Sunday, 28 June 2015

anti gay Australian Family Association - thanks

The Australian Family Association wrote a neat little page that allows people to complain to the liberal MPs, they want to use it for anti gay marriage sentiment, I use it other ways. This is the link if you want to use it yourself My use if it is :-


My local state MP is Mark McArdle, a more obnoxious right wing idealogue you could never find, but as a bloke and as a local MP you can get no better. Keep him clear of policy and he will do just about anything for anyone in his electorate, he and I even worked on stopping a former liberal candidate from ripping off local workers where he was refusing to pay the going rate. Most of you will be pretty much the same, great for your people but totally obnoxious with your policies. Pockets wet? Again I must ask you if it is right for senior parliamentarians to protect Tony Abbott from the law. Mr Abbott was born in Britain to a British father giving him automatic British citizenship whether he wanted it or not. He didn't bother getting Australian citizenship until after getting his law degree from Sydney University and matriculating to Oxford. He needed the Australian citizenship to get the Rhodes Scholarship and the dollars that go with that. The Australian citizenship gave him dual nationality, this was in 1981, 23 years as just a pom and now a dual national. There is no documentary evidence of his ever renouncing his British citizenship, he with a law degree seems to think that the Australian citizenship trumps and expunges his British,but being a British thing he needed a form and a fee paid to get rid of it. The Department of PM&C tells in FOI 2014/159 and again in 2015/048 that the renunciation documents do not exist. The British Home Office say they can neither confirm nor deny the existence of the forms because to do so would result in that information being used in a criminal investigation. The only possible way they could be used in a criminal investigation is if they do not exist. Section 44 of the Constitution basically says no member of federal parliament can hold dual nationalities. All members of parliament sign a declaration stating that they comply with S44. Then the party protection starts, the AEC can not confirm compliance with S44 because of legal constraints in their Act, the AFP can not ask about compliance with S44 because the AEC can't. Letters from the AEC and Commissioner Colvins office are in my blog, confirming this. Senator Brandis refuses to even ask about the dual nationality, preferring to stick with his Oxford Blue Tie mate by hook or by crook. Senator Ronaldson could direct the AEC so that they could ask about S44 but he refuses to do so. All it would take is a ministerial directive,probably 3 lines in all and he wont bother because he wants to protect his mate. And that leaves the wet pockets, will you ask when Mr Abbott renounced his British citizenship and when he refuses to give a date will you ask that the matter be refered to the JSCEM so that the one law in the country that can't be policed can begin to be a part of our constitution. Thanks for your time and have fun in the upcoming election. Would I win if I suggested August? cheers Tony Magrathea~


 Subject: constiution for all or just the voters? I am writing to you because my local MP doesnt seem to be able to understand emails I send him, I asked Mr Brough to find out when Mr Abbott renounced his British citizenship. mr Brough writes back saying Mr Abbott is only an Austrlaian citizen. fine and dandy but when did he renounce his British citizenship? Mr Abbott was born in England with a British father, that gave him automatic British citizenship. Mr Abbott used that citizenship on several occassions to his benefit, once to get the ten pound pom boat trip and once to get matriculation to Oxford univeristy. Yes Oxford accepted him as a British citizen, if you want a copy of hte email see my blog listed below. Mr Abbott got Austrlaian citizenship in 1981 to qualify for the Rhodes Scholarship and to get theeir dollars. His application for Australian citizenship did not trump ore remove or get rid of his British citizenship. So will you please ask him when he renounced his British citizenship. The British Home Office can not release details abotu Mr Abbott's British citizenship because the matter may be used in a criminal proceeding, the only way it can be used in a criminal proceeding is if he hasnt renounced his British citizensh and has signed false declarations to enter parliament. Will you ask when he renounced his British citizenshiop andif he refuse to produce the form and hte receipt will you pass the matter onto the JSCEM? my blogs - a letter to the Attorney General, he has refused to consider asking about Mr Abbotts citizenship, according to his staff. A letter to Mr Gary Gray MP on the otehr team explaining the way our law works, but doesnt work for the Prime Minister because you, his party, are protecting him from the law. Is it right that we have a constiution that works for everyone except party members? And a laugh, I did a lot of research all checked by constiutional law professors and if Mr Abbotts office had bothered replying to my emails anytime int he last 18 months or so I wuldn't have looked,but I did and fgound an illegla boat person in his family. Please fix the problem so that the constiution applies to everyone not just us voters. Senator Ronaldson can change the rules for the AEC to allow them to ask about citizenshiop, once that happens the AFP can also ask about citizenship and documents signed fraudulently. Have a nice winter break

  as you can see it doesnt have a spell checker, the only problem with using it

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