal and for a long while the First Tier Tribunal, a judges only court process to determine once and for all what is what.  I sent a copy of that dodgy Abbott twitter letter and for nearly three weeks we in the court process, the ICO, the Tribunal and myself have been waiting for the UK Home Office to determine if the letter is factual.  It is.  I received this reply from the Tribunal today (2/8/17)

There is no confirmation from the UL Home Office that the information  in Mr Abbott's photo shopped letter is correct.

The FOI request and refusal to answer process is in this 

I asked the UK Office of the Information Commissioner to examine the case and they have ordered the UK Home Office to answer  by 25 January.

Thank you to those who have PayPal'd me, much appreciated.  Being PayPal I can't thank you personally because your personal details are kept private.  Very much appreciated to have the support, in gifts or words, from so many people over the past few years.

Cheers thanks & goodonya

Friday, 14 July 2017

The end is nigh

Tony Abbott posted this in his twitter feed yesterday after Senator Ludlam announced he was a dual citizen and resigning from parliament.   Former Prime Minister Paul Keating was also on twitter calling for an audit of S44 compliance after Mr Ludlam's resignation announcement and he coyly included Mr Abbott's twitter tag.  Senator Hinch did the same.  A few minutes after Mr Ludlam's announcement I emailed my local MP Andrew Wallace asking if he would push for an audit of S44 and mentioned how things were going in the court case in the UK which is demanding the UK Home Office release information about Abbott. An hour after my email to Wallace Abbott releases the information.  Me or Keating or Hinch or guilt LOL  It's all about me init?

The UK Court people were sent a copy of the letter Abbott posted on twitter and told if this matches the information the UK Home Office refuses to confirm or deny, then cancel the court process.

Would have been much better had Abbott replied to my email in 2013 or if he had replied to the FOI requests, one saying the FOI would be refused the other saying the information doesn't exist. Would have been much better had he replied to Terri Butler MP's letter or to Senator Nash's letter coincidentally sent about the same date on this letter, January 2015.

Would have been much better had Senator Cormann had answered a hidden petition asking for an audit of S44 compliance.

An audit of S44 compliance was also asked for in submission to the Joint Select Committee on Electoral Matters just after the 2016 election.  That submission has been ignored by Senator Ryan but maybe now he will look at the audit and allow the Australian Electoral Commission to ask questions about S44, query compliance with S44 and prosecute breaches of S44.

All over red rover.

As a PS it really is an embarrassment that 3 of our elected officials are removed from parliament because they couldn't be bothered checking if they comply with our constitution, even more so that Senators Ryan and Cormann think we the voters should just trust them to tell the truth.

Thank you to those who have PayPal'd me, much appreciated.  Being PayPal I can't thank you personally because your personal details are kept private.  Very much appreciated to have the support, in gifts or words, from so many people over the past long time.  There's that number 44, started in the 44th parliament about section 44 and the other section 44 in the Crimes Act may  be just what convinces parliamentarians to do the legal thing.  Almost forgot the spill vote, Turnbull 54 Abbott 44.  Lucky numbers anyone?

Cheers thanks & goodonya


The misogyny is strong in this one

Just after Tony Abbott was elected Prime Minister I started to look at him being British and found he and I were born in the same year in the same country. Both of us were economic refugees with our families fleeing the wastes of early 60's England.

I tried to find out more about his birth and conversion to being Australian. I had had to become Australian because of my public service career but I was allowed to be a dual national. After hearing the fuss over Julia Gillard I knew he had to have renounced his Britishness but nothing was written anywhere about when it had happened. So I looked, got ignored, got lied to, got threatened, got blocked on social
media by so many politicians. Senator Nash a member of his own government and Terri Butler MP actually wrote to him to clear the matter up. Parliamentary rules say MPs must communicate and PM’s more so but they were women and didn’t count in his minds eye.

It took Scott Ludlam a dual national Kiwi Aussie and twitters from Paul Keating and Senator Hinch and maybe a phone call from my local MP Andy Wallace to get the obnoxious misogynist to recant and admit he weren’t no pommie no more. Bastille day turned into a real bastard for the member for Warringah.

I am personally glad it is over without another section 44 crisis in our parliament. There have been three this current parliament and that is three that need not have happened had Senator Cormann as Special Minister of State responded to a petition asking for an audit of S44 compliance in parliament.

