Thursday, 28 January 2016

Dougie,Stevie & Timmy

Why do so many in the Labour party protect Tony Abbott from JSCEM and the courts?
It has come to the stage where the people are crowd funding to put Abbott in court because you our elected and highly paid representatives are too terrified of putting him in court for lying to get into parliament.
Or is the problem that you two are criminals too?  Many people have asked you to show your renunciation papers and you refuse, you even block the poor people on social media for daring to ask.
Thankfully the courts will listen and Abbott will be done for criminal fraud.
Thankfully parliament is not just run by politicians, we the people have a tiny say in what is going on.  The criminals may not be caught today or tomorrow,but maybe next week and definitely in the future when researchers ask why politicians refused to comply with our constitution.
Do you comply with our constitution?  Care to show your renunciation papers or do we have to wait for the petition to be presented to parliament asking every foreign born MP to prove they are legitimate.
It is hard for some, Mr Nikolic can't renounce his Serbian citizenship because he has not done their national service, but our constitution is law.
If you have renounced your citizenship and are just terrified of your party or Abbott, why not donate to the crowd funding to prove that you consider the law is paramount and all must obey it.  Show that you don't think the elite should get away with crimes just because they are elites.
Are you just Australian?  Do you comply with section 44 of the constitution?
Senator Conroy's office promised me before Christmas that they would show his renunciation papers, Senator Cameron's office said it was party policy that criminal fraud of signign false declarations for the AEC was an irrelevance.  It is our constitution, our law, not an irrelevance.
Are you two the reason for T.WATTS coming out so openly in favour of protecting Abbott or are there others that are criminals in the houses of parliament?

First day of parliament should be good for all.
Tony Magrathea

And so endeth the lesson.  Now the bit at the end asking for a donation, I am a pauper.  Email is cheap and slow off the NBN and on it I guess, so if you can drop a penny or two in my cup I can buy more stamps and envelopes for the next petition.

Have a good one

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