Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Jaboticaba wine

Recipe pinched from Catherine Allison

1.2kg Jaboticaba
1kg sugar
1 teaspoon peptic enzyme
3.5 litres water
Red wine yeast

Boil up the sugar and water together until the sugar dissolves completely and allow to cool. You don't need to boil all the water......just enough to dissolve the sugar.

Crush all the fruit and remove the seeds.

Put the fruit into a cloth bag of some sort.

Pour the cooled water and sugar into a sanitised food grade bucket and add the bag of fruit. Add the peptic enzyme. Cover with a tea towel.

Leave overnight and then add the yeast.

Stir twice a day.

After 2 days remove the fruit. Squeeze the fruit through a sieve of colander. Keep the pulp and juice and discard the skins. The skins have a high tannin level and if left too long in the fermenting mix, they can cause the wine to have a bad taste.

Add the pulp back into the cloth back and put it back into the fermenting bucket.

After a week to 10 days remove the pulp and pour the remaining mix into a carboy / demijohn. I used a hydrometer to tell me when the primary fermentation was finished, but you don't have to. Seal the carboy with a one way valve.

Re rack into another carboy after a couple of months and repeat this step until it is clear.

Once it is clear it can be bottled. I decided I wanted to sweeten my wine up because it was a bit too dry for me, so I added potassium metasulphite to halt the fermentation and then added a heap of dissolved sugar. I didn't measure how much though. I also added campden to sterilise the mix.

24 hours later I bottled it all. I have 15 bottles of it 😜. I will probably leave it a year or so before opening one up to drink it now.

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