There is a submission in the Joint Select Committee on Electoral Matters investigation of the 2016 election asking for an audit to be conducted and for the Australian Electoral Commission to be allowed to ask about S44, seek answers and prosecute if necessary.

Perhaps one good thing will come out of losing a good parliamentarian like Scott Ludlam? Maybe now MPs will read some of their emails and voters twitter and facebook threads to see what is going on in the world. Had Scott Ludlam read some emails he would have seen this little nutter's request for information on when he renounced his Kiwiness and he might also have seen the petition which asked him to show he has renounced his Kiwidom. Being cloistered behind well meaning staff who kept the nutters at bay cost Senator Ludlam his job.

I am an obnoxious bastard with a massive ego so being ignored for so long has pissed me off but nowhere near as much as I am pissed off at members of our government being ignored by the supposed head of state. His misogyny is utterly amazing. It's no wonder his goal in life was to hide himself away in a kiddy botherers club well away from anyone who was ever female. He must have hated his mother to let her possibly incriminate herself by filling out his application for citizenship. He had just got a law degree and should have been able to read and understand the instructions on the form that an adult child must fill out their own application for citizenship by descent. That didn’t matter though,Ian McPhee was Minister for Immigration and got his law degree at the same Kelloggs packet factory as Abbott. More important than the old school tie was Liberal party membership and being a family fiend. Macca overlooked the untidy legal nicety and granted citizenship.

Because I am such an obnoxious bastard I had the bone and wasn't going to let it go. In the UK at the moment there is a First Tier Tribunal, a full blown judge only court system, looking at releasing information from the Home Office about Mr Abbott's British citizenship. I have sent them a copy of Mr Abbott's letter for them to decide if it matches their information on hand and cancel the court case if it matches. This came about because the Home Office firstly said they couldn't confirm Mr Abbott complies with our constitution and then they said they could neither confirm nor deny he had renounced his British citizenship.

About an hour before Mr Abbott released his renunciation papers I emailed one of the few MPs who read my emails, Andy Wallace, and mentioned that if the court in the UK finds he hasn't renounced they must under UK law advise MI5 that a problem may exist where a commonwealth country has been taken to war without authority by a British subject. Mr Wallace is a barrister so does know the law a bit. If you are the cause of the paper coming out, goodonya Andy Wallace.

Sunday, 28 May 2017

The law wont work so we must trust MPs

In parliament 44 two petitions were lodged, one asking who was responsible for looking after S44 problems and queries and another asking Tony Abbott to show his renunciation of British citizenship papers.

Senator Cormann replied to both with the one letter.  Pixels must be in short supply over at parliament house.

The two petitions are here

The reply to these is

So Cormann had set the rules.  Trust an MP or got to the Court of Disputed Returns.  Trouble is no one believes MPs and Bob Day and Rod Culleton sort of prove why we should never trust politicians.  Add to that a few candidates who didn't win but with whom I spoke about S44 and there are real problems in believing people.  Dave Barrow in Abbott's own electorate was and wasn't and then was again Australian, British and then dual national. Barrow has blocked me and doesn't like me because I quoted his public blog with the information he asked me to keep private.  Mr Cohen from Tasmania senate election advised the world he was still a dual national because he forgot to renounce his British citizenship.  He was a lawyer.

Goodness knows how many more.

Court of Disputed Returns got stuffed up a bit when the bloke doing it was committed to a mental institution on the way to the High Court to lodge for the Court of Disputed Returns.  He was kept in for 3 months and doesn't know who put him there or why.  The Court of Disputed Returns mat work if you can avoid the Abbottistas and afford to run a High Court trial and live in the electorate, but for 99.1% of voters it just isn't going to happen.

So back to the petitions, doc Jensen a possible dual national and total waste of space brought in the e-petition system which is quite nifty.  Petition EN0038 was lodged and put in Hansard on 21 November 2016.

House of Parliament rules state a petition must be answered within 90 days of it being read into Hansard.

