Saturday, 6 June 2015

David Cameron and corruption

Mr Cameron has called for more action on corruption, perhaps his own office and the office of key ministerial colleagues might be a good place to start.
In Australia the Prime Minister is a dual citizen of the UK and Australia, and by doing that he has signed false declarations to enter parliament, committed fraud.  Over here it is illegal for a person to be a dual citizen and a member of federal parliament.  Mr Abbott is a dual citizen.  One can't get more corrupt than achieving the Prime Ministership of a country illegally.

Our politicians are terrified of our terrorist in a blue tie, similarly because our media is predominantly Murdoch in smell we have no main stream media brave enough to ask about his illegality.

I have asked Mr Cameron, Ms May and Mr Hague to use their Ministerial prerogative to examine Home Office files to prove Mr Abbott has not renounced his British citizenship.  If he has renounced his British citizenship there must be a form and a fee paid.  FOI requests can not be actioned because they are for a living private individual.

If Mr Cameron is fair dinkum in his call for a stop to corruption do it in your office. I doubt you would be stopping the disclosure of the documents, but a member of your office and the others' offices are.

Online media cover the story, this is one example and this is a letter one brave MP sent, she has now been silenced by her party.

Will you ask Mr Cameron to disclose the Home Office records and start to stop corruption in Australia?


Tony Magrathea

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