Thursday, 2 July 2015

Nauru child abuse

This letter is going to all state and territory Attorneys General

Dear sir/madam
Your state or territory Crimes act and child protection laws stops citizens from harming children anywhere in the world, either directly or indirectly. The laws are primarily aimed at stopping child abuse, child sex, child harm and child pornography via the internet.
Your Federal Members of Parliament are sending children to Nauru where they have in the past suffered abuse, mental trauma and sexual assaults.

Chapter V of the Australian Constitution allow you to enact laws for your citizens, there is no exemption for Federal MPs from your laws.

Will you please examine what I have written and determine if the barbaric imprisonment of children and their parents on Nauru and elsewhere by citizens of your state or territory is a crime under your legislation.

Because of party politics I might add that if you do not at least check if a crime has occurred you may be in contravention of your own Crimes and child protection acts by not doing all you can to protect children from your citizens.

I can not tell you who to investigate first, but if I were doing it I would see who were the relevant ministers at the time and then maybe determine who voted for the law changes and the removal of children to a foreign country where they faced physical, mental and sexual abuse with no control from Australia.

Yours Sincerely

Tony Magrathea

That bit at the end of my blogs, much appreciated to those who do press and give to a pauper,

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