Wednesday, 2 November 2016

lift your game people

An email to Mr Turnbull, Mr Shorten, Mr diNatale  and the others who get a mention in this

Hi you people
This week we have seen Bob Day and Rod Culleton heading off to the High Court.
If you had bothered listening to voters instead of blocking them on social media or ignoring their emails things might be a lot different.
On 8 February 2016 Doc Jensen and Senator Cormann colluded to hide a petition which if answered would have had Senator Day audited for all of the parts of S44 of the constitution.  The petition presented in the House of Reps was 1134-1640, put with Senator Cormann and marked not to be referred.  It was hidden in the system.  That petition is here, Bob Day qualifies to be audited because he was born in the UK.
On 8 August 2016 I wrote a tweet to the AEC and also filled in a possible fraud form on their web site asking Senator Culleton be investigated for applying to enter parliament when he had a conviction against his name, again a problem with S44.
Over the years I have written to Senator Robinson, Mr Brough, Senator Cormann, and Senator Ryan asking they allow the AEC to monitor and prosecute breaches of S44 of the constitution.  The AEC can not even ask about compliance because their legislation limits them to Commonwealth law and the constitution is British and colonial law.  A simple ministerial directive would allow them to query compliance and pass cases on to the Attorney General for prosecution.  All four Special Ministers of State didnt even bother replying to me.
I have asked many times why Mr Abbott is allowed to stay in parliament, he was born British, got automatic British citizenship at birth.  He may have become Australian in July 1981 but that only gave him dual citizenship.  He used his British citizenship to enter Oxford University, gossip from students there with him says the only reason for doing that would be to claim British student allowance as well as his Rhodes scholarship.  Mr Shorten and Mr Turnbull seem to have blocked me on social media for daring to ask.  Mr Shorten, his deputy Ms Plibersek and Mr Bandt have hidden a petition signed by 35,000 Australians asking Mr Abbott show he has renounced his British citizenship.  I had nothing to do with that petition except being a signatory.  The petition is here.  Why would MPs ignore so many people?  35,000 is a significant number that shoudl not be ignored. It was partly because of this petition being ignored that Dr. Jensen set up the e-petition pages in parliament.  No longer will you be able to ignore the people.
A new petition is in the House of Reps asking Mr Abbott show he has renounced his British citizenship and this can no be ignored.  It is here
A hand written petition is also in the House of Reps and has been marked as referred, presumably to Mr Dutton.  It is petition PN004 and asks if Mr Abbott got his Australian citizenship legally, he never actually filled in a form or signed an application, his mother did it for him when he was 23 years old. I would hope you can get Mr Dutton to expedite an answer to this petition.
Senator Roberts eligibility to nominate for parliament has been brought up with the JSCEM and their review of the election.  the current shemozzle with S44 means that only a voter in the electorate of an MP can ask the High Court to look at the propriety of an MP being in parliament.  I did ask Senator Roberts a few questions but he blocked me on social media and ignored my emails.  I could not rightfully ask the High Court to check the compliance of Senator Roberts as I did not have sufficient information.  he my senator was refusing to answer questions to protect himself.  The AEC could have assisted me so I lodged an FOI, the normal answer period is 30 days and that would have been enough to lodge in the High Court, but because they didnt answer I could not rightfully go tot he court. They have still not answered my FOI request.  The submission to the JSCEM is here.
The embarrassing fiasco that we call government at the moment could largely have been avoided if you the members of parliament had bothered to listen to us, the voters.

Will you please ask

  • that an audit of S44 compliance be undertaken
  • that Mr Dutton expedite answering petition PN004
  • that the AEC be allowed to examine, monitor and seek prosecution of breaches of S44
  • that the time limit for S44 be lifted from 40 days every 3 years AND that the electorate limitation be removed so that any registered voter can take an MP  to the court of disputed returns.
  • that members of parliament follow their own rules and guidelines and communicate with voters.  Ignoring voters, blocking voters on social media and destroying emails before referring to their departments should stop. Senator Brandis has destroyed emails asking about Mr Abbott committing fraud and the cover up of those crimes.  FOI proof shows this.

After this week you need to take over governance and become a real parliament again.

Listen  to the people


Tony Magrathea

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