Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Mummy signed the form

Tony Abbott's citizenship by descent 

Came about through a form being filled in and signed by his mum.  The normal way for this to happen is to have mum or dad fill in the form within the first 5 years of the kids life and then you don't need ministerial approval.

Tony Abbott was 23 at the time and from everyone I have spoken to at the Department of Immigration once a child becomes an adult the adult child must fill in their own forms.

Tony's mum did it for him.

I tried emailing Mr Dutton as the minister to find out if mummy filling in the form was legitimate.  I waited 3 or 4 months and nothing so I lodged an FOI to find out what was legal.  After 7 months the Information Ombudsman go the department to respond to the FOI.  It was roughly a hundred blank pages.  After the first 3 months waiting for a reply to the FOI I lodged a petition in the 44th parliament.   It was ignored and hidden by the Petitions Committee and marked not to be referred.

At the start of the 45th Parliament I lodged pretty much the same petition again and it was read into Parliament and put in Hansard on 10th of October 2016.

Me Dutton replied to that petition in December 2016 but the email must have got lost int he interweb.  I didn't find out until well into 2017 that there was a reply, and after reading it I can figure out why no one wanted it seen.  Mr Dutton hadn't bothered reading the petition and didn't bother answering it.  This is what he sent as a reply:-

So we start again.

Petition EN0154 is now on the petitions list waiting for signatures.  It should be closed for signatures about 21 April 2017.  The link is where you can sign if you want to.  One signature is enough to have petitions put to parliament so no real drama there.

It says:-


So there we have it.  A fiasco of years.  Fingers crossed but not holding my breath. 

 Peter Dutton, Minister for Immigration and Border Farce  replied to petition EN0154

Done, dusted, all over red rover

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  1. So Ian McPhee was immigration minister in 1981.

    Perhaps Abbott slipped in as a "boat person" .. "allowing large numbers of Indochinese refugees into Australia and he also introduced a family reunion scheme for these refugees" - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ian_Macphee

  2. Abbott came here in 1961 and dint bother getting Aussie citizenship until the Rhodes Trust told him he actually had to be Australian to accept the dollars. The application was a few weeks before he flew out

  3. Immigration department has got back to me about an FOI I lodged about the rules for who can fill in a form when the person reaches adulthood. I dont trust Dutton to answer the petition let alone answer truthfully. The immigration department cant find their rules. So National Archives will be sked to look for them.

  4. Reference: NAA1000191871

    Dear Mr Magrathea,

    Thank you for your inquiry about records held by the National Archives.
    We are currently undertaking a major relocation of records to the new National Archives Preservation Facility (NAPF) in Canberra until July 2017.

    Due to the relocation, there are disruptions to access to the Canberra-based collection.

    Unfortunately, because of this disruption we are unable to action your inquiry about potential records in our Canberra collection at this time.

    Please check back with us in early July for an update on services and access to records in Canberra.

    We appreciate your understanding and patience during the relocation period. The NAPF will ensure the preservation of our irreplaceable collection continues into the future.

    If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  5. no one can find the rules from back then so assume current rules would be similar, the legislation is.