Saturday, 16 January 2016

Petition to parliament re S44 Audit

This petition has been posted to parliament in the old fashioned lick and Bic way and hopefully will be presented on 4th of February 2016, I think that's the first sitting day.

To the Honourable the Speaker and the members of the House of Representatives.

This petition of a concerned citizen of Australia requests the House to instruct the Attorney General’s department and the Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters to conduct an audit of compliance with Section 44 of the Constitution for all members of parliament who were born overseas. 
As things stand at the moment the Australian Electoral Commission cannot ask a candidate or member of parliament if they comply with S44 of the Constitution, the AEC must take a candidate or MP on trust rather than being able to confirm they comply with the Constitution.
The Special Minister of State has advised me by telephone that he has refused to respond to a petition to the House presented 23 November 2015 asking who is responsible for monitoring and policing S44 of the Constitution.
There may be up to three members of parliament who do not comply with the constitution and because of the way the various laws operate and because the Special Minister of State refuses to respond to a petition about the matter, a private individual has no way of getting an answer from a member of parliament about their compliance.  This petition is the only way outside the 40 day period after an election is declared that the Australian Constitution can be monitored and policed.

Principal petitioner:-

Tony Magrathea, 62B Cooroora Street, Dicky Beach, Qld, 4551 0481059976

And so endeth the lesson.  Now the bit at the end asking for a donation, I am a pauper.  Email is cheap and slow off the NBN and on it I guess, so if you can drop a penny or two in my cup I can buy more stamps and envelopes for the next petition.
Have a good one

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