Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Prime Minister Turnbull, a criminal in the ranks

Hon Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister
CC Andrew Colvin Commissioner AFP

Dear Mr Turnbull

I am writing to both you and Commissioner Colvin because in the past you preferred to take the word of a telephonist in Parliament House over that of an Assistant Secretary of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, Mr McMahon, in an FOI response and the self evident truths of various official documents.

This Blog contains 3 documents and a link to the FOI from PM&C.

The FOI from P&C says Mr Abbott's paper work for renouncing his British citizenship does not exist.

The File cover from the Department of Immigration indicates Mr Abbott got his Australian citizenship in June 1981, I can't show the rest of the file because it went secret as I was viewing it in the National Archives.  He got Australian citizenship to comply with the Rhodes Trust so he could claim his scholarship.

The FOI from Oxford University shows Mr Abbott entered the university in October 1981 as a British citizen, 4 months after getting his Australian citizenship.  This is proof he had and used both Australian and British citizenship for his own advantage.

The British birth certificate shows his father who is a UK citizen and this under UK law conveys automatic British citizenship.  The interesting thing about this document is that it does not show the citizenship has been renounced.  I believe that under the UK citizenship laws the birth certificate must have an annotation if citizenship has been renounced.

So there you have it, rather than rely on a telephonist, who I am sure was doing what their boss Ms Credlin had told them to say, you have proof Mr Abbott had both British and Australian citizenship and has not renounced his British citizenship.

A superintendent in Mr Colvins Office said there was no necessity to denounce dual citizenship, there isn't, the constitution, S44, says basically a member of parliament can not hold dual citizenships.  The only way to renounce British citizenship is to fill in a form and pay a fee, which hasn't been done.

Mr Turnbull signed the same declaration for the Australian Electoral Commission as Mr Abbott,a declaration that they comply with amongst other things the Australian constitution.

Now that he is not Prime Minister and not living with the AFP will yo please prosecute him for not complying with S44 of the constitution and examine the crime of fraud.  8  false declarations over 21 years, he has the same law degree as you Mr Turnbull, from the same Law School so ignorance of the law is not an excuse.

Now will you act to have parliament comprise only legal MPs?
As a further point you might have your Special Minister of State allow the AEC to examine and prosecute breaches of S44 and convince the AEC that the constitution is in fact law.  They have written to me, a copy in my blog, stating the constitution is not law.
yours sincerely

Tony Magrathea

Yeah that bit asking for a few pennies

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