Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Dear commissioner

Dear Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police

your brave call that the law is the law is appreciated by most Australians and for those of us with a political bent we would like to make sure the law is the law applies to politicians too.

A simple way to show this would be with the signing of a false declaration by Josh Frydenberg in his qualifications check-list.

In the check-list Mr Frydenberg says all of his family stopped being Hungarian or Polish in 1948. A copy of the document is here - the original can be found here https://www.aec.gov.au/election/files/data/qc/24310_VIC_H_KOOY_33123_FRY.pdf

The qualifications check-list is signed by Mr Frydenberg dated 17/4/19.

In the citizenship register at Parliament House Canberra Mr Frydenberg says he has searched archival documentation in Australia about his parents. The citizenship register is here https://www.aph.gov.au/~/media/03%20Senators%20and%20Members/32%20Members/Citizenship/45P/FrydenbergJ_CTZ45P.pdf

An Australian Department of Immigration document which is available in the National Archives shows his mother was Hungarian at the end of 1950, 2 years after he said in his nomination form that she ceased being Hungarian. A copy is here

This case I am presenting to you is not a constitutional matter it is a breach of the Criminal Code. The Australian Electoral Commission can not prosecute any matter because their legislation doesn't allow it. The offence Mr Frydenberg has committed is a breach of making any false or misleading statement in any enrolment or electoral papers, maximum penalty: 12 months imprisonment (Division 136 & 137 of the Criminal Code)

I look forward to your showing the law is the law for everybody.

I understand Commonwealth Crimes reports have been lodged online but no one who has lodged the reports has had any response from the AFP. I trust my writing directly to you both will expedite procedures against Mr Frydenberg.

kind regards

Tony Magrathea

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