Friday, 19 July 2019

A letter to our Prime Minister about our criminal MPs

This letter was sent using the Prime Ministers official PM contact page.  If a response ever comes I will post at the end of this.

I note you in the Jewish News rightly condemning holocaust deniers, but there was nothing in that story about your MPs who lied to nominate for election.

One of those who lied is mentioned in the Jewish News story, Mr Frydenberg.

In Mr Frydenberg's qualification check-list, a part of his nomination forms, he says all his predecessors stopped being Polish and Hungarian in 1948. I sent Mr Frydenberg a copy of a Department of Immigration form from 1950 and also dated 1951 which clearly shows his mother and her family arrived in Australia as Hungarian citizens and with Hungarian passports. Lying to nominate for election is a serious crime but it seems your Attorney General is lying or doesn't know what he is talking about when he answered a petition asking who was responsible for prosecuting MPs that lie to nominate for election. According to Mr Porter it is the CDPP who must do this. According tot he CDPP Mr Porter is talking through his rectum. The answer to the petition is here -

Mr Frydenberg's qualifications check list is here -

A copy of a Viennese government document form 1949 showing Mr Frydenbergs family being Hungarian and a copy of the Immigration department document is in this blog

A copy of the Immigration document is attached

Will you ask for Mr Frydenberg to be prosecuted for signing a false declaration to nominate for election? Mr Gaughan, the AFP Deputy Commissioner said the law is the law when the AFP invaded a journalists house and he ABC. Mr Dutton said nobody is above the law. Will you show that your government obeys the law and your MPs are not above the law or are you immune form the law? This matter is not related to the constitution it is related to criminal law and doesn't require the Court of Disputed Returns to show the law is the law even for Liberal MPs.

A second part to that blog shows Mr Dutton himself lied on his qualifications check list. He receives an indirect pecuniary interest from his wife and children and their family trust receiving Commonwealth funding for the child care centres they own. Again this isn't directly a constitutional matter it is Mr Dutton lying on his qualifications check-list - where he refused to list the indirect pecuniary interest from the child care centres.

Will you show your party and its members are not above the law or should we all just hang our heads in despair? 


  1. Been Telling Australians Australia's Government are a Treasonous Government as Well as the Parliament, the Australian High Court are Treasonous too. They've Broken Foundation Law of Australia, They changed the Australian Constitution which is Treason, They also Broke the Most Important Australian Document in regard to the Law & Governing of Australia a Very Heinous Treasonous Document !!!

  2. The Document I forgot to Note is the Annotated Constitution 1901. Still a Very Important Document Re: Australia & it's Governance. Changing the Commonwealth of Australia to the Corporation Australia, Registered on the US Stock Exchange as a Corporation and Believe whe I say that is a Criminal Act !!!

  3. Surly this should be taken forward by the Governor General to get to the bottom of in Parliament? then referred to the appreciate authorities to deal with from there.

    1. The governor general has nothing to do with it except for swearing the MPs in