Friday, 5 January 2018

High Court and Jim Molan

Senator Nash was removed from parliament for being a dual citizen under S44 of the Australian constitution.

Ms Hughes was initially named as replacement until it was found she received Commonwealth payments and was therefore disqualified.

Senator Fieraventi-Welles got into the court to try and have herself pushed up the elected list because that would make her a 6 year senator instead of a 3 year senator because of where she was on the list of those elected.

Then came Andrew James Molan, aka Major General Jimmy Molan.  He was appointed as special envoy to Operation Sovereign Borders by Tony Abbott.  No mention was made in the High Court about that appointment so I tried to find out for myself.

Prime Minister and Cabinet say they probably don't have the information, they hadn't looked yet.  They were asking if I wanted to bother with an FOI.  Their first delay process was to say my email asking for an FOI wasn't a proper FOI because it didn't say FOI in the body of the email. The subject line said FOI request.  They suggested Home Affairs would have the information.

Department of Finance said they probably don't have the information, but hadn't looked yet.  they suggested Home Affairs should have the information.

Home Affairs went straight to requesting a delay in processing the FOI request totally ignoring the legal 30 day time limit and then said they don't hold any information prior to the creation of the department in December 2017.

So much prevarication,surely there can't be a cover up? The Nash High Court case can be found here.

I have written to Geoff Kennett QC the friend of the court in the Nash case.

Dear Mr Kennett

I am just a voter with an interest in the S44 chaos that has been in the High Court recently. 

I have looked but couldn't find anything in the court papers online about Mr Molan's appointment as special envoy for Operation Sovereign Borders and the payments he received for that appointment.

I have tried to lodge FOI requests to find out when Mr Molan was paid by the Commonwealth in the office of special envoy but have run into a politically induced road block.  The Department of Prime Minister & Cabinet and the Department of Finance advise that they probably don't own that information (no search has yet been conducted)  and that the new Department of Home Affairs would have that information.  The FOI office at Home Affairs advise they do not hold any information before the department was formed in December 2017.

As friend of the court in the Nash case, C17/2017, did you look for that information or was the fact Mr Molan could have been a Commonwealth employee and may still be a Commonwealth employee brought to your attention?

If Mr Molan is still a Commonwealth employee as special envoy or was an employee at the time of the election who is responsible fro advising the court?  Can you as amicus?

regards and best wishes

Home Affairs FOI have written saying they must Ask Jim Molan if he will allow the information to be released.  Hopefully you will allow it Jim or it looks doubly dubious.

Just got an email from Senator McKim's office, he will ask in Senate estimates at the end of February.  My FOI to Home Affairs has been paid for so the information should be here sometime today.  Hopefully.


The FOI finally came through and our beloved fascist war criminal stopped getting payments in August 2014.  Why the fuck wouldn't the silly old twat say so? Do you get off on annoying people Jimmy?  Does your sick twisted mind that phosphorus bombed Fallujah think taking $15 off a pensioner for an FOI is cool?  What about the time and money wasted in the Department of Home Affairs, the department that used to pay you? 

We elect some idiots in Australia, stupid must be high on the selection criteria for our right wing political parties.

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