Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Naughty Naughty, you've been caught Senator Brandis


I have written to Senator Brandis and the Prime Minister via their contact links in the Austrlaian Parliament House profile pages for each MP.

Both refuse to reply to my informing them of a possible crime committed by one of their back bench MPs, Brandis Office even went so far as to gloat that they would never respond to my emails.

I can write English and there was a time I wrote COBOL and data definitions but journalism?  I am not in the same league as the talented writers that attack the pixels you see regularly on Independent Australia or any other news source for that matter.

I do ask questions and get riled by people who refuse to answer what should be simple questions, such as where is your renunciation paperwork Mr Abbott. Or when I wrote to Senator Brandis asking him who was responsible for monitoring, policing and prosecuting breaches of Section 44 of the constitution, that’s the bit that says all federal MPs must be just Australian.  He actually answered that question by saying the Australian Electoral Commission does not monitor S44.  I did know they can’t do that because the Constitution isn’t a Commonwealth law and that’s why I asked the senator who does.

After that bit of fluff from the senator’s office I lodged a petition in parliament asking the House of Parliament who was responsible for monitoring, policing and prosecuting S44 of the Constitution.  

Mr Brough was Special Minister of State at the time and one of his staffers phoned me and told me they would never respond to the petition because that would incriminate Mr Abbott, but the person responsible for monitoring S44 of the Constitution was indeed Senator Brandis.

With this information I wrote to the Senator using the email address provided in his Parliament House profile not realising that was his personal office email and nothing to do with him being the Attorney General and working in Parliament House.  The email ended up in Queensland.  I rang his office a few days later to remind them what Mr Brough’s office had said about him being responsible and they laughed me off and told me they would never answer that email.

The COBOLogist and data definitionist in me got a bit upset about this and sent of an FOI to the department of the Attorney General asking who had seen the email, where it had gone and who was responsible for actioning it.  The FOI came back saying the email did not exist in the department, it had not gone from the senator’s office for action by a public servant.

The senator and his staff had covered up a crime.  Another Section 44, this time in the Crimes Act 1914 says that if a person for any sort of benefit, e.g. being appointed Attorney General and the pay rate commensurate with that job, was to compound or conceal an offence;  then they might face three years in jail.

Mr Abbott has committed the offence of being in parliament as a Briton and in filling in 8 false declarations for the AEC to get to stand for election and as such Mr Brandis should have forwarded the complaint by me to his department and to the Australian Federal Police.

I advised Commissioner Colvin of the AFP on 14 January 2016 that Mr Brandis seems to have committed a crime under S44 of the Crimes Act 1914 and would he investigate and prosecute. We wait with baited breath to see if Commissioner Colvin, now he can no longer get a knighthood will be a copper again.

As a sort of none journalistic PS, my writing this could be very dangerous for me.  The new citizenship laws put me at risk because just like Tony Abbott I am a British and Australian citizen, but writing this could be construed as trying to overthrow the government. And that may put me in breach of those obnoxious new citizenship laws. 

After writing this little bit I got another FOI this time from the Prime Ministers Office and the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet saying the information I sent otthe Prime Minister was never forwarded to his public servant run departments for action and passing on to the police and AGs.

Why do elected politicians think they are above the law?  Why do they act like they are immune form prosecution?  

And so endeth the lesson.  Now the bit at the end asking for a donation, I am a pauper.  Email is cheap and slow off the NBN and on it I guess, so if you can drop a penny or two in my cup I can buy more stamps and envelopes for the next petition.

Have a good one

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