About 3 months after the Hansard entry I rang the Petitions Secretariat to find out how it was going, that's when I learnt Mr Vasta. Chair of the Petitions Committee had hidden it from parliament.  I emailed my Queensland senators and my local MP Mr Wallace asking for help.  Someone mentioned the other S44, Crimes Act 1914, Compounding an Offence.  Mr Vasta sort of got worried bot three years in jail so let the petition be given to Senator Ryan for response.  So much stuffing around and Scotty getting his staff to lie saying the petition hasn't been received and one silly player saying the petition, about Water Gate is it?

Ryan replied, he hadn't bothered reading the petition or asking Abbott, the cover up continued unabated.  we must trust nominees for election to parliament to tell the truth.  Amazing when you think about it, these are the people controlling the minutiae of our lives, creating laws to control us and all we can do is trust them?

Ryan hadn't even bothered telling the Petitions Committee of the response, one of the committee wrote to me advising the Petitions Committee said a response would be given to them on 31 May 2017 and presented to the House on 17 June 2017.

Feel comfortable next time you vote because it is our trust that keeps the bastards honest.

Thank you to those who have PayPal'd me, much appreciated.  Being PayPal I can't thank you personally because your personal details are kept private.  Very much appreciated to have the support, in gifts or words, from so many people over the past 44 months.  There's that number again, started in the 44th parliament about section 44 and the other section 44 in the Crimes Act may  be just what convinces parliamentarians to do the legal thing.  Almost forgot the spill vote, Turnbull 54 Abbott 44.  Lucky numbers anyone?

Cheers thanks & goodonya

Monday, 15 May 2017

Drug testing for welfare recipients

Our beloved followers have decided to bring in testing of dole bludging scammers on welfare who also take drugs.

I wonder how these people in charge think junkies can afford to live on welfare?

The problem has been ongoing with the conservatives pushing to have everyone off welfare as soon as possible.  Last year in the Huffingtonpost B1 (Bronwyin Bishop, aka Helicopter Girl) and number 44 (aka Tony Abbott) were quoted saying that everyone on welfare are junkies taking drugs,  or so my quick skim of the article shows.  They quick skim and wiki report so why can't I? Number 44 says in Sky, where else?  We are creating welfare villages.

Centrelink, the government organisation that looks after welfare payments for this country.  Their random drug test paper is here

And says in part " This measure will trial the use of random drug testing in three locations as a way of better identifying and supporting those with substance misuse issues.
From 1 January 2018, 5,000 new recipients of Newstart Allowance (NSA) and Youth Allowance (other) will be subject to random drug testing in a two year trial."

Alan Tudge is the minister responsible for Human Services and the drug testing was brought in as a budget measure by Scott Morrison.  These are the two to blame.

And these are the two to ask if it is good enough for the junky dole bludging welfare scammers why not for the junky disabled pension scammers who get disability pensions for being drug addicts?  Disability pensions are based on a 20 point plan where people have to show they are so disabled on a list of 15 tables for impairment.  They really do put it all down to matching information on a table with your disability.  Drug addiction as well as alcohol addiction is a real cause for disability.
Tudge & Morrison why don't you test the 10% of disability penalty recipients who are on disability because of their drug addiction?  No idea of the number of disability pensioners on DSP for drug addiction but ten is a nice number.  Similarly those in charge have no idea how many people on welfare are taking drugs.  
To make things even and to keep up with my penchant for petitions I have lodged a petition with Mr Vasta, chair of the Petitions Committee, asking all MPs be tested for drug and alcohol every day they are in Canberra and at least twice randomly when they are out of Canberra. The problem is Mr Vasta hid petition EN0038 asking about Abbott's dual citizenship and a lot of Queensland senators and barrister MPs had to remind Mr Vasta of the Crimes Act 1914 section about compounding offences.  Once an EN number is allocated and the thirty days for signing the petition is begun I will post often on twitter and facebook with a link to it.
My rant is nearly over, I don't like my junky neighbours who are on disability pension for being junkies.  They still deal drugs and take drugs and fight over drugs and money for drugs and abuse people and bash each other and stand by off their tits as their daughter gets bashed.  But they are on a legal disability pension.
People on welfare don't do it as a choice.  It is far too expensive trying to live in this country without trying to pay for drugs too.

Tudge and Morrison if you do it for newstart and study recipients of welfare it should be done for MPs and for those disability pensioners who are on DSP because of drug addiction.  You can't just target the poorest monetarily, educationally and socially just to please the extreme right wing wankers in your party.

