Saturday, 14 March 2015

For Mr Pyne

Hon C Pyne Minister for Education

Dear Mr Pyne,

what would you consider a normal amount of time for an MP to answer a voters questions?  What would be normal to answer a fellow MPs questions?

On 23 January Ms Butler MP for Griffith asked Mr Abbott to clarify problems with regard to his British citizenship, it seems he hasn't bothered renouncing his citizenship. A link to the blog detailing the letter is here

Is 7 to 8 weeks just slack office keeping, is his Chief of Staff being lax in running the Office or is it more approaching the realms of a middle finger for Ms Butler?

I have about 25,000 people following my blog, which includes the one above relating to Ms Butlers' letter.  I have on good days up to 600,000 people following my twitters.  A lot of people are interested in the questions I ask and which Ms Butler has also asked.

Will you please ask Mr Abbott to answer Ms Butler and explain tot he country when he renounced his British citizenship.  He holds a law degree, so ignorance of the law is not a problem, one thing the law degrees at Sydney University did and still do, is highlight our constitution.

I look forward to a rather speedier response than that offered by Mr Abbott.

Tony Magrathea


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