Monday, 24 July 2017

Postscript to The End is Nigh

The one before this, The End is Nigh discusses a letter Mr Abbott posted on twitter purporting to be proof of his renouncing his British citizenship.

On the day he posted that letter on twitter I lodged an FOI request at the UK Home Office asking for a copy of the form RN and the receipt he paid to renounce his British citizenship.  This was to tidy up the saga and add them to everything I had on my searching for the truth.  The link to the request is here.

Ten days later I got a reply saying

Freedom of Information request (our reference: 44642) 
Thank you for your e-mail of 14 July 2017, in which you ask for information regarding
Anthony John Abbott.  Your request has been handled as a request for information under
the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and can be viewed in full in the accompanying
Annex A.

I can confirm that the Home Office does not hold this information.

All can be found in the link above or read the screen cap below.

Zebedee and the Magic Roundabout sort of fits in nicely with this whole fiasco of Tony Abbott's citizenship.  What is Senator Ryan doing? He is the Special Minister of State responsible for all things election.  An audit of S44 compliance must happen quickly and the Australian Electoral Commission must be allowed to demand proof at nomination time.


For a year or two there have been appeal processes going on in the UK because the UK Home Office refused to release information about Mr Abbott's compliance with the Australian constitution.  The matter went through an internal appeal, an Information Commissioner appeal and for a long while the First Tier Tribunal, a judges only court process to determine once and for all what is what.  I sent a copy of that dodgy Abbott twitter letter and for nearly three weeks we in the court process, the ICO, the Tribunal and myself have been waiting for the UK Home Office to determine if the letter is factual.  It is.  I received this reply from the Tribunal today (2/8/17)

There is no confirmation from the UL Home Office that the information  in Mr Abbott's photo shopped letter is correct.

The FOI request and refusal to answer process is in this 

I asked the UK Office of the Information Commissioner to examine the case and they have ordered the UK Home Office to answer  by 25 January.

Thank you to those who have PayPal'd me, much appreciated.  Being PayPal I can't thank you personally because your personal details are kept private.  Very much appreciated to have the support, in gifts or words, from so many people over the past few years.

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Friday, 14 July 2017

The end is nigh

Tony Abbott posted this in his twitter feed yesterday after Senator Ludlam announced he was a dual citizen and resigning from parliament.   Former Prime Minister Paul Keating was also on twitter calling for an audit of S44 compliance after Mr Ludlam's resignation announcement and he coyly included Mr Abbott's twitter tag.  Senator Hinch did the same.  A few minutes after Mr Ludlam's announcement I emailed my local MP Andrew Wallace asking if he would push for an audit of S44 and mentioned how things were going in the court case in the UK which is demanding the UK Home Office release information about Abbott. An hour after my email to Wallace Abbott releases the information.  Me or Keating or Hinch or guilt LOL  It's all about me init?

The UK Court people were sent a copy of the letter Abbott posted on twitter and told if this matches the information the UK Home Office refuses to confirm or deny, then cancel the court process.

Would have been much better had Abbott replied to my email in 2013 or if he had replied to the FOI requests, one saying the FOI would be refused the other saying the information doesn't exist. Would have been much better had he replied to Terri Butler MP's letter or to Senator Nash's letter coincidentally sent about the same date on this letter, January 2015.

Would have been much better had Senator Cormann had answered a hidden petition asking for an audit of S44 compliance.

An audit of S44 compliance was also asked for in submission to the Joint Select Committee on Electoral Matters just after the 2016 election.  That submission has been ignored by Senator Ryan but maybe now he will look at the audit and allow the Australian Electoral Commission to ask questions about S44, query compliance with S44 and prosecute breaches of S44.

All over red rover.

As a PS it really is an embarrassment that 3 of our elected officials are removed from parliament because they couldn't be bothered checking if they comply with our constitution, even more so that Senators Ryan and Cormann think we the voters should just trust them to tell the truth.

