Sunday, 5 July 2015

AFP yet again

Anthony John Abbott was born in England on 4/11/1957, this gave him automatic British citizenship because of his British father.
He got Australian citizenship in June 1981, this gave him dual nationalities.  Australian citizenship by decent does not expunge the British citizenship he got at birth and used for personal betterment on at least two occasions, the ten pound pom boat trip and matriculation to Oxford university.
He entered federal parliament in March 1994 as a dual national and has remained a dual national ever since.
Section 44 of the constitution says that federal politicians must only be Australian nationals,they can not have multiple nationalities.

On 8 occasions Mr Abbott has signed declarations for the Australian Electoral Commission that he complies with the Australian Constitution,specifically S44.  He has lied on each of those 8 occasions.

He has committed fraud to enter parliament.

There is no record of him ever renouncing his British citizenship, here or in the UK. 

The Australian Electoral Commission can provide copies of the declarations he has signed at each election since 1994.
The National Archives of Australia can provide copies of his Australian citizenship application.
The University of Oxford can provide you with proof he matriculated there as a British citizen

If you want copies of these documents I have them and I have sent them to you in the past.

Fraud is fraud, someone in Commissioner Colvins staff claimed that you could not examine fraud because the Australian Electoral Commission can not examine citizenship. According to Constitutional professors of law at Melbourne and Griffith university that is a lie.  Someone in Colvins office is covering up for Tony Abbott which in itself may be a crime but that will be left to internal examinations of this case.

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