Monday, 15 May 2017

Drug testing for welfare recipients

Our beloved followers have decided to bring in testing of dole bludging scammers on welfare who also take drugs.

I wonder how these people in charge think junkies can afford to live on welfare?

The problem has been ongoing with the conservatives pushing to have everyone off welfare as soon as possible.  Last year in the Huffingtonpost B1 (Bronwyin Bishop, aka Helicopter Girl) and number 44 (aka Tony Abbott) were quoted saying that everyone on welfare are junkies taking drugs,  or so my quick skim of the article shows.  They quick skim and wiki report so why can't I? Number 44 says in Sky, where else?  We are creating welfare villages.

Centrelink, the government organisation that looks after welfare payments for this country.  Their random drug test paper is here

And says in part " This measure will trial the use of random drug testing in three locations as a way of better identifying and supporting those with substance misuse issues.
From 1 January 2018, 5,000 new recipients of Newstart Allowance (NSA) and Youth Allowance (other) will be subject to random drug testing in a two year trial."

Alan Tudge is the minister responsible for Human Services and the drug testing was brought in as a budget measure by Scott Morrison.  These are the two to blame.

And these are the two to ask if it is good enough for the junky dole bludging welfare scammers why not for the junky disabled pension scammers who get disability pensions for being drug addicts?  Disability pensions are based on a 20 point plan where people have to show they are so disabled on a list of 15 tables for impairment.  They really do put it all down to matching information on a table with your disability.  Drug addiction as well as alcohol addiction is a real cause for disability.
Tudge & Morrison why don't you test the 10% of disability penalty recipients who are on disability because of their drug addiction?  No idea of the number of disability pensioners on DSP for drug addiction but ten is a nice number.  Similarly those in charge have no idea how many people on welfare are taking drugs.  
To make things even and to keep up with my penchant for petitions I have lodged a petition with Mr Vasta, chair of the Petitions Committee, asking all MPs be tested for drug and alcohol every day they are in Canberra and at least twice randomly when they are out of Canberra. The problem is Mr Vasta hid petition EN0038 asking about Abbott's dual citizenship and a lot of Queensland senators and barrister MPs had to remind Mr Vasta of the Crimes Act 1914 section about compounding offences.  Once an EN number is allocated and the thirty days for signing the petition is begun I will post often on twitter and facebook with a link to it.
My rant is nearly over, I don't like my junky neighbours who are on disability pension for being junkies.  They still deal drugs and take drugs and fight over drugs and money for drugs and abuse people and bash each other and stand by off their tits as their daughter gets bashed.  But they are on a legal disability pension.
People on welfare don't do it as a choice.  It is far too expensive trying to live in this country without trying to pay for drugs too.

Tudge and Morrison if you do it for newstart and study recipients of welfare it should be done for MPs and for those disability pensioners who are on DSP because of drug addiction.  You can't just target the poorest monetarily, educationally and socially just to please the extreme right wing wankers in your party.

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