Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Warren Entsch,Queensland MP

A letter to Mr Entsch

Mr Entsch
you are confounded by the nutters on the right of your party led by the PM in your attempt to bring marriage equality to everyone in Australia.  I'm all for what you want to do because I think it is only right some of my friends and family should be able to get married if they want to.

This might help?

Either talk to him about this and explain what will happen when this gets actioned or use it to get rid of him.  A bribe is as good as a brown paper bag to anyone.  Yes a very very cynical voter sick of the likes of the slush funds and helicopter rides. I dare you to ask where his renunciation papers are, try Diana in his office, very special response guaranteed.

Mr Abbott was born in England to a British father which gave him automatic British citizenship, he became one of us to get the Rhodes Scholarship in June 1981. Then the first of the strange things happened.  He matriculated,ie entered,signed up,went to Oxford University in October 1981 as a British citizen.  This blog has copies of the citizenship file and the Oxford FOI

There is no record of him ever giving up his British citizenship, here or in the UK which means he is in parliament illegally and protected by his board members on the AEC, this one shows the AEC doesnt think the constitution is part of Australian law, your mate Tony has some very highly placed friends in some very handy places.

Then we come to the AFP, Commissioner Colvin is desperate for a knighthood and it seems Commissioner Quaedvleig made sure of it when he was 2IC in AFP by stopping any police investigation into criminal fraud, by claiming the AEC cant act so the AFP cant act

I am up to 4 1/2 death threats on the internet and one in real life because I have dared to ask that Mr Abbott obey the law and prove he has.  Mr Abbotts office refuse to consider he has ever been anything but Australian, some rather obnoxious public servants work there.  I used to be a rather obnoxious public servant in Taxation so I know how it is done.

Will you consider using this information?  I have contacted the Speaker of the House Mr Smith (my email account got hacked after contacting Ms Bishop and Mr Brandis last year, doubt they did it just coincidence)

There you have it.  fix the problem with the marriage equality and stop the catastrophe of the Chinese FTA, because if he is allowed to sign it and then the High Court determines he is a fraud at the Court of Disputed returns Australia looks shamefully bad.

And the bit begging for pennies,the dreaded last bit of my blogs is here

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