Monday, 1 June 2015

Senator Ronaldson yet agian,still no replies from him

Dear Senator,
you are yet another politician that thinks ignoring voters will make them go away.
But you are also a minister and according to the public servants in the senate it is illegal for you to refuse to answer people about ministerial matters.

I am writing to ask you why you do not change the rules for the Australian Electoral Commission to allow them to ask candidates and politicians about compliance with S44 of the constitution. 

You have the authority as Special Minister for State to do this,without parliamentary approval.  The Australian Electoral Commission have advised a simple change to the rules set down by SMOS can allow them to police the one law in our country that is not policed, S44 of the constitution.

Within minutes of this story,7768 being published 200 people retweeted the link on twitter,this sent the story to approximately 300,000 people.  If half of them send it to their followers thats numbers in the millions wanting you to do your job.

So why wont you? You swore an oath of office to uphold the laws of our country and to truly represent the people.  Upholding the laws of our country means you have to allow the Australian Electoral Commission to monitor and police the one law you have hidden form the courts except for 40 days after an election.Even then only the people can bring that matter to the courts, not the public servants who should be doing it.

The numbers are there,15 million,lots of duplicates, but even with them taken out a massive amount of Australians curious as to why you refuse to honour your oath of office.

Will you immediately allow the AEC to monitor section 44 of our constitution? And retrospectively would clear up all concerns about not just Tony Abbott but Scot Ludlam and Steven Conroy too.

The senator replied saying there is nothing further he can do.  I let loose with my reply:- Over the top or not?

The matters I wrote to you about relate to public servants in the Senate, AEC and AG department advising you have the ministerial authority to allow the Australian Electoral Commission to investigate citizenship of candidates for election.
I asked that you change the rule for the AEC to allow them to look at citizenships, you have the ministerial authority to do that without legislation, it is a simple matter of oyu advising the AEC they can check candidates citizenship in relation to the constitution.  Your refusing to do that confirms that the party is protecting Mr Abbott by hook and by crook.
The Attorney General can not prosecute under the constitution because the AEC, your responsibility can not check citizenships and they can not do that because you refuse to allow them to.  
The Australian Federal Police, Commissioner Colvins Office advise they can not prosecute or even investigate any wrong doings because the AEC is stopped from looking at citizenships.
I guess this will guarantee you Washington or Ireland, they are the plum diplomatic postings for protecting the party aren't they?  It is disgraceful that you so blatantly cover up a crime just to protect the party.  Yo are a disgrace to Victoria and sham in parliament.
You do not belong there.
If Mr Abbott dares to run again he will be found ot in the High Court in the 40 day period then there will be judicial and parliamentary investigations as to why he was not investigated in the first 21 years of being in parliament.  I am pretty sure your name will come up in those investigations and they might ask the rude questions about ethics and morals.
shame on you
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