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Do your own filthy work Senator Ryan

Petition EN0038 was presented to parliament and put in Hansard on 21st November 2016.  House rules say petitions must be answered within 90 days of being put in Hansard.

This one was hidden in the petition system by the Chair Mr Vasta.  He risked 3 yeas in jail to make sure Mr Abbott wasn't asked to show he complies with the constitution.  After I had found out the petition was hidden, it took calls to public servants in Parliament House to find that out because the information the petition had been hidden wasn't put on the web site, I wrote to my Queensland Senators and local MP Andrew Wallace Barrister-at-law.  They reminded Mr Vasta of the other S44, that in the Crimes Act 1914 which says things like hiding the petition could be construed as compounding an offence and worth 3 years in jail.

The petition was given to Senator Ryan on 15 February 2017 and a few days ago his staff told me they had never seen the petition.  Senator if you are going to lie to protect your mate Tony Abbott you too are probably in breach of S44 of the Crimes Act 1914 and could face 3 years in jail.  But don't ever put your staff in the postilion where they have to lie for you.  If your staff are party or public servant they must be protected from criminal prosecutions at all costs.  Asking them to break the law is disgraceful, even for a Liberal MP.

I wrote to my local MP and am slowly getting around to anyone who appears in public with Tony Abbott to remind them of the danger he puts them under.  Have a read and please feel free to send it to your local MP.

The two section 44s.
Crimes Act

The petition and all of Mr Abbott's birth and citizenship papers have been posted throughout the blogs and at the bottom of this one.

The letter:-

Dear Mr Wallace

As a barrister you may have come across people who will do anything to cover up a possible crime.  I am finding the same with one of your parliamentary colleagues and many of his party mates.

In Parliament 44 Senator Cormann & Dr Jensen answered a petition asking Mr Abbott to show he complies with the constitution by telling parliament about the law.  And trust. The response said we the people should trust politicians when they tick the S44 compliance box on their nomination papers.  The AEC can't ask or check and they must believe candidates.  

Then Senator Cormann said if there was any other problem to use the Court of Disputed Returns.  That can only happen if I voted in Warringah, you are my local MP so obviously I cant go to the CODR.

The only other simple option is to ask MPs to ask questions.  My local MP at the time was Mr Brough and he didn't seem to want to have to do anything much let alone ask a question.  Ms Butler & Senator Nash did, they both wrote to Mr Abbott asking him to clear up the matter and show he complies with the constitution.  He didn't bother replying to either.

In the last 3 years I have had 6 death threats from various mouthy idiots on social media.  All have been referred to the AFP to do whatever they want with them.  I have asked the AFP to examine the possible problem, shortly after doing that my gmail account was hacked and everything irretrievably deleted and Mr Quaedvlieg got his promotion.  A coincidence I am sure.

I wrote to Mrs Bishop as Speaker and Senator Brandis as AG and nether bothered replying, in fact I have FOI proof Senator Brandis destroys my email about Mr Abbotts dual citizenship without referring to the AG department for answer.

I wrote to Mr Abbott's office asking how to lodge an FOI application and was told by Ms Credlin,who had decided to become FOI clerk, that if I lodged an FOI application it would be refused by her.

A petition was lodged with PM&C by another person and they were informed the renunciation papers do not exist.

The UK Home Office say they can not confirm Mr Abbott complies with our constitution.  They also said they could neither confirm nor deny he had renounced his British citizenship.  There is currently a court case in the UK to force the UK Home Office to say one way or the other.  I am running that by email unrepresented.  It seems they let you do that over there.

Another petition was lodged in this parliament, EN0038.  You helped get that from being hidden by Mr Vasta to being given to Senator Ryan for answer.  The petition was in Hansard 21/11/16 and should have been answered sometime in February.  Because Mr Vasta acted so unusually in hiding the petition it wasn't sent to the Senator until 15 February and due for response 16 May 2017.

