Wednesday, 25 March 2015

statement of claim sent to Tony Abbott breach of contract

Anthony John (Tony) Abbott of Level 2, 17 Sydney Road, Manly NSW, 2095, I am writing to seek relief for breach of contract to the sum of $1,460,800.00.

On 18 September 2013 you swore an oath of office to well and truly serve the people of Australia.  This is a verbal contract between you and me as I am one of the people of Australia.

You are in breach of that contract in that the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet in FOI 2014/159 stated that your renunciation of British citizenship papers do not exist.  As the renunciation papers do not exist you are in breach of the Australian Constitution S44 and therefore your verbal contract to well and truly serve me as a person of Australia is broken.

I seek relief of $200 per day as set down in the Australian Constitution S46.  As you have been in parliament 7304 days as of today,26th of March 2015, a total of $1,460,800.00.

If I have not received the money by 17 April 2015 I will take the matter to court.


Tony Magrathea

A parliamentary page on oaths would seem to indicate that the oath of office is in fact a verbal contract between the parliamentarian and the people of our country.   Though parliament can no longer expel members of the senate or house.

So many large legal firms don't want to touch this action,I guess their bribes are in place and they don't want to risk those. 

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