Monday, 22 June 2015

letter to the editor

I hope this letter will be on the desks of the editors of all the major city dailies today.  If you want to copy and send it to you local newspaper, please do.

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Dear editor
I am the one Fairfax, Guardian and ABC call birther, the one Channel 9 and Sky News is curious about but afraid to ask further, the one foreign press love because they can’t believe how blind media in Australia is and how hilarious it is that I am probably right. Independent media in Australia have caught on and dare to ask, but you, the mainstream media refuse to read what is in front of you. I want to overthrow the government with my keyboard, but sadly that will now never happen because of the party, and the party is the Liberal Party of Australia.
Mr Abbott is a dual national, British and Australian.  He was born in London in1957 to a British father that gave him automatic British citizenship.  He didn’t become Australian until 1981 when Rhodes Trust told him he would lose the scholarship and the dollarship if he didn’t actually become Australian.  A mad panic and he filled in the form like any other immigrant and became one of us.
He used his Britishness to get the ten pound pom boat trip, to matriculate to Oxford and the rumour without proof is that he voted in the British elections of 1983 to get Maggie Thatcher elected.
His office says they can’t release the information about the date he renounced his British citizenship, strange for the Leader of Team Australia?  His department says the renunciation papers do not exist and the British Home Office who should have a copy if one exists say they can’t comment on the documents, if they exist or not, because the matter may end up in a criminal investigation. The only way they can end up in a criminal investigation is if they do not exist.
The Australian Electoral Commission can’t ask candidates or parliamentarians if they comply with section 44 of the constitution, that’s the bit that’s says you can’t be a dual national and a federal politician.  Because the AEC can’t investigate nor can the Australian Federal Police.  I have information from the AFP that signing a false document to do anything is probably fraud but because that document was used to get into parliament and the AEC cant check citizenship then the AFP can’t check fi fraud has happened.
Similarly the Attorney Generals department can’t look at the situation because the AEC and AFP can’t ask about citizenship.
This is where the party comes into it. The Joint Special Committee on Electoral Matters can look at citizenship and can order the matter to go before courts for prosecution or prosecute themselves, but a Minister of the government or the full house or senate must refer someone to the JSCEM for a decision. Senator Brandis, the Attorney General, his office has already said they will not refer the matter to the JSCEM and refuse to even ask Mr Abbott for the facts. Mr Gray MP a member of the JSCEM says the current situation is fine. Other ministers don’t bother with that impost on their important time, email, so I get ignored by them.
Senator Ronaldson, that nice old man from Ballarat who now has his offices in café central, Collins Street Melbourne, holds the key to this whole slimy mess but he too refuses to pass the matter to the JSCEM and more importantly he refuses to create a Ministerial Directive for the AEC to be allowed to investigate citizenship.  
Public servants in the senate, in the AEC and in the AG department have told me a simple Ministerial Directive written without parliamentary approval would allow the AEC to look at citizenships of all candidates and members of parliament to determine if they comply with S44 of the constitution.  Appeals to the High Court would be judicially prudent instead of the current farce where two voters in the electorate of the illegal MP must get $500 and book a spot in the High Court within 40 days of the election.
My keyboard isn’t working in overthrowing the government, a gun to the head of Senator Ronaldson might do it but no change should ever be acceptable through fear.  You the editor of this newspaper must pressure the good senator in Collins Street to change the rules so that the one law in our country that can’t be prosecuted can be.
Yours sincerely
Tony Magrathea

Proofs and data are in my blog and links below
More is available in the blog and if you want links to the Australian and foreign media stories please let me know

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