Sunday, 20 September 2015

Mal Brough SMOS

Dear Mr Brough
Congratulations on becoming our new Special Minister of State.
Some unfinished business from the time of Senator Ronaldson really does need fixed up urgently.
The Australian electoral Commission is your remit and they don't consider the Australian Constitution is a law.  The AEC operate under the  Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918  says amongst other things, Section 7 says amongst other things they must (g)  to perform such other functions as are conferred on it by or under any law of the Commonwealth.

This blog contains a reply form their chief legal officer stating they do not consider the Constitution an Australian law and therefore they can ignore section 44 of the constitution.
Will you direct the AEC to consider the Australian Constitution as being a law? Every other part of society has to operate under the belief that the constitution is actually law.
 Would you also consider directing the AEC to monitor and prosecute breaches of section 44 of the constitution, no other government department or police force has that responsibility.  When asked who monitors and prosecutes S44 of the constitution Senator Brandis as Attorney General advised the AEC does not monitor S44 of the constitution.  He did not answer my question on who does monitor and prosecute.
Mr Quadvlieg as second in charge of Commissioner Colvins office advised that the Australian Federal Police can not monitor or prosecute under S44 of the constitution because the AEC can not query compliance with s44 of the constitution.
We currently have a law that is not monitored, not policed and can only operate if 2 voters from an electorate where an illegal MP wins election put up $500 to have the High Court determine if the illegal MP complies, and this is only valid within 40 days of an election.  A pretty stupid situation.
First day on the job and I am at you, apologies but if you MPs would reply to emails or even tell me where to go I wouldn't have to keep on about it.
Will you please direct the AEC to consider the constitution as being actual law, will you please direct the AEC to monitor and prosecute breaches of S44 of the constitution.
Cheers and thanks

PS How's your two Brisbane pub owning mates? We had a great talk on election day at Currimundi Primary, I was the bloke in the Get Up tee shirt you shook the hand of.

Tony Magrathea

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