Monday, 30 March 2015

Letter to the editor Sunshine Cost Daily

Dear editor,

how disappointing it was that your newspaper has grabbed the Murdoch madness so quickly and viciously.  Your editorial calling for Mr Gordon to stand down is a disgrace, but one to be expected from a newspaper part owned by the company that hacked a dead school girl's  phone for profit.

The law is simple in Queensland, commit a crime and you get prosecuted by a court of law, not a newspaper, then you do your time for the crime.  After a set period your convictions become spent.  If you have been a good boy and become a legitimate part of society again you are allowed to forget about your evil past.  This is when a crime is spent.  A person never has to declare spent convictions,that is the idea of the law.

From what I have read Mr Gordon has not had any requirement to declare or admit to any of his past, spent convictions.  A police check initially showed up no convictions and a second one did exactly the same.  It seems that only after the intervention of Mr King, the infamous federal MP who considers drunk women are asking to be raped, only after his political muck raking was anything brought to the fore.

Has Mr King broken the law by disclosing another man's spent convictions or is the fact Mr Gordon is black meant this doesn't matter?

Your paper finally stopped publishing anonymous hate letters and then turned Murdoch on us.

Tony Magrathea

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