Sunday, 28 May 2017

The law wont work so we must trust MPs

In parliament 44 two petitions were lodged, one asking who was responsible for looking after S44 problems and queries and another asking Tony Abbott to show his renunciation of British citizenship papers.

Senator Cormann replied to both with the one letter.  Pixels must be in short supply over at parliament house.

The two petitions are here

The reply to these is

So Cormann had set the rules.  Trust an MP or got to the Court of Disputed Returns.  Trouble is no one believes MPs and Bob Day and Rod Culleton sort of prove why we should never trust politicians.  Add to that a few candidates who didn't win but with whom I spoke about S44 and there are real problems in believing people.  Dave Barrow in Abbott's own electorate was and wasn't and then was again Australian, British and then dual national. Barrow has blocked me and doesn't like me because I quoted his public blog with the information he asked me to keep private.  Mr Cohen from Tasmania senate election advised the world he was still a dual national because he forgot to renounce his British citizenship.  He was a lawyer.

Goodness knows how many more.

Court of Disputed Returns got stuffed up a bit when the bloke doing it was committed to a mental institution on the way to the High Court to lodge for the Court of Disputed Returns.  He was kept in for 3 months and doesn't know who put him there or why.  The Court of Disputed Returns mat work if you can avoid the Abbottistas and afford to run a High Court trial and live in the electorate, but for 99.1% of voters it just isn't going to happen.

So back to the petitions, doc Jensen a possible dual national and total waste of space brought in the e-petition system which is quite nifty.  Petition EN0038 was lodged and put in Hansard on 21 November 2016.

House of Parliament rules state a petition must be answered within 90 days of it being read into Hansard.

About 3 months after the Hansard entry I rang the Petitions Secretariat to find out how it was going, that's when I learnt Mr Vasta. Chair of the Petitions Committee had hidden it from parliament.  I emailed my Queensland senators and my local MP Mr Wallace asking for help.  Someone mentioned the other S44, Crimes Act 1914, Compounding an Offence.  Mr Vasta sort of got worried bot three years in jail so let the petition be given to Senator Ryan for response.  So much stuffing around and Scotty getting his staff to lie saying the petition hasn't been received and one silly player saying the petition, about Water Gate is it?

Ryan replied, he hadn't bothered reading the petition or asking Abbott, the cover up continued unabated.  we must trust nominees for election to parliament to tell the truth.  Amazing when you think about it, these are the people controlling the minutiae of our lives, creating laws to control us and all we can do is trust them?

Ryan hadn't even bothered telling the Petitions Committee of the response, one of the committee wrote to me advising the Petitions Committee said a response would be given to them on 31 May 2017 and presented to the House on 17 June 2017.

Feel comfortable next time you vote because it is our trust that keeps the bastards honest.

Thank you to those who have PayPal'd me, much appreciated.  Being PayPal I can't thank you personally because your personal details are kept private.  Very much appreciated to have the support, in gifts or words, from so many people over the past 44 months.  There's that number again, started in the 44th parliament about section 44 and the other section 44 in the Crimes Act may  be just what convinces parliamentarians to do the legal thing.  Almost forgot the spill vote, Turnbull 54 Abbott 44.  Lucky numbers anyone?

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  1. A UK Tribunal is investigating his dual citizenship, our MPs wont

    ASIO & MI5 looking at if he was a dual citizen when he sent troops to war in Syria, that is treason - didn't have authority to do that. Even if he renounced in his emergency trip to London Feb 2014, he was elected as a dual and in parliament illegally.

  2. I hope Abbott & any other parliamentarian or public servant who is found to have broken the law, is charged criminally, placed before the courts & had ALL of their entitlements WITHDRAWN!!!

  3. the amazing thing is 149 electorates are taken out of the judicial system to protect him. Only voters in Warringah can take him to the court of disputed returns and that proved dangerous for one who tried. He ended up committed to a mental institution on the way to the court to lodge. 16,490,000 voters can not use the law that Ryan and Cormann suggest we use.

  4. Recently Senator Ryan replied to a petition in the house of representatives by saying we voters must trust MPs to tell the truth when they lodge their nomination forms to run for election to parliament. That petition was put in Hansard on 21/11/17 and that form of petition was used by me because you ignored those 33.000people.

    The law as it stands precludes 149 electorates from daring to ask if an MP has filled out their nomination properly and truthfully. Only voters in a particular electorate can question the veracity of an MPs nomination for election. In fact after last years election a candidate in Warringah tried to check the veracity of Mr Abbott's ticking the box saying he complies with S44 of the constitution. On the way to the High Court to lodge in the Court of Disputed Returns that person was committed to a mental institution. He was kept there for 3 months and not given any reason,excuse or apology for being locked away. Needless to say he was unable to lodge in the Court of Disputed Returns.

    After that a petition was presented to the House of Representatives and put in Hansard on 21 November 2016. It was hidden by Mr Vasta until about the 15th of February 2017 and only referred after all Queensland senators and my local MP Mr Wallace, who is also a barrister, reminded Mr Vasta that compounding an offence may carry a 3 year jail period.

    Senator Ryan eventually answer the petition by saying we must trust MPs to tell the truth and failing that the Court of Disputed Returns may be used. A few years ago the Attorney Generals Department and the Australian Electoral Commission advised the CODR is only available to people who vote in a particular electorate. So there we have it 16,490,000 people are kept neatly out of the judicial system, to protect Mr Abbott form being asked to show the letter from the UK Home Office telling he has renounced his British citizenship.

    Will you examine what I have said and check the veracity of it? Will you then ask Mr Abbott to show he complies with the constitution? All links and documents are in this blog, easier than pasting all in the emailI think.

    Mr Abbott was born in London to a British father and Australian mother. This gave him automatic British citizenship. He got Australian citizenship in July 1981 to comply with the Rhodes Trust rules that scholarships are only available to citizens from the " colonies". His mother filled in the form and a family friend Mr McPhee rushed it through the citizenship process. His citizenship began in July 1981 not from birth. That is the way our law works. Mr Abbott knew he was a dual citizen because he entered Oxford as a British citizen, not an Australian citizen. Students with him at the time say that would have been done so he could claim the UK students allowances as well as the Rhodes Scholarship. He is apparently the only Briton to have ever entered Oxford on a Rhodes Scholarship.

    I do hope you are not part of the Abbott protection racket and will dare to look at and ask about his dual citizenship.

    Ms Butler MP wrote to Mr Abbott in Janury 2015 and still hasn't got a reply a copy of that letter is attached along with Mr Abbotts birth certificate, his Australian citizenship confirmation and the FOI from Oxford showing he entered there as a pom.

    Will you do something or wait for the UK Court to decide and they get MI5 involved if Mr Abbott was a dual citizen when sending troops to Syria. Ask a lawyer, that bit is treason. It would never have got to possibly being treason if you had done something about those 33,000 signatures.