Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Mr Gary Gray MP

Dear Mr Gray

last time you wrote you said the current system for policing S44 of the constitution is good, does this news story explain it simply so that other voters can understand how it is supposed to happen?

The story


Since writing to you I have had a response from the UK Home Office about any possible renunciation papers held by them on Mr Abbott, it seems they can not tell me if there is or isnt a form requesting renunciation of his British citizenship because of S29 of the UK Data Protection Act.  That is the part of their act that stops release of data to detect a crime. 


https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B42C_wWg31otQ0RWOV8tSVRrU2RzNndoSllRdkcyNVV0WTJF/view is the heavily blacked out response from the Home Office, it refers to section 40 (5) of their FOI act, http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2000/36/section/40
Lots of laws and acts, but I am sure someone in the party will be able to decipher the acts.
So I cant monitor the Australian constitution as you think is normal because the Australian Electoral Commission is not allowed to query citizenship and this is because of the Special Minister of State refusing to change the rules to let them do that.  I have asked the Attorney General to investigate but he doesn't bother replying to emails.  I have asked Mr Keenan to investigate and that's when we both found out the AFP can not investigate because the AEC cant check the citizenship of candidates.
And now the British are saying they cant tell me the renunciation papers do or don't exist because that information will be used in a criminal investigation.
Seems to point out that Mr Abbott is in fact a criminal fraud but because of party loyalty on the liberal side and party whatever on the labour side we will never prosecute him.
You are the people we Australians vote for, personally I do expect a lot more from my elected representatives but as my local MP is Mal Brough and my senator is George Brandis what hope have I?

Thankfully I m not like my former IRA workmate who resorted to bombs to fix political problems, I have a keyboard which theoretically should be enough to do the job.
Please read the links and please consider changing your position of she'll be right with the constitution.  It isn't right and won't be until someone asks in parliament for Mr Abbott to prove he has renounced his British citizenship and then hope it is referred to the JSCEM
tony magrathea

yeah that bit
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