Monday, 24 July 2017

Postscript to The End is Nigh

The one before this, The End is Nigh discusses a letter Mr Abbott posted on twitter purporting to be proof of his renouncing his British citizenship.

On the day he posted that letter on twitter I lodged an FOI request at the UK Home Office asking for a copy of the form RN and the receipt he paid to renounce his British citizenship.  This was to tidy up the saga and add them to everything I had on my searching for the truth.  The link to the request is here.

Ten days later I got a reply saying

Freedom of Information request (our reference: 44642) 
Thank you for your e-mail of 14 July 2017, in which you ask for information regarding
Anthony John Abbott.  Your request has been handled as a request for information under
the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and can be viewed in full in the accompanying
Annex A.

I can confirm that the Home Office does not hold this information.

All can be found in the link above or read the screen cap below.

Zebedee and the Magic Roundabout sort of fits in nicely with this whole fiasco of Tony Abbott's citizenship.  What is Senator Ryan doing? He is the Special Minister of State responsible for all things election.  An audit of S44 compliance must happen quickly and the Australian Electoral Commission must be allowed to demand proof at nomination time.


For a year or two there have been appeal processes going on in the UK because the UK Home Office refused to release information about Mr Abbott's compliance with the Australian constitution.  The matter went through an internal appeal, an Information Commissioner appeal and for a long while the First Tier Tribunal, a judges only court process to determine once and for all what is what.  I sent a copy of that dodgy Abbott twitter letter and for nearly three weeks we in the court process, the ICO, the Tribunal and myself have been waiting for the UK Home Office to determine if the letter is factual.  It is.  I received this reply from the Tribunal today (2/8/17)

There is no confirmation from the UL Home Office that the information  in Mr Abbott's photo shopped letter is correct.

The FOI request and refusal to answer process is in this 

I asked the UK Office of the Information Commissioner to examine the case and they have ordered the UK Home Office to answer  by 25 January.

Thank you to those who have PayPal'd me, much appreciated.  Being PayPal I can't thank you personally because your personal details are kept private.  Very much appreciated to have the support, in gifts or words, from so many people over the past few years.

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  1. Now that throws yet more doubt about the authenticity of that document uploaded by Anthony Abbott as to me it looks mighty suspect if the British Home Department has no record of it existing hmmmmmmmmm

  2. Did you try phoning the number on Tony"s 'letter of confirmation'?

  3. Thank you for all your hard work. I can see that corruption has many friends.

  4. #HomeOffice lied about #TerraNulliusIncognito why should we start believing them now - they're just covering each other's back @Peter_Fitz

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  6. A message from the 14th Dimension to concur information agrees with that from the 15th Dimension - when did he cancel #DutchCitizenship?

  7. I want the copy of the receipt for fee paid and dated and names from October 1993..dont be buffed at the 9 o'clock news

  8. Do you think the British Government wouldn't do a small favour for an Australian pollie fighting to the death to retain the Queen as head of state?

  9. and still it goes on and on.

    No response yet, just an assurance that a response should have happened and they will get around to it.


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