Friday, 20 March 2015

letter to Jason Clare MP

Noticed you mentioned on twitter about the NBN fiasco.

The problem can be solved if one of you in opposition asked a question in parliament about Abbotts citizenship.  If I am right he goes for fraud, 8 false declarations to the AEC and all LNP are then brought before the police for ignoring or hiding the crimes.  They have been told as have all labour party members.  All police forces have been advised to watch for the dismissal of Abbott so they can question the LNP members about covering up his crimes.

Angus at Terri Butlers office told me labour is only interested in the agenda and Terri has been effectively silenced in her asking Abbott about his citizenship.  To the 600,000 who tweet or retweet what I twitter this is not good.  Is the blog detailing what Terri dared to ask.  Its been more than 8 weeks since she sent that letter, to us on twitter that is a huge middle finger, total disrespect of a member of parliament.

As you MPs wont look after us Australians, the Australians are looking after themselves.  I am starting breach of contract proceedings against Tony Abbott at the end of the month.  His oath to god and queen said  "I, Anthony John Abbott, do swear that I will well and truly serve the people of Australia,"

To truly serve the country means obeying all laws, to truthfully be an honest politician, his contract with the people of Australia has been broken because he hasn't renounced his British citizenship.

The court case will at least get the truth out and then the government. Be prepared. And please don't spread this through the party, I intend this to be a bit of a surprise.  It is a crying shame you politicians are so weak at the knee you can not dare to ask.  From speaking to your foreign born MPs all of them comply with the law, so why not the leader of Team Australia?

The labour party has lost so many votes over this, maybe a good deal of the heartland 600,000 who occasionally see my tweets, even if it is just the 27,000 who signed the petition asking Bill Shorten & Tanya Plibersek to ask the question it is still a huge risk for your marginal seats.

What ever good there is in having an idiot as Prime Minister will be lost because we have an opposition who are kow towing with him to keep him there.

Lets hope the fan and poo shake hands gleefully at the end of the month,


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