Sunday, 14 June 2015

Criminals all

I have done all I can under the current legal set up to try and have the Prime Minister Tony Abbott prosecuted for refusing to comply with section 44 of the Constitution.

Tony Abbott is more than likely a criminal fraud but because the law is set up so that the party can protect him I can't do anything, the Australian Federal Police can't do anything and parliament refuses to do anything.

Thankfully he will probably never risk standing for parliament again, we have seen the last of this most evil failed catholic priest.

Under Queensland law my local MP Mal Brough is probably guilty of failing to advise the police of a crime, similarly my Senator George Brandis, laughingly the Attorney General of my country is also guilty of covering up a crime.  Under the recent LNP fascist regime set up by Jarrod Bleijie it means they both would face ten years in jail, but wont because the party protects them.

Abbott will never risk coming back after this term of parliament finishes because if he does he will be asked in the High Court to show his renunciation papers.  As the British Home Office are reluctant to say anything further on his renunciation because there may be a criminal investigation it seems pretty obvious guilt is there.

To anyone living in the Manly area please ensure you find a mate and take the cunt to the court of disputed returns should he dare try to stand again and then string him up for defrauding the Commonwealth.

To the people who pressed that bloody donate button below, you are wonderful, thank you.  Every little bit helped and every little bit was thoroughly appreciated by me.

Goodonya, each and every one of you who read my rambling writings, my twittering will still put the knife in when I can, my farcebook will still be only family and friends and the odd bit of shit stirring.

Terri Butler, kisses and hugs for trying, ditto to Fiona Nash, Andrew Wilkie at least you had the balls to tell me no.  Christine Milne whatever happened to your pommie friends helping I don't know, but at least you tried.  The rest of you?  A waste of public money, we need to get rid of political parties and elections the way they are run, 200 people chosen by lot would give us a much more reasonable and efficient parliament.

This obnoxious bastard calls our Prime Minister and obnoxious cunt and a criminal fraud, his Attorney General mate is not much better and most of the politicians need to have a bloody good look at themselves and see if they serve the party or the people.

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