Wednesday, 19 November 2014

The ALP policy towards criminal fraud

If you want to keep me out of poverty, please send a penny or two.  I am one of those pov-liners who can't afford to drive a car and for who a cup of coffee or a glass of beer is out of the question.

I just rang Senator Doug Camerons office to talk about why he and others refuse to ask Abbott about his dual citizenship.  I spoke to his assistant Tom and this is the gist of what was said.

The labour party is only interested in the policies put forward by the LNP and policies being put forward by the ALP with regard to the ALP winning the next election.

The party is not interested in the irrelevance of where someone was born. According to Tom the ALP  consider the matter the same as the Obama birther issue and do not want to get bogged down in where a person was born.

The words that stuck out for me were Irrelevance of crimes  & Irrelevance of fraud.

For the ALP crimes are an irrelevance. What hope has Australia got when the opposition considers the crimes of fraud an irrelevance.

The crimes may be considered an irrelevance by the labour party, but please check your various state crimes acts.  Some states consider it a very serious crime to refuse to pass on information given by voters with regard to a possible crime.

Bloody coppers think it is their job to determine what is and isn't a crime, not the politicians.  You as a politician do not run confessionals.  Please let the police do their job, if you get told of a crime or a possible crime,let them know.  There are more than enough of you parading through ICACs across the country without anymore of you joining the criminal ranks.  Surprisingly coppers are pretty well trained, know the law better than most and can decide for themselves what is irrelevant and what isn't. 

If I am a birther, or a nutter or a gonzo doodah band player, or god help Australia RIGHT,  a potential crime should still be reported to the police. It shouldn't be up to politicians to play judge and jury for anyone.


  1. Criminal fraud cases coming to light are increasing and new generation of lawyers are required to handle such type of cases. crime case files with criminals including government servants and professionals are seen committing these.

  2. 3 years later Dougie admits on telly he paid $600-700 to renounce his British. In 2014 the fee was £144 much higher recently. renounced as a senator.