I rang Senator Ryans office this morning and was told they have never received that petition and are claiming they should have 90 days from today to answer the petition.  I have sent him copies many times in the emails I have sent asking him to make sure he answers the petition, doesn't fob off the 1021 signatories with the law that doesn't work and to ensure he actually asks Mr Abbott for a copy of the renunciation papers.  the only way to get rid of British citizenship is to fill in a form and pay a fee, a very British thing to do.

Mr Abbott was born in London to a British father and Australian mother.  He got automatic British citizenship because that's the way the British law works.

He didn't bother getting Australian citizenship until the Rhodes Trust threatened to remove his scholarship.  A mad panic at Immigration saw his mother fill in the application forms and citizenship given to him on 2/8/81.  The date the minister approved the application is the date citizenship commences.  That gave him dual citizenship.  The form and Immigration rules say an adult child must fill out their own citizenship papers unless incompetent.  He had just got a Rhodes Scholarship so competence is not in question, the legality of his mother filling in the form may be though.

In October 1981 he entered Oxford as a British citizen, not as an Australian as is required under the Rhodes Trust.  Talking to students there with him at the time, the only reason for risking doing that would be to claim the UK students allowance on top of the scholarship.

I am a dual citizen like he is and that is what got me first asking him in the first place about when he renounced, he didn't bother replying.

You are in the party but you are also in parliament. Is the law the law for everyone or does party membership and sleeping with the AFP provide immunity for some?

Would you ask Mr Abbott to show his renunciation papers to Senator Ryan, parliament and me?

I have included copies of the petition, birth certificate,citizenship & Oxford FOI for you to look at.

I do hope you can do this for me as I have been messed around, threatened and lied to for more than three and a half years now.

Kind regards

Tony Magrathea

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  1. Sent this to Ryans office today

    Dear Senator

    Your staff tell me they have been instructed to say you have not received petition EN0038. Would you like me to re-send the emails I have been sending you about petition EN0038 since February 2017?

    You have been getting quite regular emails since 16 February the day after you originally were sent the petition.

    Didn't anyone in your staff think it strange this Queenslander was writing to you about answering a petition you say you never got?

    I will forward them to you because they include quite a lot of pertinent information, such asn Senator Cormann having advised petitioners and parliament what the law is and how nominees must be believed when they tick the box saying they comply with S44 of our constitution. After Bob Day and Rod Culleton one thing we voters can believe is that believing anyone who ticked the S44 comply box is a foolish thing to do. As for the law it doesn't work if a person lives outside Warringah in the case of Mr Abbott. Attorney Generals Department and the AEC both advise one must live in the electorate to use the Court of Disputed Returns. And because you MPs don't bother replying to emails, letters or social media contacts the only other option is a petition to parliament.

    Having Mr Vasta risking 3 years jail for compounding an offence when he hid the petition was a bit of a set back, but a dozen Queensland senators and a barrister for a local MP put the willies up Mr Vasta and the petition was sent to you.

    How many of the old emails have you received?

    Will you reply to the petition and have Mr Abbott show he complies with the constitution by producing the renunciation papers?

    The papers really don't exist. Civil servants in England are pretty much like our pubic servants in parliament house. They want the truth out.

    Looking forward to the truth.


    Tony Magrathea

    PS in case you forgot, Mr Abbott was born n the UK giving him automatic British citizenship, he got Australian citizenship when Ian McPhee approved the application filled in by his mum, 2/8/81. Not from birth, the old law and the rules of citizenship actually say his mum couldn't fill in the form and say that citizenship begins from the date the minister approves the application. strange how someone with a law degree can't understand our constitution and basic laws like citizenship. As a lawyer he was a good writer for the Bulletin.

    Proof Mr Abbott knew he was a dual citizen is in the Oxford FOI which shows he entered that university as a pom on 17th October 1981. 4 months after getting Australian as his second citizenship.

    A reply would be nice, even nicer to get the petition answered truthfully.

  2. Mr Wallace my local MP has advised me that Senator Ryan will respond to the petition in the next week or so