And the bit at the bottom asking you to Paypal a gift to me if you like what I write about.

Thank you to those who have PayPal'd me, much appreciated.  Being PayPal I can't thank you personally because your personal details are kept private.  Very much appreciated to have the support, in gifts or words, from so many people over the past 44 months.  There's that number again, started in the 44th parliament about section 44 and the other section 44 in the Crimes Act may  be just what convinces parliamentarians to do the legal thing.  Almost forgot the spill vote, Turnbull 54 Abbott 44.  Lucky numbers anyone?

Cheers thanks & goodonya

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Will this be my last email to Tony Abbott?

Dear Mr Abbott

Last parliament, the 44th, Senator Cormann hid a petition that would have had you produce your renunciation of British citizenship papers.  This parliament Mr Vasta tried to do the same but a dozen Queensland senators and my local MP Mr Wallace convinced Mr Vasta that three years in jail may not be worth it for him.  He was concerned about the other Section 44 is in the Crimes Act 1914, called the Compounding Offences clause so released the petition for answer.

Again it took mention of the Crimes Act 1914 for Senator Ryan to change his story of never being given the petition by the Petitions Committee and so the answer is due in a week or so.

Will you wait for the senator to publish his response to the petition or will you put into Hansard a copy of your renouncement papers?

I didn't enjoy this chase, I didn't like being ignored by you, I didn't like being lied to by your senior staff and other politicians, I didn't like the contempt you showed to fellow parliamentarians in not even sending them an automatic reply to their letters asking you to show you comply with our constitution.  Ms Butler and Senator Nash wrote two pretty fine letters asking you as a fellow parliamentarian to show you comply with our constitution.  I didn't really like having to learn about FOIs, the constitution, immigration law, UK civil law, UK data protection, Australian data protection.  After 3 1/2 years you can basically thank Peta Credlin for my beginning to ask questions and to look and learn.  It has astounded me how arrogant you are and how ignorant of our laws.  You claim western civilisation is paramount, but the main tenet of western civilisation is the rule of law.

I look forward to your producing the documents, or your not producing the documents.  Either way is good for me.

kind regards

Tony Magrathea

PS would be loverly if your staff actually showed you the email, because I doubt very much has got through to you.

And the bit at the bottom asking you to Paypal a gift to me if you like what I write about.

Thank you to those who have PayPal'd me, much appreciated.  Being PayPal I can't thank you personally because your personal details are kept private.  Very much appreciated to have the support, in gifts or words, from so many people over the past 44 months.  There's that number again, started in the 44th parliament about section 44 and the other section 44 in the Crimes Act may  be just what convinces parliamentarians to do the legal thing.  Almost forgot the spill vote, Turnbull 54 Abbott 44.  Lucky numbers anyone?

Cheers thanks & goodonya

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Do your own filthy work Senator Ryan

Petition EN0038 was presented to parliament and put in Hansard on 21st November 2016.  House rules say petitions must be answered within 90 days of being put in Hansard.

This one was hidden in the petition system by the Chair Mr Vasta.  He risked 3 yeas in jail to make sure Mr Abbott wasn't asked to show he complies with the constitution.  After I had found out the petition was hidden, it took calls to public servants in Parliament House to find that out because the information the petition had been hidden wasn't put on the web site, I wrote to my Queensland Senators and local MP Andrew Wallace Barrister-at-law.  They reminded Mr Vasta of the other S44, that in the Crimes Act 1914 which says things like hiding the petition could be construed as compounding an offence and worth 3 years in jail.

The petition was given to Senator Ryan on 15 February 2017 and a few days ago his staff told me they had never seen the petition.  Senator if you are going to lie to protect your mate Tony Abbott you too are probably in breach of S44 of the Crimes Act 1914 and could face 3 years in jail.  But don't ever put your staff in the postilion where they have to lie for you.  If your staff are party or public servant they must be protected from criminal prosecutions at all costs.  Asking them to break the law is disgraceful, even for a Liberal MP.

I wrote to my local MP and am slowly getting around to anyone who appears in public with Tony Abbott to remind them of the danger he puts them under.  Have a read and please feel free to send it to your local MP.

