Tuesday, 29 September 2015

was it somethign I said?

I can never know the machinations of the political mind.

Was I at least partly responsible for Abbott being arseholed out of the Prime Ministership?  I will never know, but would like to think I did my bit.

In the weeks leading up to Mr Abbott being turfed Mr Turnbull or his office sent quite a few emails querying Mr Abbott's legality and how Mr Abbott's staff say he was only every Australian.  I sent the proof I have that Mr Abbott used his British citizenship to get into Oxford and that was 4 months after getting his Australian citizenship. 

A lot of emails went to and from Mr Brough and he really doesn't like me, again querying the information I had collected about Mr Abbott.

Mr Robb received quite a few emails asking him to make sure the free trade agreement with China wasn't compromised by having an illegal PM sign it.

All seem to have noticed my twitter discussions with unions about how to stop the FTA should Abbott sign it, that us ask the courts to determine if Mr Abbott was in parliament legally.

So where are we?

Tony Abbott is a dual citizen, he hasn't renounced his British citizenship.  He used the British citizenship as a minor to get the assisted passage and then as an adult to enter Oxford University four months after being granted Australian citizenship.

The constitution isn't Commonwealth law so can't be acted upon by the Australian Electoral Commission and the AFP can't prosecute because the AEC can't ask.  So far.  One last email is in with the AEC asking them to look at certain laws to see if they allow them to monitor and prosecute S44 breaches.

Section 44 of the constitution, at the moment, can only be prosecuted by 2 voters from an MPs electorate asking the High Court to determine eligibility within 40 days of an election being determined.  Mr Brough as Special Minister of State has been asked to direct the AEC to monitor and prosecute breaches of S44.  He has the authority as minister to allow them to do that.  Perhaps Mr Brough demanded SMOS as a defence card, to stop Brandis from prosecuting him over the Ashbygate affair? Again, political machinations/

Mr Abbott may not even be Australian, from memory his mother signed his application for Australian citizenship by descent, and that is a breach of Immigration Department rules. The department has been asked to investigate, but because Dutton is in charge I am not holding my breath and because my memory may be tainted I have asked for FOI's to be produced so I can determine the facts fully.  When I saw Mr Abbotts citizenship application form in the National Archives it went secret as I had it opened and I could only get a copy of the file folder.

And of course Mum Abbott may be an illegal boat person because she never got British citizenship before claiming immigration assistance.  The department has been asked to look at that but they refuse to say if they will prosecute or not.

All of this information is in my blog.

So there you have it, where things stand at the moment.

Am I to blame for Abbott being turfed? Who knows.

For all of those sugar daddies and honey mummies and those with just a few pennies to spare my donate button still works.  Thanks to all who have sent money it really has helped with some of the costs.

Goodonya, so long and thanks for all the hits.

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