Saturday, 11 July 2015

Senator McGrath, The oxford papers

Dear Senator
I realise Mr Brough is answering your emails for you and Mr Brough doesn't seem to like me. 

Until at least the 17th of October 1981 Mr Abbott was British, the letter from Oxford University  proves that.

He got Australian citizenship in June 1981 and entered Oxford as a British citizen meaning he was a dual national and chose British over Australian to be on the records at Oxford.

You and Mr Brough hide from my question of when did Mr Abbott renounce his British citizenship. 

If he hasn't renounced he is in parliament illegally, as the British Home Office can not provide any proof he has renounced his British citizenship and his own Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet says that the renunciation papers do not exist, we are dealing with a criminal fraud being prime minster and you and Mr Brough are protecting and condoning that.

As mentioned in my last letter the Queensland Crimes Act was strengthened by Mr Bleijie making the concealment of a crime a major offence in itself.

The longer you prevaricate and keep Mr Abbott in parliament the more likely you and Mr Brough will risk prosecution under the LNP strengthened Queensland Crimes Act.  Irony

So will you ask Mr Abbott to show when he renounced his British citizenship and when he can't produce the forms will you firstly force Senator Ronaldson to allow the AEC yo query MPs and candidates about S44 compliance and secondly force Senator Brandis to allow the AFP to prosecute Mr Abbott.

This has gone on more than long enough, your blocking me on twitter just means you can't see what I am saying, I still see everything you say because it relayed by friends to me.

This letter to you will also become popular on twitter, on a good day 600,000 people see my tweets and retweets.

And in a fruitless fantasy of avoiding pauperism, the donate button.  Thanks to those who do, very ,very much appreciated.

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