Tuesday, 29 December 2015

A letter to Mr Heydon QC

Written to the clerk of  Eight Selborne Chambers, where Mr Heydon is a barrister.
Dear sir/madam
I have watched with interest your Mr Heydon QC in action at the Royal Commission into Trade Unions.  Might I ask if Mr Heydon believes the law should apply to everyone or are some exempt because of who they are?
I ask this because the person Mr Heydon spoke highly of to the Rhodes Trust and the same person who appointed Mr Heydon to the royal commission may in fact be avoiding or evading the law and protected by his many political friends from any investigation or prosecution.
Mr Abbott was born British, born in London to a British father made him automatically British.  He was given Australian citizenship by descent in June 1981 making him a dual citizen and entered Oxford University as a British citizen in October 1981.  Entering Oxford as a Briton may be in breach of Rhodes Trust rules.  I have asked the Trust to investigate but they have yet to get back to me.  The only possible reason for him doing that woudl be to claim British student allowances.  The Rhodes Trust are one of the ones reluctant to investigate Mr Abbott because to do so would put them in an extremely bad light.  As Mr Heydon recommended Mr Abbott to the trust, perhaps Mr Heydon would examine the case and ask the Rhodes Trust to do the same.

Mr Abbott's Australian citizenship by descent form not signed by him has been pointed out and asked to be investigated by Peter Dutton the Minister for Immigration in Australia. Again a political friend of Mr Abbott who seems reluctant to investigate and do anything about the possible breach of rules in applying for citizenship.  Mr Abbott did not actually fill out the application form his mother did.  This is in breach of the Immigration department rules that say an adult must make their own application.  He may lose his Australian citizenship and with that his Rhodes Scholarship and his parliamentary status.

The other problem with Mr Abbott is that if his citizenship is deemed OK, even with his mother filling in the form for him, he is a dual national and that is in breach of the Australian constitution.
He has signed 8 false declarations with the Australian Electoral Commission, but with the way the electoral act is written the AEC can not ask about breaches of the constitution and the Australian Federal Police can not ask about breaches of the constitution because the AEC is precluded form doing the same.

Letter to the Attorney Generals department, the actual AG Senator Brandis is protecting Abbott because they are old Oxford mates and refuses to comment on anything I send to him about Mr Abbott.

The citizenship file from the National Archives of Australia shows his mum signed the forms.  This link has the Immigration department rules for who fills in the form indicating a clear breach of rules and possibly laws.

This has the birth certificate & Oxford FOI telling he entered the university as a Briton,something which is possibly against Rhodes rules.  Mr Heydon as a scholar would know much more, again Rhodes Trust refuse to comment.
The petitions to parliament to find out about his breach of S44 of the constitution.  Mr Brough the Special Minister for State has refused to respond to the petitions because it would incriminate Mr Abbott.  Another political mate protecting him from the law, even refusing to investigate the possibility of criminality.
Mr Turnbull is the Prime Minister and this is the letter sent to him explaining Mr Abbotts criminality and asking he do something about it.  Again he has yet to reply to me.

This new petition was posted to Dr Jensen MP to be presented to parliament next year and hopefully will solve the problem of Mr Abbott not signing his own application for citizenship by descent form.
This letter was sent to the Rhodes Trust before finding out Mr Abbott's mother actually filled in his citizenship forms.
Would you please pass on this information to Mr Heydon and ask if he believes the law should apply to all?  His close association with Mr Abbott would tend to implicate him in Mr Abbotts problems, Mr Heydon was on the panel selecting Mr Abbott for the Rhodes scholarship, Mr Heydon is associated with the legal education of Mr Abbott and I am sure that the constitution and form filling were part of the curriculum.
Thank you for your time, a happy new year to all

And so endeth the lesson.  Now the bit at the end asking for a donation, I am a pauper.  Email is cheap and slow off the NBN and on it I guess, so if you can drop a penny or two in my cup.
Have a good one

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