Thank you to those who have PayPal'd me, much appreciated.  Being PayPal I can't thank you personally because your personal details are kept private.  Very much appreciated to have the support, in gifts or words, from so many people over the past long time.  There's that number 44, started in the 44th parliament about section 44 and the other section 44 in the Crimes Act may  be just what convinces parliamentarians to do the legal thing.  Almost forgot the spill vote, Turnbull 54 Abbott 44.  Lucky numbers anyone?

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The misogyny is strong in this one

Just after Tony Abbott was elected Prime Minister I started to look at him being British and found he and I were born in the same year in the same country. Both of us were economic refugees with our families fleeing the wastes of early 60's England.

I tried to find out more about his birth and conversion to being Australian. I had had to become Australian because of my public service career but I was allowed to be a dual national. After hearing the fuss over Julia Gillard I knew he had to have renounced his Britishness but nothing was written anywhere about when it had happened. So I looked, got ignored, got lied to, got threatened, got blocked on social
media by so many politicians. Senator Nash a member of his own government and Terri Butler MP actually wrote to him to clear the matter up. Parliamentary rules say MPs must communicate and PM’s more so but they were women and didn’t count in his minds eye.

It took Scott Ludlam a dual national Kiwi Aussie and twitters from Paul Keating and Senator Hinch and maybe a phone call from my local MP Andy Wallace to get the obnoxious misogynist to recant and admit he weren’t no pommie no more. Bastille day turned into a real bastard for the member for Warringah.

I am personally glad it is over without another section 44 crisis in our parliament. There have been three this current parliament and that is three that need not have happened had Senator Cormann as Special Minister of State responded to a petition asking for an audit of S44 compliance in parliament.

There is a submission in the Joint Select Committee on Electoral Matters investigation of the 2016 election asking for an audit to be conducted and for the Australian Electoral Commission to be allowed to ask about S44, seek answers and prosecute if necessary.

Perhaps one good thing will come out of losing a good parliamentarian like Scott Ludlam? Maybe now MPs will read some of their emails and voters twitter and facebook threads to see what is going on in the world. Had Scott Ludlam read some emails he would have seen this little nutter's request for information on when he renounced his Kiwiness and he might also have seen the petition which asked him to show he has renounced his Kiwidom. Being cloistered behind well meaning staff who kept the nutters at bay cost Senator Ludlam his job.

I am an obnoxious bastard with a massive ego so being ignored for so long has pissed me off but nowhere near as much as I am pissed off at members of our government being ignored by the supposed head of state. His misogyny is utterly amazing. It's no wonder his goal in life was to hide himself away in a kiddy botherers club well away from anyone who was ever female. He must have hated his mother to let her possibly incriminate herself by filling out his application for citizenship. He had just got a law degree and should have been able to read and understand the instructions on the form that an adult child must fill out their own application for citizenship by descent. That didn’t matter though,Ian McPhee was Minister for Immigration and got his law degree at the same Kelloggs packet factory as Abbott. More important than the old school tie was Liberal party membership and being a family fiend. Macca overlooked the untidy legal nicety and granted citizenship.

Because I am such an obnoxious bastard I had the bone and wasn't going to let it go. In the UK at the moment there is a First Tier Tribunal, a full blown judge only court system, looking at releasing information from the Home Office about Mr Abbott's British citizenship. I have sent them a copy of Mr Abbott's letter for them to decide if it matches their information on hand and cancel the court case if it matches. This came about because the Home Office firstly said they couldn't confirm Mr Abbott complies with our constitution and then they said they could neither confirm nor deny he had renounced his British citizenship.

About an hour before Mr Abbott released his renunciation papers I emailed one of the few MPs who read my emails, Andy Wallace, and mentioned that if the court in the UK finds he hasn't renounced they must under UK law advise MI5 that a problem may exist where a commonwealth country has been taken to war without authority by a British subject. Mr Wallace is a barrister so does know the law a bit. If you are the cause of the paper coming out, goodonya Andy Wallace.