Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Mr Hawke, Chair JSCEM

Honourable Mr Hawke, Chair of the JSCEM

As chair of the JSCEM you can investigate improprieties in electoral matters.

I believe under standing orders you have the authority to call any MP to JSCEM who might be in contravention of our constitution and electoral laws.

Mr Abbott was born in the UK to a British father giving him automatic British citizenship.  He got Australian citizenship in June 1981 to comply with the rules of the Rhodes Trust.  In October 1981 he entered Oxford University as a British national, that's 4 months after getting Australian citizenship by right if his Australian mother.  It is obvious from this that Mr Abbott knew he was a dual national.

His Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet has declared in an FOI that the renunciation papers for his British citizenship do not exist, thats in FOI 2014/158 which is not searchable because no documents were found.  But in FOI 2015/048 the original FOI is sought and found and can be seen by all to show the renunciation papers do not exist.

All documents are here http://tonymagrathea.blogspot.com.au/2015/07/apologies-to-some-liberal-mps.html but only the file cover of the Australian citizenship papers are shown because while researching the matter at the National Archives the file was made secret by Mr Abbott's office.

I do hope you can find the truth, Mr Abbot's office claims Mr Abbott is only ever an Australian citizen, but as can be seen form his British citizenship and the use of his British nationality 4 months after getting his Australian citizenship he knows he was a dual national and has refused to renounce his British citizenship.

For the sake of Australia, for the Chinese Free Trade Agreement, for the people in Syria about to be bombed on the orders of someone who shouldn't be in parliament please fix this.

yours sincerely

Tony Magrathea

Yeah that bit asking for a few pennies

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