The two section 44s.
Crimes Act

The petition and all of Mr Abbott's birth and citizenship papers have been posted throughout the blogs and at the bottom of this one.

The letter:-

Dear Mr Wallace

As a barrister you may have come across people who will do anything to cover up a possible crime.  I am finding the same with one of your parliamentary colleagues and many of his party mates.

In Parliament 44 Senator Cormann & Dr Jensen answered a petition asking Mr Abbott to show he complies with the constitution by telling parliament about the law.  And trust. The response said we the people should trust politicians when they tick the S44 compliance box on their nomination papers.  The AEC can't ask or check and they must believe candidates.  

Then Senator Cormann said if there was any other problem to use the Court of Disputed Returns.  That can only happen if I voted in Warringah, you are my local MP so obviously I cant go to the CODR.

The only other simple option is to ask MPs to ask questions.  My local MP at the time was Mr Brough and he didn't seem to want to have to do anything much let alone ask a question.  Ms Butler & Senator Nash did, they both wrote to Mr Abbott asking him to clear up the matter and show he complies with the constitution.  He didn't bother replying to either.

In the last 3 years I have had 6 death threats from various mouthy idiots on social media.  All have been referred to the AFP to do whatever they want with them.  I have asked the AFP to examine the possible problem, shortly after doing that my gmail account was hacked and everything irretrievably deleted and Mr Quaedvlieg got his promotion.  A coincidence I am sure.

I wrote to Mrs Bishop as Speaker and Senator Brandis as AG and nether bothered replying, in fact I have FOI proof Senator Brandis destroys my email about Mr Abbotts dual citizenship without referring to the AG department for answer.

I wrote to Mr Abbott's office asking how to lodge an FOI application and was told by Ms Credlin,who had decided to become FOI clerk, that if I lodged an FOI application it would be refused by her.

A petition was lodged with PM&C by another person and they were informed the renunciation papers do not exist.

The UK Home Office say they can not confirm Mr Abbott complies with our constitution.  They also said they could neither confirm nor deny he had renounced his British citizenship.  There is currently a court case in the UK to force the UK Home Office to say one way or the other.  I am running that by email unrepresented.  It seems they let you do that over there.

Another petition was lodged in this parliament, EN0038.  You helped get that from being hidden by Mr Vasta to being given to Senator Ryan for answer.  The petition was in Hansard 21/11/16 and should have been answered sometime in February.  Because Mr Vasta acted so unusually in hiding the petition it wasn't sent to the Senator until 15 February and due for response 16 May 2017.

I rang Senator Ryans office this morning and was told they have never received that petition and are claiming they should have 90 days from today to answer the petition.  I have sent him copies many times in the emails I have sent asking him to make sure he answers the petition, doesn't fob off the 1021 signatories with the law that doesn't work and to ensure he actually asks Mr Abbott for a copy of the renunciation papers.  the only way to get rid of British citizenship is to fill in a form and pay a fee, a very British thing to do.

Mr Abbott was born in London to a British father and Australian mother.  He got automatic British citizenship because that's the way the British law works.

He didn't bother getting Australian citizenship until the Rhodes Trust threatened to remove his scholarship.  A mad panic at Immigration saw his mother fill in the application forms and citizenship given to him on 2/8/81.  The date the minister approved the application is the date citizenship commences.  That gave him dual citizenship.  The form and Immigration rules say an adult child must fill out their own citizenship papers unless incompetent.  He had just got a Rhodes Scholarship so competence is not in question, the legality of his mother filling in the form may be though.

In October 1981 he entered Oxford as a British citizen, not as an Australian as is required under the Rhodes Trust.  Talking to students there with him at the time, the only reason for risking doing that would be to claim the UK students allowance on top of the scholarship.

I am a dual citizen like he is and that is what got me first asking him in the first place about when he renounced, he didn't bother replying.

You are in the party but you are also in parliament. Is the law the law for everyone or does party membership and sleeping with the AFP provide immunity for some?

Would you ask Mr Abbott to show his renunciation papers to Senator Ryan, parliament and me?

I have included copies of the petition, birth certificate,citizenship & Oxford FOI for you to look at.

I do hope you can do this for me as I have been messed around, threatened and lied to for more than three and a half years now.

Kind regards

Tony Magrathea

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