Friday, 6 March 2015

AAT, at least I tried

This blog will remain private until the Administrative Appeals Tribunal has decided what they are going to do.

I've sent off a request that they over rule the Australian Electoral Commissions decision not to press or investigate possible fraud charges against Tony Abbott.

They claim they are constrained by law as to what they can look at with regards to candidates, I am stating that as public servants and under the ACT and Federal crimes act they must at least pass on the possibility of a fraud crime to the Australian Federal Police.

The AEC can not determine a crime hasn't happened just because their regulations say they can;t investigate, an alleged crime has been brought to their attention which involves them through acceptance of fraudulent declarations by a candidate.

So until then this will remain a little bit private.

And no longer private, the AAT has decided there is nothing they can do because the AEC acted legally in all of their rules and decision making processes.  The AAT can not make a government authority press criminal charges. 

Up to parliament I suppose.

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