Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Done and dusted

The end is nigh.

A story of Tony Abbott's criminal activity in getting into parliament.

Section 44 of our constitution says federal members of parliament can not have dual citizenships.

The Australian Electoral Commission can not ask a candidate about their citizenships, they can advise that by signing the candidates declaration that they are stating they comply with S44 of the constitution they can not then ask for proof.  They have to believe the word of a political candidate,a future or current politician.

I have been advised by public servants that Senator Ronaldson can change the rules for the AEC by Ministerial Decree to allow them to examine citizenships, he refuses to answer my mail.

The Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters can examine and prosecute someone who enters parliament illegally and over ride the ban on the AEC at looking at citizenships.  The JSCEM needs the House or Senate to refer a person to the committee, as the terrorist in a blue tie is the person being considered, these two won't refer him because there aren't the numbers to get him sent before the JSCEM.  A minister from the government can do the same, again none would dare put their glorious leader in the dock.

Senator Nash and Ms Butler have both written to Mr Abbott asking for him to prove he is legitimate, he doesn't reply to them either.  Mr Gray, when asked if he would press the issue, said that the current situation is fine, voters monitor S44 and all is well.

The Australian Federal Police can not prosecute for falsely signing the AEC declaration because they can not examine citizenship issues in elections because the AEC can't ask about citizenship.  Commissioner Colvin's office advise Mr Keenan, the Minister for Justice, and he advised me of this after I asked Mr Keenan to investigate.

Senator Brandis is the Attorney General, he refuses to respond to any letters from me about this issue.  Shortly after I first wrote to the senator my original blog was a victim of a denial of service attack. It is no longer used.  I also lost 5000 emails when my email account was hacked.  Coincidence, I am sure the party and the senator would not dare something so blatant.

The Attorney Generals Office, the public servants, did refer the matter to the Australian Federal Police, but they can't look at fraud because the AEC can't look at citizenship.

The Governor General can remove the Prime Minister if a crime has occurred, his office refuses to respond to my mail.

And the GG's boss? Libby hasn't replied to my emails and tweets.

The Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet answered an FOI, FOI 2014/159 and FOI 2015/048 show that the document does not exist.

The Home Office in London keeps copies of all requests for renunciation of British Citizenship, their final response is that under section 40(5) of the UK FOI act they can only declare that they can  neither confirm nor deny the existence of the documents.  That part of the act refers to the UK Data Protection Act part 29 which stops the release of information in the case of a criminal investigation.  the only way a crime can have happened is if there is no renunciation paperwork.  Ergo,the renunciation papers do not exist, the only way a crime can have occurred is if they do not exist.

Tony Abbott is a criminal fraud in parliament illegally.  he is protected by the party.

Adolf Hitler was democratically elected as was Benito Mussolini.  Yes Godwins law has come in to play, this has gone on for more than a year and it has been proven we have a criminal in charge.

Why won't the main stream media dare ask? Why won't politicians dare ask? How can the current situation be fine?

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  1. Hey Mags this is brilliant work and friggin well written to boot
    You truly are a Retiarius and your net clings to Abbott