Friday, 20 March 2015

letter to Dion Dassanayake

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Dion Dassanayake is a journalist for the Daily Express  in the UK

Dear sir/madam

writing to congratulate Dion Dassanayake on his piece about Tony Abbott.  Since then Abbott has gone on to say that child abuse in our dinky little concentration camp on Nauru is things happen.

He is an embarrassment, but more so your very own Theresa May and David Cameron are protecting him, I believe also that William Hague played a big part in ensuring Abbott was not questioned about his British citizenship.

In Australia it is illegal for a member of parliament to hold nationalities other than Australian, our constitution forbids it.  Mr Abbott was born in London to a British father and Australian mother, he got automatic British citizenship.  In 1981 he applied for Australian citizenship to comply with the Rhodes Scholarship rules, he had applied as a Briton for something that was only supposed to be available for Australians.  he got the Australian citizenship and became a dual national.

He entered parliament in 1984 and because of twee little rules written by his own party the Electoral Commission can not question someone's nationality, they have to believe a politician.  In 2014 Mr Abbotts department of Prime Minister and Cabinet released an FOI request, FOI/2014/159 stating the renunciation paperwork does not exist.  If Mr Abbott is a dual national he has signed 8 flase declarations for the Australian Electoral Commission.  The Australian federal police are reluctant to act because the Commissioner, Mr Colvin, has been promised the top job in Homeland Security if that is ever set up.

In January an opposition MP finally dared to ask Mr Abbot about his dual nationality, but its been 8 weeks and still no reply. Her political party has now decided she is not to ask further.

In September 2014 I contacted your Home Office to see if they had a copy of Mr Abbotts renunciation papers for his British citizenship.  The request went well past the 3 weeks which is the legislated for your FOIs, the civil servant I spoke to about the delay said "off the record" that Mr Hague from the Foreign Office had called in the request to protect his conservative friend and Oxford old boy chum Tony Abbott. The official response from Home Office was that they could neither confirm nor deny any renunciation forms existed.  requests to Ms May and Mr Cameron to use their authority to determine what hte truth was have been ignored. I have not had anything other than the computer generated initial response.

Maybe your newspaper would like to follow up this story and ask Ms May and Mr Cameron and Mr Hague why they are protecting someone who may be a criminal fraud acting as prime minsiter in Australia.

My blog is quite lengthy and details a lot of what is and isnt happening in Australian politics.

Cheers and thank you and pass on a pat on the back to Mr Dassanayake

yours sincerely

tony magrathea

as a funny aside to this, Mr Abbotts mother returned to Australia as an assisted immigration passenger on a ship, we sweetly call them ten pound poms.  The Australian National Archives have no record of Mrs Abbott renouncing her Australian citizenship, she she probably came to Australia as an illegal boat person.

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